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Removing a Stuck Recessed Light Bulb


I have a recessed spotlight in my kitchen ceiling that seems to be corroded because I can't twist it out. I have no way of doing the tape wrap trick either as it is too recessed to work around. Any suggestions as how to remove without shattering the light bulb?



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By Kaye 2 07/05/2013

Break out the light bulb glass cut a potato in half and push it firmly onto the light bulb and it should come out with no bother

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By Carol 1 07/05/2013

1. Make sure the switch is OFF
2. Try squirting WD40 or some other lubricant around the
base of the bulb and wait a few luck?
3. Be very careful. Use eye protectors. Wear gloves.
Hold bulb and gently tap with a hard object to break it.
Once broken clear glass so metal base rim is exposed.
Using needle nose pliers grip the rim and gently wiggle
while using a rotating motion in the direction you
would use to unscrew the bulb naturally. The rim may
start to bend...I've had them a bent mess but no
matter. Presevere until it is removed. Another
squirt of WD40 may help this process.
4. When replacing the bulb smear the base of the new
bulb with vasolene so this won't happen again...

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By Irena W. 1 05/09/2014

My ceiling light in the kitchen also was stuck when it burnt out. No way to get my fingers around the bulb because the bulb was so far recessed. I put a piece of clear packing tape (duct tape would have worked too but I was too lazy to go to the garage and packing tape was in my desk) on it with pieces hanging down on both sides, grabbed the two pieces and pulled in opposite directions. The bulb turned as if it had been greased and came right out.

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