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Making a Mrs. Claus Costume

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Mrs. Claus Costume

Don't let Santa monopolize Christmas every year, make yourself a Mrs. Claus costume and join in on the fun. This is a guide about making a Mrs. Claus costume.



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Question: Mrs. Claus Costume Dress Pattern

I'm looking for a dress pattern (skirt, top, apron, and hat) for Mrs. Claus. Our town has a Victorian Christmas every December. I would like to sew the Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits so we will have them from year to year. Butterick had an old pattern that was perfect, but I can't get it anymore.

By Rose


Most Recent Answer

By DeBushe [18]03/11/2013

I've seen vintage patterns for sale at one of these websites:

Solutions: Making a Mrs. Claus Costume

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