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Recipes for the Ninja Prep Master Pro

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Ninja Prep Master Pro

Getting additional recipes for your Ninja Prep Master Pro, allows you to expand your usage of this kitchen tool and add some tasty new meals to your cooking repertoire. This page contains recipes for the Ninja Prep Master Pro.



Here are questions related to Recipes for the Ninja Prep Master Pro.

Question: Recipe Book for Ninja Master Prep

I did not receive a recipe book with my new Ninja. How can I get one?

By Kathryn


Most Recent Answer

By theopilus10/02/2011

The above site did not work. Try the following I found from a search on bing:

Recipes for Ninja Master Prep Pitcher & Bowl Blended Beverages & Frozen Desserts Strawberry Banana Smoothie 5 Frozen · PDF file

Question: Ninja Pro Recipes

Where do you get more recipes for the Ninja Pro?

By Marg


Most Recent Answer

By BonnieAlice [6]03/28/2013

I just Googled Ninja Pro recipes & found a ton online for free. Try that!

Question: Ninja Kitchen System Recipe Book

How do I purchase a cookbook?

By Grace B.

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]08/21/2012

Have you googled it? After I've bought certain "appliances," I've found a wealth of blogs with helpful hints, recipes, etc. I'm sure there is one somewhere for this appliance too. If there is a cookbook, someone will know about that too.

Question: Blending Vegetables

What vegetables can I blend in the blender?

By ftt

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]04/26/2012

You can blend almost any cooked vegetable if the pieces are cut small. You may have to add a small amount of liquid. Blend until smooth. Raw vegetables can be chopped, but not blended smooth if you cut them in small pieces, add water til the pieces float, and pulse or use chop button until the pieces are the size you want. Then drain in a colander, pressing with a spoon to remove excess water.

I use the chopped raw veggies in pasta salad and mixed in with spaghetti sauce to up the amount of vegetables my family eats.

Question: Ninja Master Prep Recipe Booklet Not With Processer

I bought a Ninja yesterday and there isn't one recipe with it. Is there a recipe booklet that goes with it? It seems like mine must have been forgotten.

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/14/2011

You should have some sort of instruction booklet with this, and a website address on that. Also look on the box for a customer service phone number. Send an email or phone the company and ask.

Question: Ninja Cookbook

Where can I buy the Ninja cookbook "Cooking Easier, Cooking Better"?

By Vera r

Question: Ninja Master Prep Pro Recipes

Where can I get a recipe book for my Ninja Master Prep Pro? I also want to make ice cream with it.

By Leslie F.

Question: More Recipes for the Ninja Kitchen Prep

I bought a Ninja yesterday. There are very few recipes with it. I wanted to use it for cooking dinners. Where can I get some good chicken and hamburger recipes for this machine?

By Judy from Bedford, TX

Solutions: Recipes for the Ninja Prep Master Pro

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