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Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

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I want to plan a birthday party for my husband this year. His birthday is right after Halloween and he's never had a "real" party before so I want to do something extra special for him. I was thinking about throwing him a surprise party. I will not have a big budget to work with, maybe $200 or so. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I love to do DIY/crafty things so I would be able to make decorations if anyone has any ideas for that. Any ideas for a great low-budget DIY adult birthday party?

Thanks so much!

By P. C.


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By Alyie05/27/2012

How many people are you thinking? Maybe others can bring food and help with decorations.
Think of your husband's favorite things and incorporate them into the theme, games or party itself.
Make cupcakes instead of a cake.
Get in touch with his long time friends he hasn't seen.

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