Rehydrating Personal Cleansing Wipes

Personal Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes have a tendency to dry out over time as you use up the package. This is a guide about rehydrating personal cleansing wipes.


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Tip: Refreshing Wipes and Keeping Them Moist

Wet wipes are just as great for personal adult use as they are for babies. I buy them initially in a container, and then refill the container with the refill packets. Wipes have a tendency to dry out, so as not to waste any I will mix the few dried out old wipes in the container with the new ones (which are usually very wet). This way, the drier wipes absorb the moisture of the new ones.

I also keep the plastic wrapping of the refills and put the wipes in it, around 3/4 of it, all except the top, where they are pulled out. This also helps to keep the wipes moist longer! Of course, I recycle the containers, and only buy refills for them as long as the container lasts. I keep it by my toilet for easy access.

P.S. The microfiber of the dried out wipes with some fusible webbing or fabric glue can be used as a patch material or reinforcement when sewing.

By Pam from Los Angeles, CA

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Question: Rehydrating Dry Cleansing Wipes

What can I use to remoisten wipes in the container? The ones you use for personal wipes, not cleaning.

By Eileen

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By Denise G. [1] 10/16/2012

Use some water and a few drops of baby oil.

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