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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

If a spouse or parent dies, you may be eligible for Social Security survivor benefits. This is a guide about receiving Social Security survivor benefits.


Here are questions related to Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits.

Question: Will My Child Receive SSI?

My ex passed away March 14th. We have 2 children together. My question is are they eligible to receive SSI benefits? One of the children is his biologically, but the other one was fathered by someone else.

My ex was the only dad he has ever known, he's even got his last name. I also have the paper they give you at the hospital, when a child is born for the father to sign, saying the child is theirs without a doubt. He signed that saying our son was his. I have several witnesses that can say he claimed him as being his son.

However, his name isn't on either birth certificate because a nurse at the hospital after the delivery, told me that if we added his name he would be responsible for the hospital bills. I knew we couldn't afford that so I left it as unknown. Will this matter?

By Cindy

Most Recent Answer

By Tina T.09/12/2013

I applied for survivors benefits for my daughter when she was 6 months and was denied like 6 times. They said that she would need a paternity test. Her father is deceased, he died before she was born. They said that I would have to get a paternity test from someone in his family so I paid for a paternity test and his mother agreed to take it. It came back that she was the grandmother.

When I showed them the test, they approved it and she received 1300 in back pay and 223 a month for a year. When they approved me for it, I wanted to appeal the back pay because I didn't think it was right. I was down to the last appeal to see the judge. I went in the office to appeal it and they didn't give me the proper paper work so they end up letting my 90 days expire and said in the notes that I was ok with the backpay decision. I kept asking about the appeal and was basically told that no decision had been made and that they would contact me. So I called the toll free number to speak with someone and was told that the appeal had never been filed. So they put it in the notes for them to get in touch with me. I went the next day and told them I wanted to check on the appeal and the guy said they had to do some research on my case and they would get in touch with me but never did. The next week when I went up there, they said that they overpayed me and that she wasn't supposed to be getting the money because they couldn't used the DNA from his mother. Can they do that?

RE: Will My Child Receive SSI?

Question: Confusion Regarding Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's father passed away a couple of months ago. We went to the Social Security office and found out that he is eligible for the monthly benefits. I was just informed that another woman is claiming that she is carrying my son's father's child. If she does DNA on a close family member, proves paternity, and starts receiving monthly benefits for her child as well, will the amount that my son gets decrease? If so, how much of a decrease will he get or is there a certain percentage that each child receives?

By Confused

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/19/2014

Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them. They can give you the correct information.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My sister-in-law passed away leaving behind two beautiful kids. My question is would they be able to receive any type of benefits even though she lacks work history? She was on disability due to health issues that made it impossible for her to work. Please help me.

By Mele Feofa'aki F.

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/16/2014

You are going to have to call your local Social Security Office to find out the correct answer.

Question: Emancipated Youth Receiving SSI Benefits

I'm 16 and pregnant. I was emancipated, and am receiving my father's benefits in my name. My question would be would my benefits be cut off if I get married, but I'm still attending high school and under 18? Also when my baby is born will my SSI be cut off or raised/cut down? What will happen? Another question is at what age will my benefits be cut off?

By Marissa L.

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/15/2014

Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them, they are the only ones that know the correct answer.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My daughter's father just passed away. He is on my daughter's birth certificate; he signed it. But his family says my daughter ain't his. I always would tell him let's get a DNA, but he would say no. My question is if I apply for the SSI will they have to do a DNA test on my baby?

By Lucy

Most Recent Answer

By weinerdog41 [31]04/17/2014

Gosh NO. Social Security Administration is not in the business of confirming ones DNA. If the Father's name is on the birth certificate that's what they will go with.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My father passed away, when I was 14 years old, on 4/20/2012. My mother applied for his death benefits for herself, my younger sister, and me. It was approved and she has been receiving it for quite some time, and still to this day. She isn't the best with money, it doesn't get spent on my sister or myself for food, clothing, or anything of that sort. We are all living with my grandmother and she pays for everything.

I will be turning 17, in a month. I was under the knowledge that when I turned 16 I could start receiving it myself, directly to me. I'm not the average teenager who wants it just to waste it away; I have a part-time job. I am ending my junior year right now and am ahead of the game. I'm starting college this summer and my first year of college; while, attending my final year of high school. I could use the money to be into my college fund. So, my question is can I receive it?

Yes, I am well aware that I should call Social Security. I'm just trying to see if I can, before I have to spend hours on hold, getting sent all over the place.

By Katherine

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/13/2014

Are you absolutely positive that your mother isn't paying room and board/rent to your grandma? If you are positive, how do you know for sure? If the money isn't being used for your clothing, how are you getting the clothes? How do you know your mother hasn't been putting the majority of the money into savings for you and your sister? I have heard of minors loosing their Survivor's Benefits when they turn 16.

I have never been on hold for an extended period of time when I call the SS Office, I also have never been transferred from one person to the next, other than after the phone has been answered I get transferred to an employee that is the proper one to talk to. When you call the office, they tell you about how long it will be before a representative can talk to you, and they also tell the next times of day, days of the week and time of the month to call.

Question: Appealing a Denial of Social Security Survivor Benefits

I had my son when I was 17 and his dad passed away 3 months after he was born (he had just turned 20). I went to the SS office in town to get benefits for my son and they said they could do nothing because he didn't work long enough for my son to get benefits.

His dad had worked for Legoland for a few months and then quit to go back to school. He was only 20 so I can see why he didn't work long enough. My son is now 3. I work full time plus take online classes I was just wondering if there was anything that I could do; if it's even worth appealing.

By Rosemary

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/10/2014

In order for a person to receive Social Security and/or SS Disability they do have to work a certain number years. I think it is called quarters. You are going to have to call your local SS Office and set up an appointment to talk to them in order to see if you can find out more information.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

I'm 17 and have been staying with my grandmother for the past 4 months. I was receiving death benefits from my deceased father. My mother claims that my checks have since stopped coming to her. She hasn't given me any of my benefits since I've been at my grandmother's. I was wondering can I still collect my back pay when I'm 18 or what do I do?

By Savannah

Most Recent Answer

By Janette [77]04/11/2014

My father was killed when I was 14 years. old I am the oldest of six. When I turned 18 (I am now 58 yrs. old) my benefit stopped. As each of my siblings turned 18 they also stopped. Let me tell you something.The death benefit belongs to you and not your mother. She could get into a lot of trouble taking your money. It was your father that died.

One more thing...Your mother is entitled to draw a benefit from Social Security for herself because her husband died as long as she never remarries and had children from the deceased. My mother never knew this. It was years and I did some research and found this out. She never got back pay from SS but she had a monthly benefit payment of $800.00.

