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Summer Activities for Teens

Category Summer Fun
Summer Activities for Teens
With the end of the school year comes summer and a time when teens have trouble finding activities to keep them engaged and having fun. This is a guide about summer activities for teens.


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February 10, 2010

What are some fun ideas and activities for teens to do in the summer? Please keep in mind: I am 15 years old, so there isn't much transportation or money available. My friends and I are trying to think of some different things that would be a load of fun.

By Gabriela from Portland, ME

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June 22, 20110 found this helpful

Heres something that i did just last weekend. I did a mass text to all my friends saying lets go ice skating. I told them where, when, cost, and to tell all your friends. Then the day before i sent another one to everyone reminding them that its going to be a lot of fun and that i would see them there. I thought it was really fun, although not a whole lot of people showed up, it was a blast! (There is no stress on you, because u just show up!)

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June 24, 20110 found this helpful

You and your friends could make some money and have fun at the same time. I used to help mow yards, baby sit, and do oddsy endsy things for people. As far as free stuff and not having to try to find money, well, I used to and still do go to the beach, libraries (some offer free things like live music, movies, etc.), museums at times are free or for a donation, go to various parks that are within walking distance. That's just a few of the things that I used to do and that my kids currently do.

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April 27, 20130 found this helpful

I have a teenage son with a disability living in New York. His disability limits the amount of walking he can do. I do drive. I wanted to know what fun activities he can join or do during the summer.

By Milly

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April 29, 20130 found this helpful

Nature walks can be done in small time frames; research beforehand the kinds of trees and flowers in your area and whether or not they are "native" to the area. Download some pictures of trees, leaves, flowers, or other nature-related things for him to look for, then take photos with him and the "found" items. At the end of summer, put all the photos in a scrapbook to review and enjoy from time to time.

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May 17, 20130 found this helpful

How about taking him to a place where he can swim or row a boat? Can he ride a bike or could he get a scooter or "hoveround"-type vehicle to ride on?

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May 20, 2012

My friend and I are 15 and 16, we are looking for fun ideas to do during the summer with our friends (boys and girls). We have access to some driving. We would appreciate any ideas! Thank you.

By Anna from Mesa, AZ

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May 21, 20120 found this helpful

Picnics in a local park, swimming, going for walks/hikes, just get together at somebody's house and sit around visiting, listening to music, dancing, playing board games. You don't need to drive in order to have fun. You can do all kinds of things within walking distance.

When I was young fun basically consisted of the kids walking the street on Saturday night. This was usually in groups of 2-4. Occasionally there was something else to do, but at that time Kids were kept so busy they didn't have to worry about having fun.

None of the kids had cars where I lived. It was very rare when they had access to the parent's car. We were also good at making our own fun, on our own, without being with any of our friends. Fun is whatever you make of what you are doing at the time. Just don't do things that will get you into trouble. In other words "look before you leap."

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May 22, 20120 found this helpful

Check out opportunities to do fun "work"! Things like helping at Vacation Bible School, community projects like planting flowers and painting curbs can be lots of fun for teenagers (especially if you get to squirt each other with a hose), hold a car wash to raise money for your band/cheerleaders/charity etc, volunteer to read to kids at the local library and put on skits for them with your friends, organize a block party in your neighborhood.

After each one of these activities, have a jammin' picnic in a local park or pool, playing your own music (surely someone has speakers for their i-Pod!) and dancing, shooting hoops etc.

When you do have a car, visit some nearby "tourist" thing, attend fireman's carnivals and community days, go to free movies where you take a blanket and sit on the grass.

Most of these things are very low cost and can be a blast for teens who are good friends and like to hang out. Have a great summer! (and don't forget to spend a little time reading - that's a great get-away!)

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June 9, 20130 found this helpful

My friends and I are 17 (girls) and we're looking for more things to do. We have access to a car.

By Taylor H.

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July 17, 20170 found this helpful

Bowling, sign up to volunteer together one day a week or month at a hospital or nursing home, volunteer at the library in a reading program, go horseback riding at a nearby stable, adopt a section of highway to clean, during the summer help at the local senior center or volunteer for meals on wheels.

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May 21, 2013

My friend and I both have two sons ages 13 and 11 and we are looking for some inexpensive ideas to help them enjoy their summer break without breaking our purses. Please help!

By A. Rachel

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May 21, 20130 found this helpful

Well I know boys tend to love going to the lake and fishing! Poles/rods may be a little spendy but they will last for a long time! Or even getting a few kids from the neighborhood and having a fire or a cook out once in a while is always fun! Or you can just go camping with some friends of theirs! Even the friends parents can come which will fun for all of you! Hope I helped!

