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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

You don't have to spend lots of time or money to make a unique and fun Halloween costume. This is a guide about quick and easy Halloween costumes.

Man in Housewife costume
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November 4, 2014 Flag
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Here is a photo of my husband and I this Halloween. I turned us into cheeky comic book characters. It all cost a few dollars using just makeup, markers (for outlining old clothes), and paper for talk bubbles. We loved the reactions we got. We even called our parents, live on video chat, and freaked them out. Best Halloween yet!

finished costumes

Total Time: 1 Hour


  • 1 pack of facepaints/face crayons (white, black, blue, red)
  • 1 black permanent marker
  • old clothes
  • white paper

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  1. Draw heavy black lines on the outer edges of your old clothes. Add details like wrinkles and folds.
  2. comic bubble
  3. Draw (or print out) comic book bubbles with you own personal funnies. Cut around the edges.
  4. Do your comic makeup! I viewed old Lichtenstein comics as a guide. I used a wig on myself to be more dramatic, but it's not necessary.

October 2, 2008 Flag
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Man in Housewife costumeHalloween is fast approaching! Here are some easy and inexpensive Halloween costumes for adults and children alike, using sweat suits and stuff you have laying around the house. Our family has dressed in these costumes over the years with great success, winning contests and receiving many compliments!

Skeleton Costume

Using a black sweat suit (or only the top if you prefer) cut "bones" from white fabric to which you've attached iron on adhesive. Paint your face white and then, using an eyeliner pen and black Halloween makeup, create a skeleton like face as scary or not as you prefer.

Bat Costume

Use a black hooded sweatshirt. Cut an umbrella apart (purchase several from the dollar store). Pin umbrella to sleeve and side of sweatshirt using ZIG-ZAG stitch, secure the umbrella to make wings. Use black felt to make "bat ears" (triangles) and sew to hood. Decorate your face using white paint and a bit of red "blood" for a vampire look.


Decorate a red sweatshirt with glitter paint and boa for a more elaborate look or just leave plain or write "the devil makes you do it" to the front/back of shirt. Add devil horns, tail and pitchfork. For a sexy look, use a skirt and red fishnets.

Pussy Cat

I used a black costume but you could use all white of you prefer. Sew a boa around the neck. Create "paws" using gloves (add pink felt "pads" if you desire or fake nails glued on for "claws"). Using an old headband, glue felt "ears" to top (Pointy). Add a tail made of an old sock and a wire or use the leftover boa. Paint the face to resemble a cat. Pair with a stuffed mouse to complete the look (we used a rubber band to secure the mouse to the child's wrist).

Dalmatian (Dog)

Use white sweat suit painted with black spots. Create "paws" using gloves (add pink felt "pads" if you desire). Make a tail using an old sock. Using an old headband, glue felt "ears" to top (floppy). Paint face to resemble a puppy.

One daughter went as a ShihTzu (little pony tail at forehead, dressed in brown, with a dog collar) Cute!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Dress in a red sweat suit. Add "hanks" of yarn or an old mop strings for spaghetti. Add large brown pompoms for meatballs. Top head with an old colander. Carry a jar of Parmesan cheese.

Bubble Bath

Paint an old oblong box to resemble a bath tub (you could cut the bottom out of an old tub to resemble a wash basin). Dress in pink or skin color. Add white balloons (blown up) as bubbles. Top head with shower cap. Carry a bar of soap and a scrub brush.

Ima Floozy

Dress your husband up in a wig and nightgown or an old cocktail dress. Make up face and don't forget to add the beauty mark!

This one REALLY scared our young daughter. She refused to kiss her dad goodbye!

Ready for bed! (ADULT)

Find your old flannel PJs or ratty bathrobe. Put curlers in your hair. Rub face cream on your face. Carry your old teddy bear. Complain to everyone at the party that you can't understand why your love life is so pathetic. This is really a fun one if your husband can't attend with you.

Pair of Dice

Paint a box white. Add black circles cut from construction paper or painted onto resemble a pair of dice, cut holes in side for arms. Wear a black shirt. Paint face to resemble a mime, if desired.


Dress in old flannel shirts and jeans. Add a rope belt. Use yarn, fake or real straw (itch advisory) to cuffs. Add a straw hat to which you've secured a fake crow. Paint freckles on your face. Carry a pitchfork or corn shocks.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (suitable for book character)

This requires a green sweatshirt and brown pants. Using a sponge cut in the shape of leaves, paint leaves on shirt front and arms. You can paint legs to resemble trunk or leave plain. Sew magnetic letters on the shirt front. Our daughter wore this to school for "Book Character Day" and was very well received. Use this costume if you are an adult. You could do this as a tree only and hang a few fake coconuts on you. Wife could go as Hula Girl.


This is cute if you a little "plus sized". Tiny Fairy wings and halo. Add a skirt made of chiffon, if you want. Painted face.

For the "Blue Fairy", use a blue suit and blue makeup. Have your husband dress up as Pinocchio. Container of glitter (fairy dust) to sprinkle liberally as you grant wishes and a magic wand, of course!

