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Removing Vaseline Stains

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Vaseline is a petroleum based ointment, consequently, you need to treat it as an oil based stain when trying to remove it from fabrics, carpet, furniture, or other items. This is a guide about removing Vaseline stains.



Here are questions related to Removing Vaseline Stains.

Question: Removing Vaseline Stains From Furniture

How do I get Vaseline stains out of fabric furniture? The stains are about a week old and I've tried dish soap, rubbing alcohol, steam cleaning and Shout. Nothing works. Any ideas?


Best Answer

By Rachel Floyd [1]08/05/2007

Try buying some deep clarifying shampoo from a salon. It is made to remove residues from products used in hair but it got vaseline out of my daughters shirt. Vaseline is a patroleum product and grease actually gets out grease. You could spray WD40 on the stains to get them wet and loosen it up and then wash with a strong grease cutting dish detergent. Hope it works out for you.

Question: Vaseline Stains on Clothing

How do you get a Vaseline (regular) stain out of clothing? I would like to know what pre-treatment is necessary before washing.

Wendy from Georgia


Best Answer

By Sherry [2]10/13/2008

Dawn dishwashing liquid works well. I've also had good luck with Shout removing most grease type stains. If it doesn't come out the first time, just repeat as above.

Question: Removing Vaseline Stain on Satin Pillow

How do I get Vaseline off a satin pillow?

By Ed

Most Recent Answer

By Nancy [6]09/14/2011

Use Dawn, Lestoil or some other grease cutter.

Question: Removing Vaseline from Chair Fabric

How can I get a streak of Vaseline off of a velour type of fabric?

By Mary from MO

Most Recent Answer

By DarcyJayne [1]07/05/2011

Try a degreaser. I know that Dollar General makes a wonderful Degreaser called "Mean Green" it is safe on clothing and upholstery and even will remove tobacco from walls. :-)

Question: Removing Vaseline Stains from Carpet

A friend of mine wanted to know if anyone knows how to get Vaseline out of carpet. She had put some on her heels and forgot and walked across the carpet. Thanks!

By Pam T from Storm Lake, IA

Most Recent Answer

By metroplex [81]08/14/2010

I can't say for sure, but I have two suggestions:
1. Try Dawn liquid dish washing soap. it cuts through grease.
2. Lestoil, a great grease cutting detergent.
Good luck!

Question: Removing a Vaseline Stain from Clothing

I tried to remove a Vaseline stain by washing with Woolite, but stain still there. What do I do now? Vinegar?

By lmb

Solutions: Removing Vaseline Stains

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