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Removing White Heat Stains from a Wood Table

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White Heat Stain on Wood Table

Whether it's from a pizza box, a coffee cup or some other hot item, heat stains on a wood table can be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing heat stains from a wood table.


Solutions: Removing White Heat Stains from a Wood Table

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Tip: Using an Iron to Remove White Marks from Wood

Using an iron with old shirt idea worked 100% for a bad one that I had. Thanks for the tip. The key is not to use too much heat as I tried that once before and made the problem worse. Be patient and then use olive oil after to condition the wood.

Great trick. I've done the mayo and ashes thing. Not even close to same results

    By khaps77 [1]

    Tip: Removing Heat Marks on Table

    iron marks on tableI doubled a blanket on my dining table, and was ironing a large table cloth on it. Now I have several iron marks all over my table. I don't think the iron will work, since this is how I put them on there. Any other suggestions?

    By Cindy R. from Hattiesburg, MS

    Tip: Magic Cloth for Wood Heat Stain

    I have just used a Magic Cloth to remove heat stains and it worked a treat. They are available at Lakeland in the UK and well worth the price.

      By stringfeller [1]

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      Here are questions related to Removing White Heat Stains from a Wood Table.

      Question: Removing White Heat Stain From Cherry Table Top

      My husband and I just got this table and I was serving dinner and put a hot serving bowl on it, and now there is a white ring on it. I do now know what kind of wood it is, but it has a cherry finish, I think. Please help me find a solution to get the ring out, please.

      By Jen from Schroeder, MN


      Most Recent Answer

      By jg495912/02/2013

      Use a hair drier. Keep it moving and in a minute or 2, presto!

      Question: Removing White Marks from Wood Table

      How do I remove white marks from dark wood tables?

      By Mr. M. Carr


      Most Recent Answer

      By Caseye [34]11/10/2011

      I had/have this problem on light-colored wood. Some guests left their "sweating" drink glasses on the end table and terrible marks were left. I've tried every hint offered on ThriftyFun, but nothing has worked so far. I may just have to remove the finish from the entire table, sand it all, and then apply a new coat of stain. I was hoping to avoid this painstaking chore!

      Question: White Heat Marks on a Wood Table

      How do I get white rings marks, caused by heat, from my dining table?

      By Lorraine from Edmonds, WA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Patsy04/02/2011

      A product I was recommended called Liberon worked wonders for me. Failed with the iron, just got another mark!

      Question: Removing White Stains from a Wood Table

      I've been using an iron to remove them like some people are suggesting. I was wowed by this solution. This solution works temporarily. The white stains keep coming back! I've used plastic plates and cups. All my plates are white, I was wondering if this is reason why?

      By wahwong62

      Most Recent Answer

      By Susan W.01/01/2015

      I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and I can't believe it really worked! The white stain is gone.

      Question: Marks From a Plastic Table Cover on My Dark Pine Table

      Can I remove white marks from waffle type plastic table cover that got imbedded in my dark pine table?

      Joan from Rutherford, NJ

      Most Recent Answer

      By Red Neck (Guest Post)10/23/2008

      If you can put the table out in the sun, try rubbing it with a suitably colored furniture polish then setting it out in the sun for a while. I've gotten water marks out of maple chairs that way.

      Question: White Stain on Cherry Wood Dresser

      I have a white stain on my dresser. How do I get it out?

      By Diana

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [6]11/27/2012

      It would be useful to know what the stain is. Many white stains are caused by water or heat. These can be fixed, although I have not done so. Try googling removing water stains from cherry wood, and see if you get info. If the stain is something else (paint, for example), the method of removal will be different

      Question: Removing a Heat Mark from Wood Table

      I steam stained my polished wooden dining room table by ironing (steam iron) on it. How can I remove this stain?

      By Reg N


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      Does anyone know how to get white heat marks off a wood table? I've tried mayonnaise- let it sit and rubbed it in a bit. My Grandmother told me to try a product called liquid gold, but I can 't find it anywhere.

      Any ideas?


      Liquid Gold 03/07/2005
      Liquid Gold smells wonderful and brings back memories of my house when I was young. My mom used it a lot. Luckily, I found it again. And of all places... in the Dollar General store. Try there. I have not seen it any where else. I hope it works on your table marks. Good Luck!
      By pcs3r1
      Krazy Kloth 03/07/2005
      Try the Krazy Kloth sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens N Things. It is an oil-filled black cloth that lasts forever. You rub it on the white spot and miraculously it dissapears! It also has a jillion other uses, listed on the package. I swear by it.
      By Mary (Guest Post)
      Toothpaste 03/09/2005
      Try tooth paste, it worked for me when my grandaughter who left a wet wash rag on my dresser.
      By burntofferings
      Scott's Liquid Gold 03/14/2005
      Our local Ace Hardware store carries Scott's Liquid Gold. This is a great product for wood furniture!
      By badwater
      Mayo and Ashes 03/14/2005
      You've got half of the answer! Rub a glob of mayonnaise on the heat mark, then sprinkle with ashes -- cigarette ashes, or wood ashes from a fireplace. The ashes and mayo should be like a gross, thick paste. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub it into the wood really well with a soft cloth. You may have to apply more than once to completely eliminate the mark.

      I have no clue how or why this works, but I have used it in the past with great success!

      By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)
      Salad Oil 02/12/2006
      I bought my last bottle of Liquid Gold a couple of years ago, but just wanted you to know that I've been told by several that it is very toxic with no known antidote. Can't verify that, but post the warning just in case. I saw on the net that a thin paste of salad oil and salt, let sit for an hour or two and polish. I'm just going to try it now.
      By Marilyn (Guest Post)
      Toothpaste 02/12/2006
      I tried the salad oil and salt to no avail, 'tho I didn't leave it to sit. Instead used toothpaste and a little camphorated chalk and it worked beautifully. I then put on a product called "Trade Secrets" which is an oil based "scratch cover" for light furniture . . . my table is Canadiana Pine. Looks like new now. You can buy it in Canada at any Home Hardware Store. P.S. Love your site!
      By Marilyn (Guest Post)
      Briwax and a Hair Dryer 02/27/2006
      I tried heating a white heat mark on pine with hair dryer and rubbing in Briwax (furniture wax) at the same time. Worked perfectly - white heat mark completely disappeared.
      By J Clunie (Guest Post)

      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      A hot dish was placed on wood table and left a white mark. I need to remove the mark without damaging finish, if possible.


      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      How can you get white heat marks off a cherry wood table?


      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      How do you remove white heat marks from a mahogany table?


      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      I have a light colored wooden Ash dining table with white spots. I tried Mayo, cigarette ash, and a steam iron but nothing works.


      Archive: White Heat Marks on Wood Table

      Is there anyway to remove this white ring from my coffee table? I am pretty sure it was caused by my son setting something hot on it, like a bowl of soup.