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Repairing Water Damage on a Hardwood Floor

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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

There may be ways to restore a solid wood floor, but some laminates may have to be replaced. This guide is about repairing water damage on a hard wood floor.



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Question: Moisture Damage on a Hardwood Floor

Today I found a large black wet stain under a plant on my hardwood oak floor. I had placed a bowl under the plant, but the water must have gone over the top of the bowl and has sat there for a few days.

I have cleaned and dried the water mark with dry cloths and removed some of the stain with a weak solution of bleach. Some of the black mark came up, but some turned green. My question now is, should I let the stain dry and try sanding it down or try another bleach treatment?

By Maggiej2 from State College, PA


Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [23]04/24/2009

To get it dry I suggest to use a thick cloth & the iron or a fan, then try to clean off the stain. You may have to sand it then varnish it, good luck.

Question: Dark Stain on Hardwood Floor

What can you do when a Swiffer Mop is left on your wooden floor and has left a dark stain? It hasn't been treated with a polyurethane coat since it was sanded down 7 or more years ago.

By Kathy

Solutions: Repairing Water Damage on a Hardwood Floor

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