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Making a Crocheted Bodice for a Dress

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A crochet bodice attached to a fabric skirt makes for a really cute dress for a young child or a unique outfit for adults. This is a guide about making a crocheted bodice for a dress.



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Question: Crocheted Bodice For Toddler's Dress

I am looking for a pattern for a sun dress for a 2 year old with a crochet bodice and a gathered skirt made of seersucker or other material.

Thank you for your help.

By Marta from Fort Wayne, IN


Most Recent Answer

By Cyinda [214]04/20/2010

Handy Children's Sizing Chart:

Solutions: Making a Crocheted Bodice for a Dress

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Crocheted Bodice

This is a picture of my grandaughter wearing the dress, where I crocheted the bodice. This picture was taken on my son's cell phone.

By Pam

Crocheted Bodice