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February 10, 20100 found this helpful

What can a teen without money, transportation, or local friends do for fun during the summer?

By Andand from Marion, IN


Summer Activities for Teens

Check with your parents first; then make yourself a flier to post and offer yourself as a "mother's helper". You can help tend the kids so the mom can get things done, help with light housework, etc. Post them at the library or grocery store. Be sure to have your parents check out the family, too, so you can feel safe. (03/27/2009)

By Jilson

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March 27, 20090 found this helpful

What are some activities/hobbies a teenage girl could get into for the summer? All my friends are busy and I'm too young to get a job or drive. Any ideas on what I could do to keep myself busy?



Summer Activities for Teens

I can relate. I grew up in a rural community, so all my friends were far away, too. Here are some things I did (and many that I still do) to stay occupied during the summer. Decorate your room. Be sure to get your parent's permission first. Painting is easy once you get the basic tools and check out techniques--the Internet is full of ideas. You could do stripes or different colored walls, then think about what you can move around and use to create new looks.

Take walks. Not only is the exercise good for you, but you'll see things you'd never notice while whizzing by in the car. Learn something new like dance routines or cooking/baking or tie-dying or woodwork. A new hobby can eat up hours! Got a digital camera? Take pictures of things outside and create a website to show off your pics. There are lots of photo sharing websites so you don't have to do the set-up work. Gardening is fun too. Ask your folks if you can have a little square of the backyard to plant flowers or vegetables and watch them grow. I thought I hated gardening until I tried it. Seeing plants pop out of seeds is magical. Giving a bouquet of flowers that you grew to your mom will probably make it easier to get car keys from her later.

Lastly, read! I'm a teacher, so I have to tell you that, but I'm also a lifelong reader because I love it. If you think you don't like reading, it's probably because you haven't found a book or magazine that suits your interests. Visit your local library and snoop around, or ask for help. Librarians love hooking up people and reading. The nice thing about books and magazines is that they are portable, so you can go sit in the shade, paint your nails, and read away while they dry! Have fun, and have a good summer. (06/23/2007)


Summer Activities for Teens

Do you crochet? or knit? Both are easy to learn. I happen to think crochet is easier. There are lots of places that need crocheted items, just do a search on crochet charity and there are tons. There are also lots of sites with the basics. I found one site today that asks for a commitment of 1 item per week. They are very small and 2 are easy patterns. I plan to commit to it after our family vacation this year. This should cost very little, but do something nice for others.

If you can go to garage sales many times they will have leftover yarn, for sale for very little. (06/23/2007)

By Wearymom

Summer Activities for Teens

I am a great grandmother, but I do have a suggestion that I think could be fun for you plus be productive. Go to your local library and volunteer to help with a kids reading program. They will love you for it and you will feel good. I worked in a small town library when I was in high school. I read all the Nancy Drew books, Bobsey Twins and other classic adventure stories. You will never forget this summer project. (06/25/2007)

By ruthvalleygal

Summer Activities for Teens

I always did a lot of babysitting in the summer. I enjoyed taking care of children and it gave me some "spending" money. And my friends and I did a lot of bike riding (no cars for us back then). If you live in a rural area there should be a 4-H, FFA (Future Farmers of America), or a church group for young people of some sort. Good Luck. (06/25/2007)

By pam2cats

Summer Activities for Teens

If you like dogs, I'm sure there are seniors or housebound folks who would love for you to walk them. (06/25/2007)

By thriftmeg

Summer Activities for Teens

Learn to sew, knit, crochet, volunteer in local hospital. Take online courses from local junior college called, "Further Learning," that will enhance your knowledge. No college credit is given and anyone can enroll. (06/25/2007)

By cookwie

Summer Activities for Teens

I remember packing a lunch and whatnot and going out for an all-day bike ride. I went to friends' houses. I did get a kick out of visiting some of the more interesting seniors in my church, they are full of stories and can show you scrapbooks of their teen days. You might need Mapquest to print off a map showing your parents your route and how you'll bypass some scary freeway or whatever, so they'll say yes. If Lance Armstrong can tour an entire nation in ten days, how far could you go? God bless you hon! (06/25/2007)

By Kim Ch from WA

Summer Activities for Teens

Write letters to your friends who are away. I had fun writing letters back and forth even with my friends who were in town during summer. (06/25/2007)

