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Skull Cap Patterns

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Skull Caps

Skull caps or do rags are easy to make for yourself, a spouse, or friend that works outside. Similarly, you can make a more decorative crochet one. This is a guide about skull cap patterns.



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Question: Men's Crocheted Skull Cap Pattern

My hubby will be having Deep Brain Stimulation surgery next month. After the surgery, he will have to wear bandannas or skull caps on his head to help keep the surgery spots clean.

I would like some men's skull cap crochet patterns I can make for him. I've checked some of the sites with crocheted caps, but most of them have caps for women. The kind I'm looking for are the ones like you sometimes find on websites for military skull caps. Thank you so much.

By DiJones from Wilsonville, OR


Most Recent Answer

By Di [14]09/16/2009

Thank you to every one for responding. I was able to make a crocheted cap a bit too large, then lined it with a light weight cotton fabric and put some elastic thread on the edges. It stretches, it covers the wounds and it is very washable. Finding the right fit was a bit tricky, but it's warmer than just crochet and I can make several colors for him. Again, thank you.

Question: Simple Pattern for a Doo-Rag

My sister has a ton of fabric. She is looking for a simple pattern to make doo-rags for cancer patients. Does anyone have one to share? Thank you.


Question: Making a Do Rag

How do you make a do rag from a purchased bandana?


Question: Skull Cap Patterns

I'm looking for a free pattern for skull caps to sew. Does anyone have a pattern they could share? Thank you very much.

By Lynn


Most Recent Answer

By mcw [80]04/12/2010

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