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Mallard Duck Laid Eggs

Category Ducks
This guide is about Mallard duck laid eggs. A domestic duck's eggs can result in ducklings, if incubated properly by the mother duck or artificially by you.


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April 17, 2017

A duck built a nest in the bush by my front door. I had someone come over and aerate my lawn. The machine was loud, and scared the duck away. I just found out 10 minutes prior that the duck was in the bush. My intention was not to have her scared from her eggs, will she return?
I hope so.

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She probably will. The noise isn't bound to come back and she is probably nearby. Keep us updated.

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From a cooperative extension website:

The incubation length on duck eggs is 28 days. At times, ducks will abandon their nests to re-nest in other areas. Other predators will feed on the eggs, so fox & other birds may have already cleaned out the nest. The eggs could be under the mulch, and can survive for 12 hours or more until she returns. I suggest you wait and see what happens.

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March 19, 2007

Mallard ducks have laid 2 eggs but the female and male both just left them there. What do I do?


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Hi, Chris. I believe that the ducks will lay their eggs one at a time & then when there is about a dozen they will set on them to begin the incubation process, this way they will all hatch at the same time.

I have hand raised mallard chicks a few time, the kids incubated them in school, and then they came to my house. They are great fun, as they will imprint on you, follow you all over the yard, like you are the mama. They would even come down the street with me when I brought the kids to the bus stop in the fall. lol Then in the fall they fly away with the rest of the ducks. I have a female who has been coming back for years to my yard to lay her eggs each spring.

Trish in CT

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A duck has laid at least 6 eggs at the base of a boxwood bush that is elevated in a planter. She didn't appear to be sitting on the nest for the last 2 days, but suddenly this morning she is sitting on the nest. I thought she'd abandoned the nest, but now I realize she wants to all hatch at the same time. Glad I didn't touch any of the eggs!

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December 7, 20080 found this helpful

What if a hen reject a small duck?

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December 7, 20080 found this helpful

What if the duck have 15 to 20 eggs and the hen cover the nest and we don't see her on the nest?

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February 24, 20090 found this helpful

I'm a hunter and I say to take them give them to your local game warden or wildlife bio. and they know what to do with them.

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March 21, 20110 found this helpful

Last year we noticed a mallard hen come around the front of our home and she ducked under some bushes and later I saw her sitting on a nest full of 14 eggs. I kept an eye on her for the next 28 days or so and only caught her off the nest a few times. She had laid one a day for 14 days and I caught her incubating them. They started hatching at 9 one evening and within 12 hours they all hatched. She took them around the rear of the house to a pond and got them to the water for safety. We are watching to see if she chooses our home again.

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May 10, 20150 found this helpful

My mom and siblings found 9 duck eggs today & my younger sister went and touched the 9 eggs and now the mom didn't come back, I currently have them under a light (where you usually put baby chick's under) and now I don't not know how to care for them...Help!

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May 11, 20150 found this helpful

People mistakenly think that keeping eggs warm is all that must be done for them - not true at all. The duck (or hen if you're talking about chickens) also regularly turns the eggs, and keeps them moist by pulling feathers from her breast so they have contact with her skin.

I have found that a lot of ducks make "lousy" mothers in that they don't want to sit on the nest. That said, even the good mothers will lay a lot of eggs before they finally settle down to incubate them. It's like they're collecting a whole bunch before they are willing to go to the trouble of brooding.

The only semi-reliable way to hatch duck, chicken, quail, or any other eggs is with an incubator. That way the heat is kept even and the humidity can be adjusted as the eggs develop.

One last thing - even a good mother who is brooding her nest of eggs well will take a break for 10-15 minutes a day if the weather is warm. She will stretch her legs for a few minutes and maybe dabble for some bugs or preen herself, wandering off from the nest briefly. That doesn't mean she has abandoned the nest.

Hope this information helps - you need to get these eggs to an incubator or slip them under a broody chicken (at night when she's sleepy and it's dark - seriously! This works! A broody chicken will hatch duck eggs!) or barring that give them to the conservation department or a farmer who has experience with this kind of thing and is willing to help you.

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June 12, 2016

A mallard duck laid her egg on the ledge of my above ground pool, which is 5ft tall with rocks around the base. I find this very odd, what do I do?

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June 13, 20160 found this helpful

Might not hurt to leave it alone? If you move it, the mother might not know where it went, right? If you want to put something around it to protect it from falling, why not consult a local zoo or perhaps a college where they might have experts who can address your concerns?

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March 29, 20120 found this helpful

If a predator got the first eggs in nest (8) will mother return to lay more?

By Barbara

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April 1, 20120 found this helpful

Yes, but the predator remembers where it found the eggs and will return. It is most likely a raccoon or an opossum or possibly a big rat!

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March 19, 20070 found this helpful

I have been feeding two mallard ducks (male and female) for a long time, and my female (named Peepers) just laid eggs. She has six so far, but I'm worried because she only goes to the nest to lay a new egg every night. She and the male (Beepers) still come to me 3 times a day to be fed. Otherwise, they're swimming in a nearby pond. It's getting cold now, and Peepers still doesn't sit on them at all. What should I do?



Mallard Duck Layed Eggs

Not sure about ducks, but turkey eggs can be kept up to 2 weeks before 'setting' and as long as they do not freeze they can be kept in a cool room. So I would just leave Peepers alone. She wants them to hatch at the same time. (08/15/2005)

By Randiann

Mallard Duck Layed Eggs

Mallards hens will lay between 8-12 eggs one a day she will not sit on them until the last egg is laid, this way they all incubate at about the same time smart huh? (09/03/2005)

By duck man.

Mallard Duck Layed Eggs

We found a Mallard duck nest in our front landscaping right outside our front door. I found it by scaring the hen away by accident! She flew away as I was opening the door. As of yesterday morning, there were only 4 eggs. This morning they were all covered up so we couldn't see them. I have learned that mallards will lay 8-12 one day at a time, so my question is, what are we supposed to do when she begins incubating the nest? We can't stop using our front door? I hope she doesn't abandon them, but I'm a little concerned about that happening. Can someone give me some advice please?

By Alyssa

RE: Mallard Duck Layed Eggs

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