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Remedy for Dry Hard Diabetic Feet

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Can you tell me what lotions I can use for diabetic feet that will soften my feet and make them feel normal again or creams that can be use also?

By M J


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By Janet [7]07/29/2013

I am diabetic too and had the worst dry area on my right foot. People (friends) commented on how awful it looked. About 3 nights a week I would put Vaseline on and cotton socks, but it didn't help. I bought expensive diabetic foot cream. It didn't help. I tried coconut oil. Finally I read a blog that said try Gold Bond Ultimate Cream (about $6.00 a tube at WalMart). It worked! Best thing I have ever tried. In 3 nights of use, my foot was about 50% better. I hope it works for you too.

By Linda [38]07/29/2013

Try a pan or big bowl of warm water and Epson Salts - soak for a bit and then scrub (if you have foot scrubber or use a rough wash cloth). Should help quite a bit! God Bless!

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