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Removing Stains from Corian

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Beige Corian Counter

An acrylic composite that is very durable, but can occasionally become stained. This guide is about removing stains from Corian.



Here are questions related to Removing Stains from Corian.

Question: Coffee Stains on White Corian Sink

I am trying to clean coffee stains from a white Corian sink. What should I use?

Pam from San Diego CA


Most Recent Answer

By Barbara U.07/17/2015

Stains in corian sink/coffee help

Question: Removing a Stain on Corian

I have a grayish stain on beige Corian counter top, around the sink. I don't know how it got there. How do you clean the Corian?

By Don M. from Tracy, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Deanj10/24/2009

I went to google and typed in "how to clean corian". Several sites came up. One was just one word. "Corian" Click on that link and it will give you information you are seaching for. There are other sites as well.

Question: Coffee Stains on a Corian Sink

How do I remove coffee stains from a Corian sink?

By Migrams from Holt, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa [6]09/26/2009

Try straight lemon juice, let it sit until stain is gone.

Question: Ring on a Corian Countertop

How can I get white ring out on my corian counter top?


Most Recent Answer

By Katrina (Guest Post)06/10/2007

It's my understanding you can "sand" corian if you can't find a cleaner to take care of stains.

Question: Removing a Heat Mark on Corian Sink

I have a white ring caused by putting a hot pot on the sink. How can I remove it?

By Ian

Question: Removing Stains on Corian

How do you remove white spots out of off white Corian sinks?

By Linda V

Question: Removing Rust Stain on Corian

How do I remove a rust stain from my Corian countertop sink? I sat a can on my sink and now have rust ring.

By Charles

Question: Paint Stain in Corian Sink

I washed my brushes in a bowl then tipped it down a Corian sink, not knowing it was a Corian sink. It was a black gloss I was cleaning and now an unsightly grey mark has collected on the sink.

By Pat

Question: Removing Stains on Corian

I have a stain of my white Corian top from a wood cabinet that was on it for a few years. How can I remove it?

By Lorraine

Question: Repairing Burn Marks in Corian Sink

I put a hot pan in my tan Corian sink and now there are two white marks. How do I get them out?


Question: Red Wax Stain on Bathroom Countertop

I just bought a home only to discover there is a large red stain caused by melted wax on the white bathroom counter top. The wax is gone, but the stain is not. Please help.

By Pat R from Fulsheart, TX

Question: Paint Remover Stain on Corian Countertop

A can of paint remover was accidentally spilled on my kitchen counter and wasn't noticed for a while so it really set in. It looks like giant rust stains. It also caused some cracks in the Corian. We tried everything to at least get the staining out, but so far nothing has worked. Help!


Solutions: Removing Stains from Corian

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