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Making a Hair Bow Organizer

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Hanging hair bow board.

Hair accessories can be conveniently displayed by creating a standing or hanging holder. This guide is about making a hair bow organizer.


Solutions: Making a Hair Bow Organizer

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Hair Bow Board

Hanging hair bow board.A useful and pretty bow holder made of inexpensive, if not on-hand, scraps.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • cardboard OR medium-sized picture frame
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • fabric
  • loaded hot glue gun


  1. Open the picture frame to expose the wood or cardboard back to apply the fabric and ribbon to, or cut the cardboard into an even square or rectangle as big as is needed, depending on the number of hair bows the gift recipient owns or will own. I used a pre-cut piece of packaging cardboard from a mouse pad for the pictured hair bow board.
  2. Lay the fabric (with the front side facing down) on your work surface, and lay the cardboard on top of the fabric.
  3. Cut the fabric with about an inch of fabric bordering all the way around the four sides of the cardboard.
  4. Hot glue the fabric edges taut to the back of the cardboard. Let dry.
  5. Decide now whether you want the ribbon to be in vertical, horizontal, or crisscross arrangement on the front side of the bow board. Cut ribbon with about 2 inches extra length (because the ribbon will be wrapped over the front and glued to the back at both ribbon ends).
  6. Hot glue the (fairly taut) ribbon ends at the back of the bow board. Let dry.

A framed hair bow board is just as easy to make and a little nicer-looking; I made a framed one for my niece, but don't have a picture of it now, sorry. If using a picture frame, assemble it without the glass or, if using cardboard, add a ribbon loop (glued to the back of the board) to hang the bow board up from. I simulated the loop style that is like the top handle to hang backpacks from.

Gift wrap. Optional: add one or more bows if you'd like to start or add to the recipient's hair bow collection.

Alternate board: Cut a monogram letter, star (or other shape), or an animal out of cardboard, then cover with fabric and add ribbon to hold hair bows!

Note: Quilted fabric or batting may be used for a fuller bow board, if desired.

By Erin R. from Seffner, FL

Craft Project: Hair Bow Organizer

Craft Project: Hair Bow OrganizerAny young girl would be proud to display her hair bows on this personalized bow holder. It's so quick and easy to make too!

Approximate Time: Less than 30 minutes


  • assorted craft foam
  • 2 yards of ribbon
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks


Cut a 2 1/2 inch x 9 inch strip from craft foam for the name plate. Draw and cut out letters that spell the girl's name. Cut three flower shapes from foam and three circles in coordinating color for flower centers. Glue centers to flowers. Tie two small bows from ribbon scraps. Cut 3 lengths of ribbon that measure 14 inches long.

To assemble the holder, center the letters on the name plate strip and glue into place. Glue a bow to each side of the name. Next, glue the ribbon strips to the back of the name plate evenly spaced across the name plate. Glue a flower to each end of ribbon strips. Cut a 12 inch piece of ribbon and glue in place at top back of name plate for the hanger.

By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC

Tip: Cow Hair Organizer

cow hair band organizerSometimes you don't have to start from scratch just to repurpose an item. I rescued this paper towel holder from certain demise. A little scrubbing and varathane and I was set to add hair items and wrap up for Christmas. The good thing is they come in a variety of themes. I happened to find one for a friend with a cow. After adding the hair bands, it is the perfect place to keep all her hair stuff organized.


By Tedebear from San Jose CA

Tip: Barrette/Hairbow Holder

Use an old wooden frame with no glass. (I got mine at a garage sale for $1). Paint it to match the color of your child's room (great way to use up some old paint).

Next, staple ribbon in vertical strips to the back of the frame. Leave about 3/4 to 1 inch between the strips. When you turn it around, the front side of the ribbon should show. Hang on the wall at your child's height & she can clip on her own hairbows.

I used different widths of ribbon to accommodate different size hairbows.

By Mary in OH

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