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Low Cost Vet for Dog Surgery

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I have a dog that needs surgery. She has a tumor. I wonder where I can take her. Does anyone know of a low cost clinic that I can go to? I can't afford to pay much. Thanks.

By Hugo from San Fernando Valley, CA


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By Debi savicky01/08/2013

You can call your local Humane Society or animal shelter and they can give you a low cost or sliding scale fee vet.

By Wolfe L. [1]01/07/2013

Don't just go to low cost Vet. Some are what you would call a butcher. Your dog could have more problems afterwards. Then you would have to go through more surgeries to correct. Please check out the Vet's background first.

By Jean Cheesman [2]01/07/2013

Try contacting your nearest Catholic Charities. I just got some help from my local one in Southern CA, which works with other animal groups. Good luck!

RE: Low Cost Vet for Dog Surgery

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