Let the Social Security Administration know of what is going on. Your mother will by law have to pay you back what she has taken from you. It doesn't matter whether you lived with her or not. That money is yours because your father died. Call the SS Administration and they will tell you the same thing. Let your mother know what she also is entitled to. Hope this helps and I am sorry for your loss.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My daughter's biological father is deceased verified by a sibling DNA test. My current husband, at the time she was born, was my boyfriend and is listed as the father. He no longer supports her since the confirmation of paternity. How does she get benefits from her deceased biological father?

By TD from NC

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/07/2014

With all of those variables it will probably take a supervisor at the SS office to give you any answers. Call and make an appointment and be sure to take any information (forms, SS numbers, marriage license?, etc.).

Question: Mother of Child Benefits

Even though my child's father and I were never married do I qualify for mother of child benefits? My daughter does receive benefits, she is only 10.

By twhite

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/07/2014

How are you receiving benefits for your child? Why did you not inquire about your benefits when applying for your child? You will only be able to receive correct answers from the Social Security office. They will be able to tell you if you can or what you may have to do to be able to receive benefits.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits and Teens

My husband passed and my 2 sons and I have been receiving the benefits! Both are in school, a 16 and 17 year old. As soon as the youngest turned 16 they sent me a letter saying that he will no longer receive benefits as he doesn't need care as a child! I do not understand.

By Andreia from Costa Mesa, CA

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]03/31/2014

Benefits usually last until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school. Maybe they misread the child's age or had it posted incorrectly. Call to get the info verified or corrected.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

I am 19. I just lost my dad New Year's in a car crash. My parents had been divorced for 10/11 years. I am one of three children my dad had. He had two other twin boys that are 18. I'm a girl. I'm not enrolled in school because I have no income to pay for school. I'm not working. I'm unable to work because I take care of my grandma who had stroke 3 years ago. In just want to know if there are any benefits I can receive.

By Maddison

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Swanson [17]03/31/2014

There is a toll free number for Social Security that you should call. Or phone your local Social Security office found in the phone book. I received Social Security benefits when I was your age because my father was receiving SS benefits. However, I was enrolled in college as a full-time student.

I encourage you to contact your local State Employment Office as they may be able to direct you to the correct office to apply for education or training opportunities. You will need to be trained to do something to earn a living for yourself and not be dependent on others for money your entire life. I suggest you aim high. Colleges have scholarships for students who do not have the money to attend. I believe need is one of the criteria used to determine who receives a scholarship. Don't forget you can also receive a student loan to help you. My children also had part time jobs.

I have faith in you and believe you can go to school, work part time, and care for your grandmother. You have it inside of you to do this. It is up to you to dig down and do it.

Warm regards for you and your future,
Carol in PA

Question: SSI Benefits for a Child

My son's father died when I was pregnant and I have applied for SSI benefits twice and was denied. I am now waiting for a hearing. I am not able to obtain paternity because his family refuses to do a DNA test. What can I do to get my son approved to receive his father's benefits?

By Carli H.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/25/2014

It appears that you and your son's father were not married - correct?
You will have to prove your case for sure.

Why can't you get a DNA test done?
Who has the child?
Why are the "grandparents" not wanting a DNA test?

Those are some of the questions that need to be answered before you request help anywhere.
I do not believe anyone on this site can help you.

Question: Applying for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's father past away when I was four months pregnant. I recently gave birth in January. Do I need to get a lawyer to go through this whole process of trying to get survivor's benefits for him? I've been told so many stories about what to do. Is there a way I can do this myself so it won't be so expensive? I am unemployed and caring for a newborn.

By Mariya

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/21/2014

Have you talked to the local Social Security Office? That is where you will get the correct answer.

Question: Eligibility for Survivor Benefits

The man listed on my child's birth certificate is not her biological father and he recently passed. I didn't know that until a home paternity test was done on another man who is her biological father. Is my child entitled to survivors benefits of the man on her birth certificate?

By Karen

Most Recent Answer

By mary martin [2]03/21/2014

I wonder at all of the people asking Social Security questions on this site. You all need to ask the people at the Social Security office these questions. All situations are different and so are the laws that apply to them. Why would you want to ask anyone else. The number for your local office is in your phone book. Stop asking the wrong people.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

I'm 17 and I'm working at McDonald's. I get $7.25 an hour. I work 32 hours a week. I was wondering if I am getting a Social Security Survivor benefit check, will I still get it if I'm working?

By Alexus from Richmond, VA

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/21/2014

Are you getting the Survivor's Benefits or are they actually for the person that is raising you to help support you? Have your guardian/parent call the local Social Security Office and talk to them. That is the only place you will get the correct answer.

Question: Eligibility for Supplemental and Survivor Benefits

Can my niece receive my mom's Supplemental Social Security disability check? My sister passed away in 2008 leaving my niece to be raised by my mom whom also passed away in May 2013. My sister never worked and neither did my mom. My mom was receiving SSI (supplemental disability) checks because she was mentally disabled. My niece is 15 years old and is being raised by my aunt whom is also disabled and has very little income. Will my niece qualify for any Social Security survivor benefits? Any advice will help thanks. We are from Texas.

By Letty from San Antonio, TX

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/19/2014

The state you live in doesn't make any difference. You have to call your local Social Security Office and talk to them. They are the only people that can give anybody the correct answer.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

I get survivor benefits from my dad passing away in 2001. I'm only 17 and I'm pregnant. Can I still get those benefits while being with child?

By Kayla

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/20/2014

Have you been getting the Survivor's Benefits or have they been going to your surviving parent/guardian who has been supporting you? I find it hard to believe that they would have been going to a minor, because those benefits are intended to help raise the minor. You will have to call your local Social Security Office and talk to them, and more than likely being you are a minor, they will have to talk to the adult that has been supporting you.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefit Eligibility

My granddaughter lost her biological father last November. She is 9 years old and receives her father's Social Security benefits. Her mother and stepfather are going to have a baby which will take the stepfather's last name. My granddaughter wants the same last name. My daughter is considering adding stepfather's last name to her father's last name. No adoption, just adding a second last name. Will this affect the SS benefits she now receives?

By Vivian

Most Recent Answer

By sweetie127503/28/2014

Doing a legal name change is a simple process and does not affect benefits. My children had it done. And went through same scenario.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My 5 year old daughter's dad recently passed away and he was not a U.S. citizen. She was born in the U.S. and he is on the birth certificate.