By Allison

Summer Activities for Teens

I have a step-daughter that spent a few weeks with us in the summer last year, and she was the same way. She spent a lot of time with me in my sewing room, so I let her sew on my machine. It turned out she had natural nack for it! She would spend all day and night up there sewing, making things for her friends and family and me. She has taught herself to make purses and baby quilts and all sorts of things from watching me and from just messing around on her own. You can get a yard of material at Wal-mart for a dollar which is less than a bottle of soda these days. And, there are all sorts of free, easy patterns on the internet just google, even free sewing lessons. Good luck. (06/26/2007)

By teacup464

Summer Activities for Teens

Get a job. I'm working 2 jobs. I'm on here tho to look for ideas I can use to impress my boss. Ha ha. I'm working on the radio and at a restaurant. Go swimming, hang out, get a job. "Make Some Money!" (07/17/2007)

By Hailie

Summer Activities for Teens

I know exactly what you're talking about. Go out and make some new friends that aren't busy, and start hanging out with them. Get a friend, and a hobby, like tennis. Spend time outside. Know its not that helpful but all I could think of. Also look for a job. Even though you may be too young, some places don't mind. If not this year, you'll get one next year. But I know a lot of people who got jobs even though they were really young. (07/22/2007)

By Wei

Summer Activities for Teens

You say you are too young to work. I think you have marvelous advice from previous posts, but may I also suggest that you spend some time every day helping your mother? Ask her what kind of help she needs - kitchen/yard/running errands etc. This way, you will learn skills that you will be able to "sell" when you are old enough to work. And I can guarantee you, your mum will appreciate you for this! God Bless! (07/23/2007)

By gurth

Summer Activities for Teens

Michael's and Hobby Lobby usually have free classes on things like beading projects, scrapbooking, etc. They also have free instruction sheets on doing all sorts of crafts. Hope you have a great summer. (08/13/2007)

By bjptl

Summer Activities for Teens

I'm a teen having the same problem. Most of my friends are on vacation. I'm babysitting, surfing the net, and reading. Try reading the Twilight series if you haven't. If your friends come back before school lets back in have a party to celebrate the new school year coming up! (06/13/2008)

By Becca

Summer Activities for Teens

If you live in a big city, you can plan to take a random bus and just explore the city. Look for all sorts of neat little shops. Don't forget your camera. You can take neat pics. Try planning on hitting some of your city's festivals. Those are always fun.

Maybe even meet one of your parents at work and go out for lunch. You could go Garage Sale Hopping; gather random stuff and make a project out of it. You could make a CD of all your favorite songs and title it "Soundtrack of My life".

You could search easy recipes for drinks. Then ask your parent to take you grocery shopping, load up on ingredients, and mix away. Then have a party when your friends get back and make them all these fancy drinks. Like fun summer drinks. Have a tropic party! Hope this helped! (06/20/2008)

Summer Activities for Teens

If you feel bored over the summer without your friends, try and meet some new friends that might be around your block. You can sign up for camps to keep you busy, and you can meet some new people too! Once you meet at least one new friend you have some things in common with, ask them to do some different things, such as: make up videos, get exersise in different ways, go swimming, scrapbook, bake, sell your old things, babysit, make a tree fort, or just act like a little kid for a day and play in the water. Try and do a new thing you've never done before! You will be having so much fun, the summer will just wiz by! (06/26/2008)

By Emma

Summer Activities for Teens

Take some pics! Call some friends and have a blast being silly in front of the camera! (07/01/2008)

Summer Activities for Teens

I always have the same problem. Try seeing a movie with your friend, go ice skating, hang out at a restaurant, go to the mall, or get your nails done. Most people think there is nothing to do with your friends, but there is surprisingly a whole world of opportunities. Good Luck! And have fun! (12/28/2008)

By catarjuna

Summer Activities for Teens

I'm a teen, and I love hanging with my friends in the summer. We all live in town so it's really easy to do something whenever. We love having picnics, going to the local coffee shop, or restaurants. We also love flying kites, scrap booking, having movie marathons, going to the beach. Its the best spending every moment of time to use. Have a fabulous summer! (01/07/2009)

By Roxy

Summer Activities for Teens

My sister had the same problems with her 14 old teenager girl. Last summer she tried an overnight camp for the first time, she had hesitated for a while, but finally went there and never regretted it, and she really loved it. She found an adventure program for teens with lots of fun activities, online, try to find something similar in your area. Good luck, and I hope you find something fun! (02/18/2009)

By greenfan

Summer Activities for Teens

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