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Removing Vinegar Smell from Carpet

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Vinegar Bottle

You used vinegar to remove a stubborn odor from the carpet only to have a problem now getting rid of the vinegar smell. This is a guide about removing vinegar smell from carpet.



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Question: Removing Vinegar Smell from Carpet

How do you remove vinegar smell from carpet in a car? I spilled a gallon of milk on my car carpet and immediately cleaned up with water, then applied a mix of cider vinegar and water.

That dried, now it stinks like vinegar. I shampooed it and have tried baking soda and it still stinks so bad. Help! I love my car and can't afford to trade it, but I have allergies and the smell is annoying my allergies and stomach.

By Vicki from PA


Most Recent Answer

By elva [1]04/14/2010

Just let it dry the smell will disappear on it own.

Question: Removing Vinegar Smell from Carpet

I used white vinegar to remove stains and pet urine from the carpet, it worked, but now an awful vinegar smell is left. It has been 4 days now and the smell is almost stronger. I tried washing it, but that didn't help. It still has a strong vinegar odor. Help. I am getting ready to replace carpet.

By Deb K

Solutions: Removing Vinegar Smell from Carpet

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