By Hannah

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]03/25/2014

Did he have a social security number and legally work in the US? He would have had to pay into the system in order for it to pay out. Did he work in any other country and does it have any type of benefits?

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My child's father passed away. Can my child receive any type of benefits if the father never worked?

By Keisha from Holliman

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]03/25/2014

Go to socal security's website; they have the answer to many questions normally asked. That being said, a person must pay in for several years before any money can be drawn. If no money was paid in, no credits were earned, and no benefits are available. Call to find out the ins and outs of your particular situation.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My father died when I was 12 which was 2 years ago. Do I receive any money until I'm 18?

By Jt

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

I am almost 20. My dad died when I was 4 and I received my benefits till I turned 18. if I go back to school before I turn 23 could I reapply for my survivor benefits?

By Sinjin

Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C. [6]03/16/2014

I say yes, as long as your are in school. But again as it was suggested go to your Social Security office and find out the truth of the matter. After all the folks there work for all of us including you as a young adult.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

I am on Social Security Disability. Can I draw from my husband's Social Security; he passed away 18 years ago, and also keep getting my disability check? I'm 63 year old.

By Catherine

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/13/2014

The only way to get the correct answer is to call your local Social Security Office.

Question: Social Security Survivors Benefits

I am the representative payee for my niece and nephew. My niece will be graduating in June and her survivors benefits will end. Will my 14 year old nephew's survivors benefits increase?

By Jennifer Rose

Most Recent Answer

By Rita Haas H. [1]03/14/2014

Most of the time, Social Security benefits have a set amount and if there are more than one beneficiary, these benefits are split. The fact that one is not receiving them any more could very well mean that the younger one will have increased benefits. You need to call your Social Security office to find out the specifics.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My mom died in 1972 when my brothers were 15 and 13 and I was 10. We never received any survivors benefits. Was that correct, that we received nothing?

By Tammy Jo

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/13/2014

Who did you live with after your mother died? They would be the one that would have received any SS benefits if any were available. A certain number of quarters has to be paid into SS for anyone to receive benefits from that account.

The only place to get reliable information is to visit your local SS office.

Question: Social Security Benefits for Students After 18

I have had custody of my granddaughter since she was 7. She has received Social Security benefits from her deceased father until she turned 18. Are there no benefits for her now that she is in college and needs the money the most? We, as grandparents on SS are finding it very hard to help her since her benefits have stopped.


Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C. [6]03/12/2014

I was a widow with a child and we collected on my husband [her father's] Social Security for years - as long as the child is in school she is to receive her father's social security. Perhaps 'you' should call the Social Security office in your state and ask them IF she is still entitled, then ask them if they will replace all of her missed checks retroactively from the time they stopped her check until now because of her being over 18 BUT still in school?

I know they [SS] can be a blessing... good luck to you on this.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits for Students

We live in Florida. My son is 19, but is in his senior year in high school. Social Security sent a letter stating since he turned 19 in November he is no longer eligible for survivor benefits. It was my understanding as long as he was a full time student in good standing he would be eligible for benefits up to the age of 22.

By Sheila

Most Recent Answer

By Fran [10]03/11/2014

I am a retired SSA employee. In the early 80s, legislation was passed by Congress that cut back on many types of social security dependents benefits, including the one for full time students (used to be if full time in school/college could receive checks up to and through age 22). Student benefits are now payable to elementary and/or secondary school students provided they are under age 19.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits Eligibility

My mother passed away 57 years ago and I don't know if SSI benefits were ever paid out. Would I still be able to claim them and how would I find out?


Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/07/2014

How old were you when your mother passed away? I would have thought if you were a minor, being raised by somebody else they would have applied for the benefits to help with the expense of raising you.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's mom just passed. We were married, but have been separated for 10 + years and never gotten a divorce. We were living in different states. I have him full time and was never given child support, will he get SS benefits?

By Pat O.

Most Recent Answer

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]03/09/2014

If your child is under 18 and your ex wife worked, yes, he will draw a check and you will also draw the same amount for taking care of him/her. Call the local SS office. They will help you or go to the local office. If you call, they will tell you what to bring with you to sign up.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My husband was murdered in 2003. We had two children 11 and 18 months. When I signed up, I only signed up my kids because it seemed in the long run they would receive the most benefits, plus I was only 32 and the likelihood of myself getting remarried was considered.
I did remarry, but divorced in 2012. My daughter has since been dismissed from drawing due to her age. My son is still receiving benefits, but I was wondering, now that I am no longer married, can I still draw the widows benefits? And I do work, so would it be wise?

Thanks in advance!

By Jennifer G

Most Recent Answer

By Jackie [26]03/06/2014

I receive that benefit as well as my social security. One thing I do know is this you would have had to be married to your deceased husband at least ten years. It just might "pay" you to call your SS office. I hope this helps.

Question: Applying for Survivor Benefits

I want to know why my daughter got denied survivor benefits. She is my husband's daughter. I also brought the birth certificate with his name on it.

By Scheri from Detroit, MI

Most Recent Answer

By April03/04/2014

There are numerous reasons, but the SS office has to be the one to answer that. His has to be listed on the birth certificate, she needs to be a minor still attending school. He would have had to pay into the system for a certain length of time, not been in certain types of legal trouble, or have other dependents that already took all the support he had credited to him. When you received your letter stating she was denied, it should have stated the reason. All you have to do is call the 800 number and ask.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My ex-wife passed 7 years ago and our daughter is 15. She will turn 16 this June and I received a letter stating my benefits will stop, but hers will continue. 2 Questions: will her benefits increase when mine stops and will her benefits stop if I remarry? Thank you.

By Earl D.

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/03/2014

Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them. They are the people that can give you the correct answer.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My friend was stabbed and past away. He didn't work, so is his son eligible to get Social Security?

By Sc

Most Recent Answer

By weinerdog41 [31]03/02/2014

If the father didn't pay into social security the son is not eligible. None gets social security unless they pay in.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son is 4 years old. His father passed away when he was 15 while I was pregnant. He had never had a job I have looked into getting a DNA test to be able to get my son's father's name on his birth certificate and was told I could get SS benefits. I am skeptical about spending the money to get the DNA test and a lawyer if I won't be able to receive any assistance. If someone could help guide me it be great. Thank you.

By Kim

Most Recent Answer

By weinerdog41 [31]03/02/2014

Do I understand you correctly? The Father was a teen when he got you pregnant and died at 15 years old? In any case social security has to have been paid in for your son to receive benefits. So if the son's Father never worked and never paid in your son is not eligible. May be wrong but don't think so. Better call SS administration.