Super Hero

With the right face painting, you can turn into Spiderman or the Hulk, paired with a sweat suit of the right color combo, trimmed with some felt scraps and a glue gun.


Black pants cut ragged on bottom. Grey sweatshirt cut ragged on bottom. Red fabrics scrap for belt. Bandanna for head covering. Large gold hoop earring. Tooth black. Eye patch (purchased or made from black felt scrap). Mardi Gras necklaces as fake jewels (carry in an old shoebox to fake as a treasure chest. Toy sword and toy parrot (secure to shoulder). Practice saying "Arrrrrgghhhhggg Matey, give me all yer candy" or "I'll make you walk the plank". Walk with a swagger

Face painting

Scan the web for pictures of painted faces to give you a template of how to apply the Halloween makeup. Makeup is MUCH SAFER than a Halloween mask. And more comfortable too!

Face painting photo galleries websites

Or make your own Halloween face paint (I prefer to use commercially available products purchased AFTER the holiday, however) In a small bowl, combine water and cornstarch. Mix in cold cream. Add food coloring.

By Diana from Prospect, KY

Editor's Note: If you have an easy and inexpensive Halloween costume idea, share it below.


October 16, 2009 Flag

Eyeball CostumeTo make this costume, start with a white kitchen trash bag. Cut a hole at the top for the child's head and one on either side for their arms.

For the pupil, we hot glued a paper plate painted black to the center of the front side of the trash bag.

For the iris, we used slightly crumpled green Saran Wrap, also hot glued to the trash bag. Optional red streaks were made with red mylar from a leftover birthday balloon, but could be made with red permanent marker.

Dress the child in either a white or black sweatsuit (we went with white for better visibility at night). An adult can help the child put the bag over their head, then stuff with newspaper and tie the bag closed around the child's waist. A thrifty and fun costume guaranteed to be a hit!

Source: Our son's imagination and Mom and Dad's creative execution!

By Chris from Williamstown, NJ

October 23, 2009 Flag
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Halloween Taffy and Candy CornFinding Halloween costumes can be trying, both for adults and children. The store bought costumes are too costly and too flimsy; kids rip them and adults invest too much in them. However, homemade costumes take too much time and sewing and end up costing quite a bit as well. However, there are a few kid-friendly costumes that can be made from items in your home. You'll find that for an adult or child's costume you won't need to spend a fortune or search the town for the pieces for these costumes.

Police Officer

A police officer outfit can be found in someone's dresser drawer. Pull together a pair of dark dress pants and a dark button down shirt to match to create the perfect police uniform. Cut a star from a piece of lightweight cardboard and cover it with aluminum foil; add a safety pin to the back and you have a badge. The only thing that you need to purchase is the hat from the costume shop.


For the more daring public servant, try a S.W.A.T. costume. Start with a dark grey or black sweatsuit. Then, gather a fishing vest. Add some knee pads and protective goggles. (Look in the workshop for the knee pads and goggles or try the sporting goods bin.) Put on a pair of cheap stretchy gloves with the fingers cut off. If you have a dark colored batting helmet without logos, that looks great, but a black face mask will serve for head gear as well. Last, using colored duct tape make the letters 'SWAT' on the back of the vest and add the officer's last name to the front of the vest with the tape and a Sharpie. A few stripes can be added to the arms and legs and squad names can also be added. Last, paint black smudges on the cheekbones for the big moment.


A fireman's costume can easily be made with some colored duct tape and a raincoat. Gather some black sweatpants and a yellow or black raincoat. Use yellow or black tape to create stripes along the bottom of the coat and around the cuffs. The tape can then be used to create letters across the back of the coat to represent the fire company name. Slip some rain boots on, add a cardboard and aluminum foil badge (like the one for the policeman), and cut two feet off a leaky garden hose (to carry as a prop) to finish the costume. Again, the only item needed is a hat from the costume shop (if you don't already have one in the toy bin.)

Delivery Person

As package delivery at home becomes more popular, so does the deliveryman/woman costume. A pair of tan overalls and a plain tan baseball cap creates the perfect UPS or FedEx driver costume. Add the letters UPS or FedEx to the front pocket and back of the overalls with electrical tape. If overalls aren't available, as they might be hard to find for children, use a brown sweatsuit. Wrap a box in brown paper and tie it with a plain string after adding an oversized label and some other postal logos. If you can get a free Priority Mail box from the post office, that would work wonderfully.

October 26, 2010 Flag
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My company allows us to dress up at Halloween, but it's difficult to find costumes that are family-appropriate and don't hinder movement. One year I made a big splash for less than $10!

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October 29, 2004 Flag
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Go to Office Max and get a pack of the "Hello, My Name is __________" stickers. Fill them out with various names and put all over your clothing.

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October 20, 2009 Flag

Cut top and bottom out of box. Slide over stroller and tie or tape in place so seat of stroller is inside box. Tie or tape stuffed cats and kittens inside box so that they are looking over side.

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October 18, 2006 Flag

When I was a little girl my mother made a simple but pretty costume with the taffeta skirt of one of her old dresses.

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October 29, 2005 Flag
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A list of last minute Halloween Costumes for the little ones.

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