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Making Grave Site Floral Arrangements

Beautiful flower arrangement at a grave site.

Floral arrangements, both fresh and artificial, are placed at grave sites as a symbol of respect and love. This is a guide about making grave site floral arrangements.



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Tip: Weighted Flowers for Graveside Displays

I needed to add flowers at the cemetery to the vases on each side of the monument. They needed to be weighted down so they wouldn't blow away. So I solved this problem by using some old keys and attached them with wire to the base of the flowers. Problem solved.


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Question: Grave Site Floral Arrangements

Does anyone have instructions on how to make grave site arrangements?

By Aminda from Alpharetta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Connie P.04/14/2010

I found a flower holder at Harriet Carter for $8.95 and it fits over the tombstone at the top. You can then buy your choice of flowers and stick them down in the foam and there you have a nice arrangement. I made one of these for Christmas with poinsettias and it turned out beautiful. Good luck. Connie