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Lightening Hair With Lemon Juice

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Lemon Juice

You don't have to use expensive hair products to lighten your hair; try lemon juice. This is a guide about lightening hair with lemon juice.



Here are questions related to Lightening Hair With Lemon Juice.

Question: Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice

Does lemon juice work on medium brown or light brown hair? I heard that lemon doesn't work on colored hair. I colored it before with henna. It didn't make it red, thank god, it just gave me little orange highlights not the full-on orange.

I know that what colour I'll get differs from one to another, but what suggested colors can I mix it with conditioner then apply it on my hair? I want to get dark blonde. I know it will take a time, but how many times should I put it on my hair over 2 to 3 weeks? Is the change noticeable?



Most Recent Answer

By Crystall H.10/17/2011

Oh and the more times you put it in, the better color it will have.

Question: Using Lime Juice to Color Hair

Can you use lime juice to change your hair color?

By Seema from Milwaukee, WI


Most Recent Answer

By Laura Brown [2]04/13/2010

If you have brown hair, it's gonna give you red tones when lightened.

Question: Lightening My Hair with Lemon Juice

I want to have ombre hair, but I find it only looks good with light brown hair. I have dark brown hair and I want it to be a light brown! How long should I sit in the sun?
How often should I put lemon juice in my hair?
How long till I notice a difference?

By Saidah

Most Recent Answer

By Mooshue199112/03/2013

I really don't recommend using bleach or chemicals to try and lighten dark hair that has been coloured it's only going to go orange. Lemon juice can work well but you won't get a light blonde out of lemon juice unless you have light hair or never have chemically beached your hair and it is natural virgin hair. Using Paul Mitchell's clarifying shampoo three removes the build up of minerals and chlorine to make colour penetrate the best and makes hair a lush rich colour that will last longer.

Question: Highlighting Brown Hair With Lemon Juice

What is the best way to highlight brown hair with lemon juice but without it turning orange?

By Lindsay

Most Recent Answer

By pam munro [447]07/09/2011

Hydrogen peroxide produces the orangish color. It's great for me, a potential redhead. Lemon juice just lightens blonde hair & going out in the sun will intensify the effect. But I have found it's best to put lightening agents on dirty hair so the effect isn't too drying & after shampoo make sure you condition your hair.

Question: Can I Lighten Dark Hair With Lemon Juice?

I have heard about dyeing (lightening) your hair with lemon juice, and I read a lot of comments saying that it works! It's awesome!, but the thing is, they are blonde/light brown haired people. My question is how would it turn out for very dark brown, almost black hair?

By Kristy

Most Recent Answer

By ruthene10/14/2010

Yes you can! My hair is supper dark brown, it gave my hair lovely shine and in light deep red to auburn hues. If used regularly, it can bleach your hair way lighter. I would use it carefully though because you may end up with a shad you like then use it too much and lose it. My hair usually goes back darker but it depends on your hair type. It's awesome stuff! Good luck.

Question: Lightening Dark Hair with Lemon Juice

I have dark brown, shoulder length, thick hair and I want to dye my hair purple and blue with Kool-aid. I need to lighten it first. My mom said I can only lighten it with lemons/lemon juice. How long do I need to sit in the sun with it and all that? Do I need to wash it out afterwards? I need help.

By Jazmine

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]07/12/2011

Lemon juice will not lighten your hair enough to redye it.

Question: Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair

How long does lemon juice last when lightening your hair?

Question: Lightening Hair with Lemon Juice

How can you get your hair a blondish color if you have medium brown hair color by using lemon juice? And how many lemons do I need?

By Stacie

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