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Making a Bee Trap

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Bee Trap

Bees are very important for plant pollination in our environment, but there are times when someone needs to be protected from a possible sting. This guide is about making a bee trap.


Solutions: Making a Bee Trap

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Tip: Bee Trap for Trapping Yellow Jackets

Yellow JacketI saw this tip in "Country" magazine years ago and use it every year to trap yellow jackets and hornets. I have this one hanging in the grapevine. The yellow jackets like the apple juice better than the grapes. Lures them right in and they can't get out.

Take a gallon milk jug and cut an upside down V shape in the side 2/3 way up on the jug. Press the tab in. Pour fruit juice ( I use apple) 1 inch deep into the jug. Put the cap back on the jug and hang. Insects enter through the hole and can't get out.

By Betty from North Carolina

Tip: Bee Jar Trap

Punch a hole in a jar lid about as wide as your pinky finger. You want the bee to be able to get in but not crawl out as easy. Fill the jar half full of orange juice. Smear some jam under the lid.

Seal jar with lid and put it in the yard where there is little traffic. They will crawl in and drowned. This will also work for fruit flies.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

Editor's Note: As many of the ThriftyFun community have pointed out, bees are essential for pollinating home and commercial gardens and should not be killed unless absolutely necessary.

Tip: Soda Bottle for Bee Trap

This past summer our humming bird feeder was attracting more bees than birds. My husband cut the top off a regular sized soda bottle. He threaded a string through the bottom and bent inside a lip from the top of the bottle. It hung upside down from the string.

He put it on the same rod that holds our humming bird feeder and it attracted a lot of bees. Once the bees found their way in they couldn't get out. Turned out really good for the birds since they got to use the feeder, and the bees ended up in the trap.

Source: My husband

By gem from VA

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Here are questions related to Making a Bee Trap.

Question: Homemade Wasp and Bee Trap

Does anyone know how to make a bee and wasp catcher homemade? I'm looking for one to work like those in the catalogs which have a hole the bees go in and some sugar water and they can't get back out.

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Most Recent Answer

By Mary06/20/2010

RE: Homemade Wasp and Bee Trap
By dear john (1) Profile Contact

There is a world wide decline in bees. If this continues agricultural production will decline to catastrophic amounts unable to sustain human population. In other words if you kill bees, humans will die, perish, become extinct, be destroyed. Do you understand this? If you don't like bees try using mosquito repellent on your body. Do not wipe out plants because you don't like insects. Please tell this to a friend and maybe we can save the agricultural crops and more importantly plants nearing extinction whose only hope for survival is from bee pollination.

Hi Dear John, I understand there is a decline in bees however my children and I are deathly allergic to bee and wasp stings so I can care less about killing them, survival of the fittest, lol. I am bigger and come equipped with raid! these ideas for traps are great! It's horrible that we can not enjoy the sunshine in our back yard when there are bees and wasps everywhere! We limit our outside time to evenings to avoid them and that's no fun at all. I will definitely try out some of these ideas and hopefully we can enjoy our yard again!

Question: Bait for Trapping Yellow Jackets

What can I use to get rid of jellow jackets? Is there any one thing that would attract them so that they would go in a trap for yellow jackets? We bought 4 of the traps and put the liquid in but now that has lost its power.



Most Recent Answer

By frgarden10/16/2011

I have the perfect, cheap, easy idea which I discovered quite by accident. I noticed that my hummingbirds stopped coming to the feeder which I fill with 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. When I dumped out the water, there were so many yellow jackets in it that I was absolutely amazed. Now I need a different feeder for my hummers but I know how to lure yellow jackets!