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Renuzit Air Freshener Crafts

Renuzit Air Freshener Crafts

Making decorative covers for Renuzit air fresheners is a popular craft project. This is a guide about Renuzit air freshener crafts.


Solutions: Renuzit Air Freshener Crafts

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Renuzit Fresheners

Renuzit Fresheners CraftOne dollar and a few scraps will get you a cute gift.

Approximate Time: 30 Minutes


  • one Renuzit air freshener
  • scraps
  • glue gun
  • wiggle eyes
  • pom pom
  • small straw hat


This is a very easy craft.

  1. Make the face on the base.
  2. Cut the top off the straw hat, decorate and slide on the Renuzit bottle.
  3. Glue silk flowers to the top.

If you go to
select: Category
select: Project

There are wonderful ideas.

Remember the jell can be replaced when it is gone and you will still have the cute exterior.

Enjoy giving some for many occasions or use as a scented centerpiece!

By Tedebear from San Jose, CA

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Question: Sunbonnet Sue Renuzit Air Freshener Cover Pattern

I am looking for the Sunbonnet Sue Renuzit air freshener cover sewing pattern. Does anybody happen to have the pattern? I have seen them and they are so precious. I would like to make a couple for my daughters-in-law for Christmas.



Most Recent Answer

By Edie10/18/2012

I have the sunbonnet Sue redwork pattern and stashed away I also have the Christmas tree sunbonnet pattern by the same author Pearl Louise. Have to look for the ornament pattern in storage and will let you know when I locate it. I have the Redwork sunbonnet here.

Question: Dress Pattern for a Renuzit Air Freshener Doll

I would really like to get a copy of the pattern that was posted for the Renuzit doll shown on 3/16/11. It was the project at this link: Angel Doll Air Freshener. Thanks.

By Bernadette from Tucson, AZ


Most Recent Answer

By Cathy [1]03/23/2011

Here are some links to check out with lots of different doll patterns that could be adapted to "fit" the doll.

Question: Doorstop Darlings in Plastic Canvas Book

I used to have a Doorstop Darlins book in Plastic Canvas. It had holiday doll dresses for air freshener dolls. I lost it in a move and can't find another copy. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

By Lori from Pahrump, NV

Most Recent Answer

By Bella S.10/01/2013

EBay has some of those books up for sale... check thru their Search Engine. One of the sellers might know where you get get a copy or even might have in their own stock. Good Luck!

Question: Renuzit Air Freshener Patterns

I am looking for Renuzit Air Freshener patterns. Does anyone have a pattern for the Renuzit Air Freshener dolls? I believe it is crochet, but would like any. I had a pattern years ago and now my youngest sister wants to make some for Christmas and I can't find mine.

By Karen from St Louis, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Pam Miller [3]10/28/2010

Just go to Google, type in Renuzit and several websites come up or go to Couldn't be simpler! Have fun!

Question: Renuzit Air Freshener Bunny

Does anyone has the pattern for the Renuzit bunny? When I lived in the US I think I got it out of the Crafts n Thing magazine. It had a fabric head not the styrofoam ball. I have been to the Renuzit craft site, but it's not there. I am making things for the P.T.A fair at my grandkids' school here in Scotland. They need all the help they can get. I would be most grateful. Thank you.

By gillian55 from Scotland, UK

Most Recent Answer

By Rita Murray [1]05/21/2009

Go to for the pattern.

Question: Renuzit Air Freshener Covers Pattern Book

In the late 90s or early 2000s there was a pattern book for Renuzit air freshener covers. They were usually constructed from fabric and glue, not crochet. In it I remember a pattern for a ghost, a shaman, and a sorcerer/wizard. I made my dad the sorcerer from the book, but unfortunately it broke.

I have been unable to find my own copy of the book so I can repair the air freshener cover or make a new one. Does anybody know how I can track the book down or have a copy themselves? Google searches and eBay hunting have not helped. Thanks for any help you can give.

Arwyn from Columbus, WI

Most Recent Answer

By Lula Faye S. (Guest Post)12/09/2008

This site has several patterns

Question: Renuzit Air Freshener Teddy Bears

I am looking for the instructions on using the Renuzit air-fresheners and making teddy bears with them. I saw one and it was very cute and I want to make some for Christmas gifts. If anybody has the instructions, please send them to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch,
Cindy from Bassett, VA

Most Recent Answer

By Margaret [13]01/08/2009

Go to On the home page look at the list on the left. Under Resources click on Crafts. They have many, many, many Renuzit freshener "characters" for all the holidays and for general purpose. I didn't have time to look at all of them but I did see one for Americana Bear. By changing the colors, the possibilities are unlimited. Good Luck.

Margaret from Denton, Texas

Question: Making Holiday Renuzit Covers

Can I get a writtern pattern for the Christmas bear, Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween witch, and the Easter bunny?

By Jean

Question: Muslin and Lace Air Freshener Cover Pattern

I am looking for a pattern I use to have. It is for a Renuzit air freshener cover. It is made completely from muslin fabric. It has two layers of lace around the bottom and a lace trimmed muslin bonnet.

I am sure it was a pattern packet. It may have been the late 80s, early 90s when I had purchased it. Thanks.

By Zelda from MI


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Craft: Angel Doll Air Freshener

Angel doll is an air freshener. You can use it in any room of your house. I crochet the dolls in all colors. This doll has silver trim with silver wings. She could also be made with gold wings and gold trim.

By Josephine

Angel air freshener cover.


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Archive: Dress Pattern for a Renuzit Air Freshener Doll

I am looking for a crochet or sewing pattern to make a dress for a Renuzit air freshener doll. I've got the doll body that fits over the air freshener. Now all she needs is a pretty dress.

By Louise from Port Charlotte, FL