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Making Coffee in a Percolator

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Coffee Percolator

Whether using the pot on the stove or an electric appliance, this was the most common way to make coffee for a long time. This guide is about making coffee in a percolator.


Solutions: Making Coffee in a Percolator

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Tip: Using a Basket Filter in a Coffee Percolator

I've been trying to cut down on opportunities to ingest cholesterol laden food and drinks. We just recently started drinking perked coffee as opposed to auto drip. There is a lot of oil in coffee. I had forgotten all about it during the years I was using the drip pot.

I bought some filters for the perc pot but didn't like them so I took a left over basket filter and folded it twice, then cut a tiny hole in the center. It will fit around the stem and can be arranged in the basket to filter your coffee. The basket filters are less expensive too. When I scoop the coffee into the basket I put my finger over the end of the stem to prevent coffee from falling down into the stem. You've probably noticed that I am very picky about my coffee.

By MartyD from Houston, TX

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Question: Making Coffee In a Percolator

I just got a Farberware coffee percolator. It uses 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 6oz coffee cup. Once the water starts to bubble, how long do I have to let it percolate? Then do I take it off the flame and let it rest? Please be specific, as I have never had a percolator before. Many thanks.

By Araucano


Most Recent Answer


JimKC222, you were looking at answers in the archived comment section for completely different questions posted May 2010 and September of 2005. OliveOyl and Knitter06040 gave the correct information for Araucano's current question. :-)

Question: Percolator Coffee is Very Weak

I have a Farberware electric percolator that seems to have a problem making coffee. It comes out very weak. Any hints as to why?

Bill from NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Jana [7]12/17/2008

Have you tried simply increasing the amount of coffee that you put in? I know this is obvious and simple, but sometimes a simple solution is all that is needed.