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Remedies for Shingles Pain


Find relief for the pain and itching of this disorder. This guide is about remedies for shingles pain.


Solutions: Remedies for Shingles Pain

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Tip: Home Remedies For Shingles

I recently had shingles on the back side of my leg. I first had a slight headache, felt bad, and my buttocks on that side of my body hurt like my sciatic nerve was acting up. I had to go out of town for a funeral and the day of the service I had two bumps (I thought they were heat bumps) on the back of my leg. The next day I had more.

By the time I returned home and got in to see my dermatologist, it had been 4 days since my first bumps had appeared. I was given a shot and prescribed Valtrex. After taking two tablets of Valtrex I found I couldn't take it because of a bad reaction to it. I felt I had to have something around my house for the itching and pain, and ended up using Chiggerex medicated ointment with aloe vera gel. I couldn't believe how it stopped the pain and dried the blisters up. When I went back to doctor on the following Monday, all the sores were dried up. It works great.

By hoodoo from Baton Rouge, LA

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Question: Relief for Shingles Pain

Anyone have any home remedies to relieve the pain during the first stages of shingles?

By Dawn

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Best Answers

By Patricia Hamm 4 151 02/05/2012

Chiggerex medicated ointment with aloe vera gel. This was a remedy given on this site about a year ago.

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By Lilac 20 1,331 02/05/2012

With shingles it is best to keep them dry. L-Lysine which can be bought over the counter will give you relief. It also works for cold sores. It is taken by mouth. An ice pack over a dry cloth will also give you relief. Wear loose light clothing. The L-Lysine is a miricle in my opinion. I get shingles often and have had chicken pox three times.

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Question: Geranium Oil For Shingles

Does anyone have information about using geranium oil for the treatment of shingles? I misplaced my information about using geranium oil and another type of oil for relieving the pain of shingles. I would appreciate any help. I know two people who are suffering from this and would like to pass on this information.

Thank you,
Mike from NE Pennsylvania

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Most Recent Answer

By sandy 77 431 11/02/2006

mom soaked towels in warmed vinegar and a bit of water and put them on my dads shingles. it smelled but the vinegar dried those things up. vinegar has wonderful healing properties.

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