Question: Receiving SSI Check After Father Passed Away

I was 19 years old when my father passed away in 2003. A person from the SSI building called me to collect a check from him. When I got there they took the check back, because his name was not on my birth certificate. What can I do? Can I still receive that check?

By Angelena N. from Jamaica, NY

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My father passed away when I was in the fourth grade. I'm just now graduating high school and am about to turn 18. I was receiving Social Security, he was also disabled when he died. Can I still receive it for college?

By Caleb from Chickasha, OK

Best Answers

By cybergrannie [30]02/28/2014

Hi - only the SS office can answer your question.
Be sure to take yours and your dad's SS numbers, as well as a copy of his death certificate.

You may not receive the same benefits but you may be able to get some money for college. Be sure to check with your school's counselor for the kinds of help you may be eligible for.

Good luck and please stay in college if you can.

Best Answers

By Brianna P.02/27/2014

You'll have to get proof of paternity through family court to get the father's name on the birth certificate. I'm going through it now even though my son's grandmother called right after his father died and they said to just come in. I don't need anything. Good thing when I got his birth certificate without his father's name, I called and figured out how to get it on there or I'd be waiting longer than I already have to. I have a court date next month then I have to make another SS appointment once I have the proof.

Question: Survivor's Benefits Overpayment

I am 18 years old with a 18 year old girlfriend. We have a beautiful daughter together that I love with all my heart. But here is the trick, I get a SS check for my father dying while I was still in school.

When my girlfriend gave birth I was forced to drop out to go to work to provide for them, but kept getting my check every month. I know this was wrong, but the check was the only thing getting us by. Now 9 months after I dropped out I have to file taxes for the year of 2013 and I'm worried.

What's the worst that could happen? and what are the steps to making it right? My family can't afford for me to be locked up and I just need advise. Please reply as quickly as possible. Thank you.

By a.m

Best Answers

By cybergrannie [30]02/28/2014

I certainly agree that you need to go to your SS office as soon as possible so you will know where you stand.

I would like to add that I applaud you for wanting to do the right thing as I know some people would not take this stand and just wait to see if they were ever "caught".

I do not know how much money you make each month but you may be eligible for some sort of assistance and even a small amount might help.

According to what solution the SS offers you, it may be wise to try and get some legal advise. Go to your local church and see if they can recommend someone to help you.

I hope they will let you pay it off in small monthly payments.
Good luck and please - go to your SS office and do not take advise from just "anyone".

Best Answers

By redhatterb [1]02/27/2014

Your best answer would be to talk to your local Social Security Office. My guess is you will be expected to pay all or part of it back. Didn't your mother advise you on what to do at the time you dropped out of school?

Question: Continuing Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My daughter is 16 and wants to get her GED, if she quits school to do this will her survivor benefits be cut off? We live in Mississippi. I thought with survivor benefits they continue to get them no matter what till age 18. I may be wrong.

By Nickie from Ellisville, MS

Most Recent Answer

By Noella [9]03/07/2014

It is my understanding that a child must stay in school to receive Social Security Survivor benefits. Please encourage her to do so.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

Will I still receive my check if my mom signs guardianship over to her boyfriend?

By Chelsea

Best Answer

By redhatterb [1]02/25/2014

How old are you? If you are 18 and have graduated from high school you shouldn't receive survivor's benefits anyway. If you are a minor the check doesn't go directly to you, anyway, because it is supposed to be used to support you. Talk to your local Social Security Office.

Question: Survivor Benefits from Both Parents

My niece lost her mother (my twin sister) 10 years ago, and we recently found out her biological father passed away 4months ago. I have guardianship of her now, and she is 15 years old. Can she receive benefits from her biological father as well or can she receive benefits in place of the amount she currently is getting from her mom's passing?

By Rachelle

Best Answers

By cybergrannie [30]02/25/2014

redhatterb is absolutely correct - the Social Security office is the only place that can give you the correct answer.

I can tell you this much from experience - You should be able to chose which person to receive benefits from so you should be able to choose the highest benefit. It will go smoother if you have their social security numbers.

You will only receive benefits from one person.

Best Answers

By redhatterb [1]02/23/2014

Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them. They are the only people that will know the correct answer.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My friend's husband died of lung cancer/Agent Orange in 1984, after retiring from the navy. She never received his Social Security benefits. Is she still entitled to them after all these years?

By Lou

Best Answer

By cybergrannie [30]02/24/2014

I believe this is a question your friend needs to address to the SS office in person.

Question: Social Security Benefits for Students

I divorced my daughter's father 10 years ago. About 4 years ago I found out that my daughter qualified to received SS benefits because, I believe, her father was mentally disabled. The woman at the SS office wouldn't reveal what the circumstances were, but she had a look on her face like something was extremely unusual.

The ex was receiving SS and did not pay child support. My question is this; my daughter is turning 18 in June and intends on attending a 4 year college this fall. I found out, about a year ago, that her father was no longer picking up his SS checks and hadn't for a couple of years and actually was unable to be traced. He is pretty much missing. Would my daughter qualify to continue receiving SS since she is going in to college and what if her father actually is deceased? Would that qualify her for any assistance? The family, that I keep in touch with, has not heard from him for years. At one point, prior to no longer being heard from, he was living in the streets and homeless.


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By cybergrannie [30]02/24/2014

You should be able to get all the information you need from your local SS office. The only information you need on your ex-husband is his SS number and your daughter's SS number. Age may be a factor here also.

Pay a visit to your local SS office as they are the only ones that can tell you about any benefits.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

I was just curious to see if I can get any Social Security benefits from when my father died back in January 2, 2003?

By Donna from Middleboro, MA

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By redhatterb [1]02/23/2014

Call your local Social Security Office and make an appointment to go and talk to them. They know more about it than we do.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My daughter is 19 and a full time student. Did the benefits change to 21, when the child is a full time student?

By Leighla T.

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By cybergrannie02/22/2014

Hi - the only reliable information will be available at your local SS office. Some info can be obtained over the telephone but in person is better.

Has your daughter been receiving benefits? If so, were they stopped? If benefits were stopped then you should have received a letter stating why and giving information where to call or go for more information.

Question: Receiving Social Security or Survivor's Benefits

My mom passed away when I was 15, and my dad has never been in the picture so my brother took guardianship of me. We went to Social Security to see if I could get survivor's benefits and they denied us. Shouldn't I be getting Social Security money until I turn 18? Please help, I don't know what to do or how to go about this.

By Anthony M.

