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Teaching a computer class for an organization or your community can be very rewarding. Like any other class, your preparation will include defining the topics to be covered, dependent on the focus and scope of the class. This is a guide about teaching a computer class.



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Question: Subjects To Teach At Free Computer Classes

I'm going to be doing free computer classes for our church. It won't necessarily be for the church people, but for the people in the community we are trying to reach. I feel it will be necessary for some to learn how to use computers since some do not know how and will have to find out how to get a decent job (even receptionists need to know basics about computers).

So here's my question to all of you. If you were going to get taught something about the computer, what would you want to know? For example, how not to get a virus on your PC? How about how to email? If you wanted to learn Word, for example what is it you'd like to know? How to sell on eBay?

Try to be as specific as possible. I'm asking all of you since I know you all have great ideas and can get me started in the right direction. Thanks everyone!

Misty from OH

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By silentwriter [1] 02/07/2011

Some people have Mac computers and don't know how to use them. They might not even have Apple care. If you are knowledgeable with Macs and their programs such as Word 2011 for Macs why not teach them how to use their computers. I just bought an IMac and I would have loved someone to teach me the basics but there is no one who does that in our area. I learned many things by trial and error but there might be seniors in your class who have always worked on a pc (like me) and then they switched to a mac. The operating system is totally different from a pc, so I am sure that they would love some help in that respect. Also their is Microsoft Word 2011 for Macs and Microsoft revamped their old Word programs. The new program isn't as easy to learn as the older programs. I'm sure they would be eager to learn that as well. Good luck!

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