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Making a Terracotta Pot Candle Heater

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Terracotta Pots

A few terracotta flower pots and a candle in a glass jar can be used to construct a small space heater. This is a guide about making a terracotta pot candle heater.



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Question: Heater Made with Terracotta Pots

I saw a great idea on the web for a heater made out of several terracotta flower pots nested inside of each other, upside down, over a candle in a glass. Apparently, the heat is caught in the terracotta and then radiates out. I can almost figure out how to nest the pots, etc. But the one I saw had a steel tripod to hold up the pots over the candle - Any idea how I could something like that?

Pam from Los Angeles


Best Answer

By Milenda (Guest Post)02/12/2008

this is what I found on it... Sounds REALLY intriguing and I will probably make one/two myself just to see what they can do!

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