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By redhatterb02/20/2014

Did the Social Security Office tell you why you were denied? There has to be a reason. There is a possibility that your parents have never paid into Social Security, and if they did, not long enough to qualify for drawing benefits. You should receive a letter from them explaining the reason why you were denied. That being said none of us can answer your question.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits in College

My 18 year old daughter starts college in August of 2014. Does she continue to draw her dad's Social Security death benefits?

By Christina H.

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By Paula Jo C.02/17/2014

I believe as long as they are in school they are able to receive the monies. Why not go to the Social Security Office to get an answer to your question from the ones working there. I think you would be more comfortable having the answer coming from the folks that really know the answer because they work there wouldn't you? I know I would.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

I'm 19, and if I am in college would I still be eligible to get Social Security from my father's passing?

By Jade

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By Paula Jo C.02/17/2014

Yes you would! Please go to the Social Security Office yourself (with your SS card & number printed on it, and also the SS# of the parent that is dead). Explain the problem your having with the ladies or men there that are working and watch how they can help you and fast. What you are experiencing is against the law I believe so, it may get your mother in alot of trouble. You might want to think about that aspect of the problem your having. You are in our prayers!

Question: Information on Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My brother recently died and he has two children. Their mother receives their money now; she is not giving it to them. Can they switch it over to mother or I?


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By April02/16/2014

My children get ss since their father passed away. The money is for their food, their share of rent or mortgage, utilities, insurance, dental, eye glasses, class ring, yearbook, clothing, shoes, their share of a overnight trip if we take one, field trips.

If you look at the check, you will notice it is made to the adult whom they live with. Mine is made out to me, "on behalf of" their name. The money is not to be given to the children to blow. On the other hand, my kids are in high school now, so I am saving part for college, and I do give them each an allowance out of it.

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By redhatterb02/16/2014

Are the kids minors? As a whole the money is intended to support them, not for them to spend on whatever they want. Furthermore, it isn't needed for actual support, how do you know their mother isn't saving it for college? This is something like child support, which is intended to help provide the necessities that a kid needs, not to let them have all kinds of fun with it. Talk to your local Social Security Office and see what they say.

Question: Stepchildren and Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son age 15 at the time, was not living in the home with us at the time my husband, my son's step father passed away. My son lived with us for a year and a half, then went to live with his biological father for a year and a half, then came back to live with me after my husband passed away. Is my son, his step son, eligible for benefits if we supported him in that year and a half he was living with us?

By anonymous

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By cybergrannie02/16/2014

Social Security office has all the correct answers. You generally only can obtain "generic" answers over the phone as they have no way to identify your true identity. Try going to the SS office in person with all related SS numbers, ID, etc.

Question: Applying for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My father died 12 years ago at the age of 63. I have a disabled sister who has Downs syndrome. My mother did not apply for the survivor's benefits for my disabled sister; can she now?

By Liz

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By redhatterb02/11/2014

For the correct answer to this call your local Social Security Office.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefit Check

I am a widow and my son and I were receiving SS checks. My son is turning 16 soon and I am losing my check, but he will still receive his check until he is out of school. What I need to know is will his check stay the same amount or go up because I am losing mine? Thanks.

By Marie

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By redhatterb02/10/2014

I have never had to wait that long. Being you are being funny about it, what do you suggest they do? The Social Security Office is the only place they will get the correct answer. Besides the local number there is also the 800 number.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefit Check

I am 17 yrs old and I am wanting to move out of my parents' house. I was wondering who my check will go to when I do move out?

By Kirstie

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By redhatterb02/10/2014

Do you plan on moving out before you are 18? This is something that you and your mother are going to have to make arrangements to go to your local Social Security Office and talk to them about. I might be wrong, but as long as you are a minor the checks go to your parents for your support or if they can afford to put them in savings for college. That being said, I have always heard the checks stop when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school.

Question: Social Security Survior's Benefits

My mom pass away in December. She had been fighting for her Social Security for a few years. Will her family be able to receive her back pay?

By Tisha

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By redhatterb02/06/2014

Had your Mom been approved for Social Security at the time of her death? Either way I don't know why the family would receive the back pay. If the kids are adults they aren't entitled survivor's benefits because they are supposed to be able to take care of themselves. Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them, they know the answer to your question.

Question: Survivor Benefits for My Daughter

My daughter's biological father, my ex husband, was killed in Afghanistan, but before he died he gave up his rights and my husband adopted her. Is she entitled to benefits due to her biological father dying? I have the 1300 form (casualty report naming her as his daughter).

By Melissa W.

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By Wanda 01/29/2014

Hello, I'm sorry to say that once the biological father relinquished all rights to his daughter and agreed to adoption he from that point on is not, legally, her father. Her adopted father becomes her legal father.

Question: Receiving SSDI Benefits

I have two boys who receive disability funds through me. One is turning 18 and will no longer receive benefits. Does his brother's benefit change? Does it increase or stay the same?

By Scarm134

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By Cindy01/29/2014

When your older child turns 18, the benefits he received will go to the other child. For example, if each was getting $100.00 now your younger son will get $200 now.

Question: Survivor Benefits and Adoption

My nieces are receiving survivor benefits from their mom who passed away this past June. They are living with their paternal grandmother, the father is her son. The girls want to be adopted by their grandmother, if this happens, will their survivor benefits be cut off?


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By cybergrannie01/26/2014

you could take the grandmother to the social security office so she will know what can be done.
She will need a social security number for everyone (including the father if possible).

Question: Collecting Social Security Survivors Benefits

My father passed away and I received something in the mail that he is entitled to a little more Social Security, however they require my birth certificate which I can not find. It also states something about wanting the birth certificates of next of kin which would be my siblings, so could I just possibly use one or all of theirs and not mine?

By Jeff. O

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By redhatterb01/22/2014

Look up your state online and when you look at different parts of the site, it will tell you how to go about obtaining different certificates. There will probably even be a form that you can print out, fill out and send it to the proper address. Some states also have it set up that you can go to your county courthouse and apply for the certificates that you need. There will be a fee to obtain the copies and where I live that is $15.00 for each certificate.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My father died 3 years ago of cancer at a young age. Am I able to get his Social Security benefits? I am a single mom of two and I am having a hard time making ends meet. This would help me greatly.

By Julia

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By redhatterb01/21/2014

I'm not sure about this, but being you are an adult I honestly don't see how you would qualify for survivor's benefits from your late Dad's Social Security. It would be different if you had a spouse and he had died. Call your local Social Security Office and make an appointment to talk to them. You aren't the only one having a hard time making ends meet, there are a lot of people in that situation.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son is in DFACS and I have not received his benefits in over a year. When he returns home will he receive all his money?

