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Pen and Pencil Holder Ideas

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Homemade pen or pencil holders are a good craft gift idea or a useful handmade addition to your home office. This is a guide about pen and pencil holder ideas.


Solutions: Pen and Pencil Holder Ideas

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Bucket Penholder for a Teacher

Bucket with colored pens.

Turn an ordinary galvanized mini tin bucket into a penholder for your favorite teacher, and show her some appreciation for all her hard work.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes

Yield: one


  • 1 galvanized mini tin bucket with a height of 2 7/8 inches
  • white water-based primer
  • acrylic paint in the following two colors: true red and pale gold
  • leftover pieces of cardboard in the following colors: orange, light green, yellow, purple, and light blue
  • 4 small yellow butterfly embellishments
  • a sponge ~ use one that was inside a medicine bottle
  • clear-drying craft glue
  • strong bonding glue
  • quick-drying matt spray varnish
  • hairdryer
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • pencil


  1. With a slightly wet brush, paint a thin layer of the white water-based primer over the whole tin and dry it thoroughly with the hairdryer. Do not use the highest heat setting on the hairdryer.
  2. Clean the brush, and then paint a thin layer of true red acrylic paint over the whole tin. Dry with the hairdryer.
  3. Painting bucket red over primer.
  4. Draw and cut the following school-related symbols from the pieces of cardboard: the letters a, b and c, the number 2 and a triangle.
  5. Glue the school-related symbols to the tin and gently wipe off any excess glue.
  6. Adding letter cutouts.
  7. Add glue to the bottom edge of the tin and sprinkle with the red glitter while the glue is still wet. Let it dry thoroughly.
  8. Using the sponge, give the whole tin a wash with the pale gold acrylic paint. Remember not to use too much paint when using a sponge, as this will cause the paint to smudge. Remove excess paint by dabbing it onto a sheet of newspaper before applying the sponge.
  9. After adding glitter give it a wash of gold.
  10. To protect the paint from wear and tear, apply one coat of the quick-drying spray varnish. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area when spraying the varnish.
  11. Let it dry thoroughly.
  12. Use the strong bonding glue to glue the butterfly embellishments in place.

Photo 1: Paint a thin layer of true red acrylic paint over the whole tin.
Photo 2: Add red glitter to the bottom edge of the tin.
Photo 3: Give the whole tin a wash with the pale gold acrylic paint.
Photo 4: The completed product.

By BessieBessie [188]

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Tip: Customizing a Pen Cup

Customizing a Pen Cup

I love sunflowers. I found a really cute cup to put my pens and scissors in on my desk. When I got it home, they all fell in too far for me to see. So, I found a little cosmetic jar that dropped right in and didn't tip. Not only do they now fit, but should I ever need that jar, I can take it out and replace it with a small cat food can.

You can do the same thing if you have paint brushes, artists pencils, craft scissors, or anything that sinks too low in the container you want to use. Just find a can that is a tiny bit smaller in circumference but raises the bottom up to meet the need. N-JOY!

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [449]

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    Tip: Soup Can as Pen Holder

    finished pen holderI made a crocheted cover for a can to keep some pens on the lazy Susan for my roommate. It occurred to me that pens could be stored on the outside and something else could be on the inside. My first thought was flowers and as it turned out, they were pens, too!


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