Plants Leaves Turning Yellow

Leaves Turning Yellow

The leaves on flowering plants, vegetables, or other plants can begin to turn yellow. Determining the cause is the first step in returning your plants to good health. This is a guide about plants leaves turning yellow.


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Tip: Diagnosing Plants That Need More Iron

Plant leaves that are all turning yellow need iron, available in garden centers as Ironite, not more water.

By Linda

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Question: Plant's Leaves are Turning Yellow

My plant is dying. I bought this plant in July and it was doing very well. Three months later (winter) its leaves started turning yellow and then drying out. I don't know it's name or how to treat it. I get no sunlight, so I provide it with artificial lighting. I began spraying it with water two weeks ago, but I see no change. Please help. The only plants that do well here so far are bamboo shoots.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Loyda from New York City

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Seeing your photo it looks like the plant needs to be repotted into a larger pot with new soil and especially since it's obvious there is a large and elderly portion of this plant sharing the space of the smaller soil level leaves. It's simply in a very small pot just sitting inside a larger pot. The size of the existing larger pot would be perfect so just get enough new soil that will go up to the line you see inside that pot ... It's most likely root bound and crying for more room now in the small pot and needs new soil that has some fresh nutrients. When you repot be sure to gently spread the existing root in the ball out a bit so the roots can easily spread/grow and breathe. Make sure the new soil is very moist (not flooded) when you first repot. Potted plants should be repotted at least every other year.

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Question: Leaves in Our Vegetable Garden are Turning Yellow

We have had a lot of rain recently and now my vegetable garden including my corn is getting light green to yellow. Is there something I should add to the soil?

By MaryS from IN

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By Grandma J [54] 07/02/2010

Yes, check garden center for liquid iron or some other brand for it. You have washed nutrients out of the soil. You see this a lot with container planting.

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Question: Leaves in Garden Bed Turning Greenish Yellow

I am in zone 2 in southwestern Alberta. The leaves on my plants (lilies, delphinium and Jacob's ladder) are turning lime green.

By Sylvia

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