By mitephrab from Atlanta, GA

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My granddaughter's mother passed away. She lives with her mother's parents. Her father is still alive, paternity was established and child support was ordered, but they never let the child interact with him. I see my granddaughter every weekend. I was wondering if I can find out if my granddaughter is receiving death benefits from social security?


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By redhatterb01/14/2014

Why should this be any concern of yours? It was your grandaughter's mother that passed away and the child is living with her maternal grandparents. They are the ones supporting her. You get to see her every week end, why hasn't your son been able to see her? There must be a good reason for that. I would say if you were the one raising her then you should be getting survivor''s benefits. That being said people have to work a certain amount of time in order to receive Social Security and I would think that same rule would apply to survivor's benefits. Call your local Social Security Office and talk to them but more than likely they will tell you they are unable to give you any information.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My daughter's father died at the age of 16 (I had her as a teenager). I have a job, but he never had a job. Can she receive survivor benefits?

By Chantel W.

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By cybergrannie01/15/2014

Hi - your best bet is to gather all your information (SS#'s for yourself and your daughter) and go to your local Social Security office and ask them your questions.

Your husband must have had a SS number if he & you filed income taxes? If so take his number also.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

Can a child receive Social Security benefits if the parent that dies never worked?

By Lisa

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My father passed when I was one month old and I never received Social Security. Is it too late to get Social Security if I'm over the age of 18? I am currently 28 years old.

By Gerrid

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By Linda W.01/08/2014

I would call social security office. Someone may have been given benefits to use to support you as you were growing up. Then you will know and the rest is up to you.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My mom has been taking my check since I was 13, buying unnecessary thing with it. I never see a dime. I turn 18 in three days. Do I have to go through my mom to get my check, or can I set up a bank account and finally receive my own money? The check is coming from my deceased father, and I'll still be in school.

By Lacey F

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By cybergrannie01/07/2014

You have received some very good answers. Your social security office can answer all of your questions as all cases are different so no one answer would be correct.

Most likely, as long as you live with an adult that takes care of your needs - they will receive the check and usually do not have to answer to anyone as how it is spent.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits for Children

My daughter just passed away with 2 of her 4 children eligible for her Social Security benefits. Who files for the benefits and are those checks made out to the child or what? The father of the youngest son is out of state and will soon take him home with him. We don't want the father to benefit from these checks, but would like them to go to a trust for the boy. Please help.

By Carol A

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By mary martin12/31/2013

Your local Social Security office will answer all your questions. Each situation is different and only they will have the answers. Don't rely on outsiders to advise you as there are as many opinions as there are questions. Go to the professional source. They have trained individuals in these matters.

Question: Social Security Benefits for Children

I'm getting money for my two older children. I would just like to know the rules on how the money is allowed to be used or can we put it in a saving account?

By Al

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By mary martin12/31/2013

The best place to get your answer is your local Social Security office. Nobody here can answer your question correctly. I don't know why people rely on sources outside the official office for answers. Contact Social Security for information relating to your specific situation

Question: Collecting Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My children's father disappeared over ten years ago. We recently learned he died about 10 years ago. Are they entitled to collect their missed Social Security now?

By Mb from AZ

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By Eileen M.12/31/2013

Check with your local social security office. Be sure you bring birth certificates, etc to show how the kids are related. Good luck!

Question: Qualifying for Social Security Survivors Benefits

I'm currently receiving Social Security benefits until I graduate or turn age 19. Would my son be able to receive them? He was born a month ago?

By mt

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By cybergrannie12/22/2013

You need to go in person to your local social security office and carry all necessary paper work.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's father was on SSI before he died, is my son entitled to benefits now that he's passed on?

By Sha

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By Weavre Cooper12/22/2013

It depends on his age. Here's what Social Security has to say:

Your unmarried children who are under 18 (up to age 19 if attending elementary or secondary school full time) can be eligible to receive Social Security benefits when you die.

And your child can get benefits at any age if he or she was disabled before age 22 and remains disabled.

Besides your natural children, your stepchildren, grandchildren, step grandchildren or adopted children may receive benefits under certain circumstances.

Question: Application Process for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My 8 year old son's father passed on 11/29. He did not have a relationship with our son, but paid child support on time and has been proven to be the biological father via DNA testing in 2006. My son's father was married (but his wife had just filed for divorce the week before) and has a 6 year old son with his wife. I filed for benefits for my son, but the gentleman I spoke with said that they couldn't file my son's application until his father's widow came in and filed and application for her and her son. Is this correct? I've spoken to her twice since filing and she doesn't have any desire to file. My hands feel completely tied.

By Nicole

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By cybergrannie12/19/2013

There are a lot of variables and only an attorney or your Social Security office can give you information for your situation.

Of course, filing for divorce means nothing in this situation but it is possible you may need an attorney to help you - try children's services as well as talking to another Social Security person.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

Last year my father died and we applied for the Social Security check. My mother has been telling me that we haven't been getting it, but I recently found out that she had been keeping them and not giving it to me and my little brother. Is this legal? What do I do?

By Ryan

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By cybergrannie12/19/2013

Hi - I believe that redhatterb gave an excellent answer.

Social Security benefits are for the adult who is taking care of you and your little brother - providing shelter, food, clothing and anything else necessary for your survival. They are not obligated to give you any of this benefit money but they are obligated to use this money to take care of you.

When you are old enough move out and become self supporting then you may request your share be sent to you to assist with your support.

You can check with Social Security to find out exactly what your "rights" are.

Question: Applying for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My mother died when I was three months old and I was passed from house to house until I was 16. I wanted to know now at the age of 28 can I still apply for survivor benefits or is it too late.


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By redhatterb12/18/2013

Talk to your local Social Security Office. That being said as far as I know they are for spouses and minor children. What is meant for the minor children is to support them, not for them to have as spending money.

Question: Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My husband died two years ago at work. My little girl receives worker's comp and Social Security. Should I also get Social Security? We were married when he died. We were just living apart because we were relocating. I was still living in Georgia and he was living in Florida getting us a place ready.

By Bekki

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By cybergrannie12/19/2013

Hi - who applied for your daughter to receive benefits? This should have been answered at that time but you should check with your local Social Security office if your case has not already been decided.

Question: Survivor Benefits for Widow on Disability

My husband was getting social security and I am on disability. He past away last week. Will I get any of his social security check plus my disability, or just mine?

By Debbie

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By cybergrannie12/22/2013

It is always best to go in person to your local social security office for this type of information. There may be several scenarios to see what might give you the most money and they can give you this information.

