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Remedies for Cracked Fingertips

Cracked Fingertips

Many people suffer from cracked fingertips due to dry skin, particularly during the cold winter months. There are several remedies that can help treat this painful condition. This is a guide about remedies for cracked fingertips.



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Question: Remedy for Skin Cracks on Fingertips

The tips of my fingers get small cracks in the skin. Hand creams do not solve the hurtful problem. I will appreciate any healing methods you can advise.

By Ruth

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By Karen 5 01/02/2013 Flag

I use udder cream (same as bag balm). I buy it at WalMart. The brand is Udderly Smooth. I was getting long splits that were very deep. I would have multiples on each finger. I tried gluing them but the super glue only stayed for a few minutes. Since I have been using the udder cream, I have only had a few minor splits. I take several times a day and put some in my hand and then rub around the end of each finger. Then I do both hands.

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