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Making Your Own Wood Pellets

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Wood Pellets

With a pellet mill you may be able to make your own stove pellets. This guide is about making your own wood pellets.



Here are questions related to Making Your Own Wood Pellets.

Question: Grinding Boards For A Pellet Stove

Is there a cheap way of grinding up old boards so they will fit in a pellet stove to burn?

Tracy from ME


Most Recent Answer

By mark mathias [2]07/19/2007

Yeah, this isnt a way to save $. Would probably just burn up your house/stove.

Sometimes you can get discounts if you buy a whole pallet of the pellets.

Question: Pellet Mill Cost

How much does a wood pellet mill cost?

By Mike


Most Recent Answer

By zzvictormachine04/29/2015

It's as per what production capacity you want, if you want a small one, it will not cost so much, here is one of the suppliers,you can consult them.

Question: Homemade Wood Pellets

Does anyone know how to make handmade pellets? Not exactly like what a pellet machine can do, but something similar that I don't have to use a machine? I have tons of leaves and no money to buy a pellet machine at the cost of over $4,000. Any homemade suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be perfect, just has to work. Please advise.

By Loleini

Most Recent Answer

By wayne12/29/2010

I found a great link. 3 videos 1st one should be just what you are looking for. Hope it helps, I will build the double lever soon.

Question: Making Sawdust Pellets

What is the psi required to compress dry sawdust into pellets for my stove? Also, to what temperature should the sawdust be heated?

Rufas from Saskatchewan, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By logsplitters03/24/2010

Please use small flat die mill to make sawdust pellets.

Question: Making Softwood Pellets

I am looking at picking up a small pellet mill and have access to free softwood dry sawdust, eastern white pine. I have several questions. Has anyone done this? Other then the sawdust, what else do I need? I keep reading other people's posts about using a binder.

I have one pelpro that works really well, and I'm thinking of adding a second one in an addition I am putting on. Thanks.

    By Dan M. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By joan [6]08/03/2015

    Plenty of info in youtube

    Question: Making Paper Pellets for Pellet Stove

    How do you make pellets out of shredded paper for a pellet stove? We have a new Englander pellet stove and just purchased a Stak pellet mill and are trying to make pellets from shredded paper. When we put paper into the hopper it shreds the paper to dust. Please help. We are not sure what we're doing wrong.

    By Shanna

    Most Recent Answer

    By Patricia Eldridge11/01/2011

    Here's a link to a site that has instructions for making pellets out of paper. One of the things it says is to not use an office paper shredder because the paper pieces will not be small enough. Maybe a cross-cut shredder will work.

    Question: Making Wood Pellets From Scrap Lumber

    I want to know if there is a way to make wood pellets out of scrap wood from my wood shop.


    Most Recent Answer

    By shirleymiz [2]03/17/2014

    It is possible. Read here ... s/Waste-Wood-Pieces-Pellet-Line.html

    Question: Making Hard Wood Stove Pellets

    I bought a small pellet machine and I am having trouble getting good hard wood pellets. Soft wood pellets and also newspaper pellets come out fine. Can anybody tell me how to get good hard wood pellets please?

    By Bob from Canada

    Question: Using Sawdust and Newspaper Pellets in a BBQ

    Are pellets made from sawdust (cherry, oak, walnut) and newspaper safe for use in a BBQ grill?

    By Bruce

    Solutions: Making Your Own Wood Pellets

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    Archive: Making Wood Pellets From Scrap Lumber

    I am in the construction industry, the sites I work on have a lot of scrap lumber. Can I take the 1x6, 2x4 and bigger scraps and convert them to wood pellets? I am not talking about plywood as the glue is toxic, just your kiln dried lumber for walls and such.

    James from Canada

    RE: Making Wood Pellets From Scrap Lumber

    Is the wood treated wood? If it is, you can't for sure. (04/16/2008)

    By mom-from-missouri

    RE: Making Wood Pellets From Scrap Lumber

    visit There's lot's of info. (08/23/2008)

    By MakeYourOwnPellets

    Archive: Homemade Wood Pellets

    I was wondering if anyone knew if you could make homemade pellets out of newspaper that you could use in a wood pellet stove.