Question: SSDI and Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son has lost his dad's survivors benefit because I was recently was approved for SSDI. He will get 50%. I'm happy about that, but feel bad for him that he loses his dad's benefit which his dad payed into. We were not married and did not live together. Why is this and can I fight it? My SSDI is more than his survivor benefit.

By mistory5

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb12/15/2013

How old is your son? That could have something to do with it. Talk to your local Social Security Office and see what they say. They will know more about it, than we do. What were you living off before you got your disability? Most cases that I have heard of the amount of disability payments are less if there is other income in the house.

Question: Social Security Death Benefits

If a father signs his rights away for his child and that child has been legally adopted, and years later her biological father (that signed his rights away) passes away, will that child be eligible to get his death benefits?

By Melissa M. from Blue Springs, MO

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By LaQuetta12/17/2013

If the child has been legally adopted then she is the adoptive parents child in every sense of the word. She has no legal ties or rights to anything of her birth parents. That includes no legal right to benefits from either of her biological parents. The adoption cut all ties to her birth/biological parents.

Question: Survivor Benefits

My dad passed away in September of this year. I am a disabled adult. I was approved for survivor benefits. Will I get back pay survivor benefits for September, October, and November? I haven't received any payment yet?

By Mandy J

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By cybergrannie12/05/2013

Who approved your application? Did your Dad take care of you before he died?
You will have to ask your questions with whomever approved you for benefits or Social Security office (in person).

Question: Social Security Disability Survivor's Benefits

My son is 15 and he lives at home with me, his father. His mother just passed away the 21st. What I want to know is two things. She had been trying to get disability and they were just about to go to court. I called her lawyer and he said that there are different types of disability cases and that even if she has passed they will still have court and that the kids would get her back pay. The other two are 19 and 21. My next question is can I apply for survivors' benefits being she hadn't worked the last few years? Thanks. Lost Dad

By Tony

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By cybergrannie11/29/2013

Hello and I am sure the Thrifty community wish you and your family many blessings in this sad time in your life.

It does seem that your wife's attorney would answer some of your questions but if not (or you just want more info) you should go in person to your local Social Security office. Be sure to have all of your information with you so maybe one trip will suffice.

I do not believe you will receive any benefit (other than "burial" benefit) but your one or more of your children may be eligible. Age is a big factor here so the SS office is the best place to get your "real" answers as all cases are different and depend on many factors.

I believe the death of your wife will probably cancel the disability case as those benefits would have been for her but I really have never dealt with a case like this.

Maybe when you have some answers you could post your case here again?

Question: Social Security Death Benefits for Children

My wife passed away a little over a month ago; she was disabled. I applied for death benefits for my children right away. How long from the application does it take to start receiving money for them?

By Matt

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By April11/11/2013

Was it approved? My children received theirs the following month. When we applied, the lady at the office told us the date, and that was when it came.

Question: Do SSI Benefits Continue After Adoption?

My friend has 3 children. After the 3rd child was born, the mother passed away. The children started receiving SSI benefits. He is about to get remarried and she wants to adopt the children. Will the children still receive SSI if she adopts them?

By purpleroseb28

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb11/06/2013

The only way anybody gets SSI benefits is if they are disabled. These kids might be getting survivor's benefits. Your friend should talk to the local Social Security Office.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's dad passed away Aug. 15, 2011. I didn't file for benefits when he passed away because he wasn't on the birth certificate. Now that my son sees his family more often they keep pushing me to file for benefits. They said they are willing to write a letter stating he is the father. My question is: is it too late to file for benefits?

A friend of the family says he'll get backpay from when his dad passed away, is that true?

By Perla

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits for Children

When one child turns 18 and loses his SSDB, does the other child get his portion? My son turned 18, my daughter is 5; will she get his portion of their father's death benefit?

By Brenda

Most Recent Answer

By Cindy10/31/2013

Yes, that is true. The benefit amount is the same no matter how many children. When one child turns 18, the other will receive his money.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits for College Students

My daughter is 19 now, her dad passed away when she was 17 and she got benefits for a year and a half. She was told when she turned 19 or graduated from high school she would not be eligible anymore. Are there any benefits she can apply for since she is going to college now?

By Angie

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By ultrasuede703/26/2014

Benefits used to be extended for children who went to college (this was done in the Kennedy/Johnson administration). However, that was nixed under the Reagan Administration and all benefits end at 18, whether you go to college or not. Guess they expect 18 year olds to be fully self-supporting by then or have a rich family.

Question: Child Denied Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My husband died 4 years ago. We had two biological children that receive benefits. My youngest daughter was not his biological child, but he signed her birth certificate and was the only father she knew. She was denied benefits, why?

By anonymous

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By redhatterb10/20/2013

Talk to your local Social Security Office.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

I know you get it until you're twenty if you stay in school. If I move out will I still draw it?


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By Michele10/07/2013

My daughter is receiving survivor benefits. We live in PA, I was told by the social security office that benefits will end when she graduates high school or turns 19, which ever comes first. Child support has the same rule.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My father died when I was 6 years old and my mother died when I was 12. I then moved with my aunt and she became my legal guardian. I was told she would receive money for us until we turned 18. I am now 18 years old and I'm in college and I'm wondering when will I begin receiving the money.

By Jake

Most Recent Answer

By Eileen M.09/27/2013

I would check with Social Security office, but I'm afraid that once you are an "adult" you stop getting any benefits unless you are somehow disabled... Good luck!

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits

My dad passed away when I was 11. I'm now 21. I received SS checks, but my mom always put them in her bank account. I think she only should have gotten a portion of it, not all. I would never try to take my mother to court, but I've always wondered if this was ever fair?

By Karisa

Most Recent Answer

By Lucinda Heaney K.09/24/2013

The money was for your Mom to raise you.

Question: Survivor Benefits Questions

When my husband passed my son and daughter and I were receiving survivor benefits; a set amount for the three of us. Then my son turned 16 and they stopped my widow's benefits and split the same amount between my two kids. Now my daughter has graduated and my son is left with only half the entitlement. Is that right or do I need to talk to the SS administration?

By latimore-carson from SC

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb09/23/2013

Talking to you Social Security Office would be the best thing to do.

Question: Social Security Survivor's Benefits

I'm 18 years old and plan on moving out of my mother's house. I recently got my Social Security check back from my father's death. My mother tells me that since I am still a student in school I still receive it, but on the other hand she tells me if I move out I won't receive it anymore. When I move out I'm still going to be a student. Shouldn't I still be able to receive my SS check if I'm living on my own and still in school because I'm 18 and the check is in my name. If I move out and she receives the check without me being there would that be considered fraud? How would I go about receiving the check on my own? Please help. I need answers.

