Removing Tar from Skin

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Tar can be a difficult thing to remove if it accidentally gets on your skin. This is a guide about removing tar from skin.


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Tip: How to Remove Tar from Skin

How to Remove Tar from Skin

My sons got into a bucket of roofing tar 18 years ago (then only 3 and 4 years old!) They covered themselves from head to toe with it. I learned that it does not just come off in the bath! The photo I have shared was taken after three days of me working on them and cleaning them up.

So, if you ever find yourself covered in tar, here is what you do. Get vaseline and baby oil. Rub it on nice and thick and work it in then wipe it off with something you can throw away afterwards, because it will be ruined. Be sure to not touch anything too because it can get real messy until you have completely removed all the tar! If it gets in your hair then cutting it out may be the only option. Hope this tip can help someone!

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