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Nonsurgical Remedy for a Dog With Cataracts

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Dog with toy.

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that my baby's right eye (which has always been crystal clear just like the left one), was really foggy. I took her to the vet and she has a cataract! She is only 5 years old. I really do not want her to have surgery, but I also do not want her to go blind in that eye, especially since she is only 5 years old.

Can anyone offer me some advice?


By Tina


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By Vicki H.12/28/2012

Yes, I have done many. Tried it on myself first and when it worked I started on foster dogs and those in need. Go back on my posts for more info but you will need - a gentle eyedrop - pure MSM crystals (not from capsule) raw fresh flax oil from health food store (I use refrigerated Barleans). The Barleans does not go to waste as it is good for them by mouth as well.

Eyedrops...keep clean and add 1 teaspoon per ounce of pure MSM. Start 3 x day (spaced) --put drop or 2 of Flax oil in each eye. 5 to 30 minutes later put drop or 2 of eye solution.
=3 x day for few days ---2 x day few days
-1 x day week - every other day on on and on. Cataracts will be gone but continue for 2 months. By that time you will be down to about 2 x week. More details on my past posts.

My fee? help others. Animals feel pain and fear same as us. Very frightening to be blind. Do not vaccinate or use steroids as that is probably contributed or even caused the problem. The one time the remedy did not work was when the dog was given steroids.

This remedy does nothing for glaucoma. If there is glaucoma there is enormous pain and pressure in the head. A constant migraine. Eyes usually need removed after a while on anti-pressure meds. I have several without eyes because of glaucoma. They do beautifully. Please never abandon because of blindness.

By Lizzyanny [9]12/28/2012

Other than surgery, there is really no cure for cataracts. While drops make your dog more comfortable, they cannot reverse the damage to the lens. A dog with cataracts is not totally blind. They can see light and shadows and can usually get around in places they are familiar with. But the only way for your dog to see well is to have the surgery. I would consider doing it now before a cataract develops in the other eye. As dogs get older Vets are more inclined not to do the surgery.

By Robyn [344]12/27/2012

I wanted to know this too, although dogs do not see well to begin with it is an intersting question to are some resources I found on my search.
(There are eyedrops that are over the counter, or online.)

There are also prescription eyedrops you could get from your vet.

The following eyedrops are sold at and one-percent carnosine over-the-counter eyedrops at this address:

Adding vitamins C and E to your pet's food, says Dr. Ron Hines, D.V.M., of, may slow the progression of his cataracts. He also recommends feeding a balanced diet and minimizing the time your dog spends in the bright sun.

I also went to and found these drops, which are likely to help.

Interestingly enough I have seen this supplement before in my research for autism. Very interesting to me!


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