By Christina V. from Avon, IN

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb09/21/2013

Discuss this with your local social security office.

Question: Social Security Survivor Benefits and Work

I have been receiving a SSI check due to my father since I was 6. Now I'm 16 and ready to get a job. If I apply for a job will I lose my SSI check?

By M.I.C from Adairsville, GA

Most Recent Answer

By elva09/24/2013

Once you turn 18 the check will be cut off or if you are disabled, the check will continue.

Question: Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son's father passed away at the age of 21. He really was so young and didn't work enough or pay into SSI enough. Is my son entitled to anything since his father was so young when he passed away?

By Amber

Most Recent Answer

By Tanya08/30/2013

My daughter's father also passed away at the age of 21. I checked to see if she could get ssi or survivor's benefits. I could not because he didn't have enough work credits yet. However, this was back in 1981 when I applied. Rules may have changed since then. I would suggest that you go ahead and apply. The worse thing that can happen is that they say no.

Question: Survivors Benefits for Children in College

My ex husband died leaving 2 children in college, age 19 and 20. Are they eligible for any benefits?

By Suzette M from Lynn, MA

Most Recent Answer

By Marie Brack08/10/2013

Yes. Call the local Social Security office or go there and sign them up. Call first to see what documentation they will need you to bring.

Question: Applying for Survivor's Benefits

When I was 2 years old my father passed away from cancer and my mother didn't take care of me. In fact she was and still is a drug addict. Is it possible to apply for benefits after 14 years because I had no way of applying myself at the age of 2.

By Cheyenne P. from Flint, Mi

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By brigittes08/13/2013

I don't have any advice, I just want to add my sympathy that you have had it so hard. I hope you hang in there and use all your god given talents to be a good person and realise your potential.

Question: Social Security Benefits for Adopted Grandchild

My daughter has been receiving Social Security benefits from her father's death. She has since had a child of her own, which I now have guardianship of. If I end up adopting my grandchild, will she be able to receive her grandfather's Social Security as well?

By Teresa F.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie07/17/2013

Hi - You did not give the age of your daughter so there will be questions asked - are you still receiving benefits for your daughter? Does she still live with you? Does she receive the checks?

I believe that I read somewhere that something like that could be considered fraud.. Not sure but you should be able to get the answer to your questions at the SS office. Best to start there.

Question: Can I Claim my Ex-husband's Social Security?

My ex and I were married for over 34 years. Can I get his Social Security although we were not married when he passed away?

By M. T

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie07/11/2013

Hi - you can draw from your ex-husband's social security if you are eligible for SS and was married over 5 years - and if you have not remarried and your own amount is less than what you would receive from his.

I believe the amount from his will be 1/2 of his total but Social Security benefits are changing all the time so you will need to go to your local office for the "truth".

I would carry divorce papers and you will need the date of marriage also - carry your wedding certificate if you have it. They should have the date you changed your last name on record with other information.

Question: Proving Eligibility of Child for Parent's Social Security

My daughter's father passed when she was 13 months old. His name was not on the birth certificate. She is in his obituary as his daughter, but when I went to try and get benefits that wasn't enough proof. I have tried several times since his death and still was denied. Now she is 16 and I want to try and get DNA from his mom or brothers, but is it too late since she is 16? What else can I do to get the benefits that are owed to her?

By Ivella B

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By jacey.holt02/15/2014

I'm pretty sure I want to get any benefits. But right now I am doing the DNA test just so we know. His sister is doing the test with us. $599 dollars right now with the diagnostics clinic.

Question: Determining Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My sister and I were 12 and 17, when our father passed away. That was 16 years ago. He was 41 years old at the time. I'm not sure when he became a US citizen, but it must of been at least 5 years prior to his death. My question is how can I find out if we are now at this day and age eligible to receive his survival benefits if any and if these even apply?

By Liz N.

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By Tfain112/21/2013

I have three daughters one is 18 and is graduating high school, I'm wanting to know if her benefit payments will be split amongst the other two who are 15 and 16.

Question: Applying for Social Security Benefits for Child of Deceased Father

My son was born in January of last year. His father and I were not married and his dad lived in a different state. My son was born on a weekend and although his dad was there, nobody was there put him on the birth certificate. He never made it back down before he died in April. So my question is will the state of Tennessee help me get him on the birth certificate so that I can apply for the benefits?

By Becca J

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By Carol Swanson04/01/2013

Phone the National Toll Free Number for Social Security Administration to determine your rights.

Question: Collecting Social Security for Child of Deceased Parent

How do I go about drawing Social Security for my child when his father died two months before he was born in 2007 and now here it is 2013?

By Ashley L.

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By Janette07/01/2013

You should have contacted SS the day he died. As soon as the child was born he would draw a SS check until the age of 18.

Question: Child Receiving Social Security Benefits After Father's Death

My son's father recently passed. We were not together and even though he didn't sign the birth certificate and wouldn't give his DNA for child support he was put down as the father and was ordered to pay child support, since he wouldn't fight it. My son is 4 years old. Will he receive a check off his father?

By Gina G

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By Janette07/01/2013

The deceasedents mother might have to provide her DNA. Parenthood can be established under the law. If mother isn't possible then his father.

Question: Qualifying for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My son's father passed away before my son was born. Can my son still receive survivor benefits even if his father did not sign his birth certificate?

By Monica

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By Betty Gibson07/18/2011

The readers are right, check with you Social Security Ofc. The phone # is on the phone book in the blue pages, or you can get the 800 # online. Most questions can be answered over the phone; in some cases, you can apply over the phone.

Question: Survivor's Portion of SS Benefits

I usually offer a tip, but now I have a question. My husband and I receive Social Security benefits. Does the surviving spouse receive a portion of decedent's SS benefit? If divorced? If so, what percentage? If someone can offer a link or other resource for the answer I would appreciate it. Thank you!

By Anonymous

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By eileen06/08/2011

I had some months ago contacted SS office online by email. No response. Thanks to all of you!

Question: Child's Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits

My husband is wanting to adopt my daughter and she receives Social Security from her father who passed away while I was pregnant. Will she still get her Social Security checks if she takes my husband's last name and does not have her father's last name?

By Courtney P. from Knoxville, TN

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By Janice Kasony06/06/2011

My husband died of cancer in 1986 when my son was 18 months of age. My son received Social Security survivor's benefits until age 18, even though he was adopted by my husband after I remarried. We even got a replacement birth certificate with his "new" last name. Don't know if the rules have changed since then, so it's best to check with your local Social Security office.

Solutions: Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

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