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Removing Nicotine Stains on Clothing

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A basket of stained clothing.

Nicotine from cigarettes can leave ugly yellow stains on clothing. This is a guide about removing nicotine stains on clothing.


Here are questions related to Removing Nicotine Stains on Clothing.

Question: Cover a Nicotine Stain on Blouse

I have a white cotton blouse that I tried to get nicotine stains out of. A lot of the stain was removed, but you can still see yellow. Can I dye the blouse black to cover it?

By Michele R

Question: Removing Nicotine Stains from a Sweater

How do I get 15 years of nicotine out of this sweater? My uncle said my aunt wanted me to have it; she passed away 15 years ago. The sweater has been on the top shelf in a closet in the room where my uncle sat, watched TV, and smoked 4 packs a day. Is there any chance of saving my aunt's sweater?

By Debra

Most Recent Answer

By Judy = Oklahoma [57]11/30/2011

You don't say what it's made of, what color it is, if it's machine washable, hand wash only, or what. So it's hard to know what to tell you.
As long as it's not a delicate hand washable, or something in a bright color that could run, you might be able to soak it in Boraxo & warm (not hot)water to get it clean. I've never had a problem with Boraxo taking colors out, but you have to decide if you want to take that risk.

Solutions: Removing Nicotine Stains on Clothing

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Archive: Cleaning Nicotine Stains Off Old Doll Dress

I am looking for tips for getting nasty nicotine stains from years of cigarette smoke on an old cotton doll dress. The dress is in good condition except for the browning from nicotine. It has, what was once, white cotton lace trim. The dress is supposed to be a pale pink. Thanks so much!

Sandy Joy from Maine

RE: Cleaning Nicotine Stains Off Old Doll Dress

I don't know if this will help or not but I used to smoke in the house untill I got married and my wife used 409 the orginial and that just cut the nicotine off the walls. Maybe you can soak it overnight in it but I would call the 800 number on the back B/4 doing something like I suggested. Good Luck (03/29/2005)

By mrmoose71943

RE: Cleaning Nicotine Stains Off Old Doll Dress

You didn't mention how old the doll dress is. I use two products from Twin Pines for cleaning my Vintage Barbie doll clothing. They are Formula 9-1-1 and Perk! and can be ordered online. Do a google search for Twin Pines. They are very gentle and specifically made for this purpose.

You can also try soaking the dress in a denture tablet solution, which I have done with whites, but not with colors. In any case, do not despair, the dress is not lost to you. :-) (05/20/2005)

By Gail C

RE: Cleaning Nicotine Stains Off Old Doll Dress

You also might try soaking the doll dress in a gallon of water with 2 scoops of OxyClean overnight. This stuff works *wonders* - I've used this method on almost every collectible in my house, and have never had a problem with bleeding colors - test an inconspicuous spot before dunking though, just to be on the safe side. Good luck with it :) (06/02/2005)

By Beaker