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Temperment of Schnoodles

I really need some info on the cross breed of the Snoodle (Schnoodle). The breeders

all say great things, but they are of course selling these babies for a living.


Please let me know if you have first hand experience with this mix.



Temperment of Schnoodles

I found a site about Schoodles. They are a cross between a Poodle and Schnauzer.

They sound like they are active, but with good temperament. When getting any

animal, make sure you aren't supporting a puppy mill, people who breed lots of

puppies for profit and don't really care for their dogs.

They look very cute!

Susan at ThriftyFun (12/09/2004)

By profile=ver1000140">ThriftyFun

Temperment of Schnoodles

I had a Schnoodle for years. Her name was Snazzy. She was the best tempered dog. She

was great with our 4 kids. My husband rescued her from the firing range on an army

base where we lived at the time, where someone had dropped her off. She was very

intelligent and never had many medical problems. She was a good watch dog and very

protective of the kids. Very sweet doggie! (12/10/2004)

By profile=thr102870">jeangnome46

Temperment of Schnoodles

Schnoodles are wonderful dogs, but really act more like children. Our first baby

was a Schnoodle, and she was not only very smart, but loyal and loving as well.

When our daughter was born, if I, or my husband, did not hear her at the first

whimper in the middle of the night, Bugs, our Schnoodle, would come on the run to

wake us up and let us know that Amanda was waking up. If I were ever to have the

chance to get another Schnoodle, I'd jump on it in a second! (12/10/2004)

By profile=thr516892">Jenzo

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have a Schnoodle that I rescued at 3 months old. I grew up with dogs and have


always had dogs, and she is by far the best dog I have ever owned. She is extremely

clever and easy to train. She is obedient and loyal. She is very affectionate, so

if you are fussy about being licked I would not recommend this breed. Schnoodles

get along very well with other dogs and children. My Schnoodle is not yappy and is

not overly active. Although the breeders are trying to make a sale, a Schnoodle

really is one of the best dogs out there. (12/21/2004)

By Mirynne

Temperment of Schnoodles

Schnoodles are wonderful dogs. I currently own one that is 11 years old and looking

for another one. They are great with kids and know how to calm down and be home

alone. They aren't mean like the poodle breed can get. I have pet allergies, but

the Schnoodles don't bug me at all. You will need to be willing to get them

groomed. (01/08/2005)


Temperment of Schnoodles

We have a one year old miniature Schnoodle his name is Basil and he is wonderful.

Very smart, too smart some days, happy, loving, fairly easy to train, is capable of

wrapping you around his paw. We are so happy with him that we are going to get

another so he has company. He also fits through the cat door which makes going to

the bathroom really easy. (01/09/2005)

By Helen

Temperment of Schnoodles

I recently purchased a Schnoodle named Lexi. She is the friendliest dog I know. I

have been around a couple different breeds of dogs, and I would have to say that

Lexi's personality best resembles that of a Poodle's. She is gentle and fun loving.

Definitely, a people person. I have a 9 year old son, and Lexi loves us all

equally. I hope that this helps you in making your decision about this breed.


By Kayce

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have a Schnoodle and he is my first dog. He is four years old, and I wouldn't

trade him for the world. I will say, however, that if you have other dogs, make sure

that you socialize them while the Schnoodle is young. We have a Dobie and we have to

keep them separated or they fight. The Schnoodle is the instigator. I just picked up

my Schnoodle form the vet hospital (13 stitches). They are very cocky, and will

sometimes get themselves into situations that they can't handle. But get one. They

are great and adorable. Mine is. (11/11/2005)

By Roni4946

Temperment of Schnoodles

We got our Schnoodle at 9 weeks. He was extremely easy to train. He is very smart

and won the obedience prize at the puppy class. He has a silly personality, and

wants to be a big part of the family. Do not get one if you aren't going to be home

a lot. They want lots of love and attention. Our elementary school age kids love

him, and he has been very gentle with them. He loves to lick, and will get excited

with guests. Try

Good luck! (01/14/2006)

By Paul W

Temperment of Schnoodles

After hearing some great things about the Schnoodle breed, I finally decided to pick

one up. I've had her now for 3 weeks and found that she's a highly intelligent and

trainable pup. I live in a condo and found no problems training her in fact when she

needs to go, she would paw at you until you take her out. I have her in a crate

during the day when I'm at work and just let her loose at night (no surprises in the

morning yet). She doesn't bark, she rarely whines and just enjoys the company of

people. She can also keep herself occupied with her blanket and chew toy for hours.
I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone. (05/11/2006)

By Hank and Pepper

Temperment of Schnoodles

They are terrific and nothing, but terrific. Mine is nearly a year old now and I am

almost 60 years old and this is one of the best dogs I have ever had. She just loves

everything and yet at the same time is a little protective. She loves kids to no

end. (04/16/2007)


By Linda C

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have a 1 year old 7 lb Schnoodle named Bailey. He has been the best dog I have

ever had. He was easier to train than my expensive Coton de Tulear and has a laid

back personality. Very smart and a loving dog who just loves people. Wonderful

non-shedding dog. (06/07/2007)

By Nancy

Temperment of Schnoodles

I adopted "Blue", my 3 yr old Schnoodle last year. I have had dogs in the past, but

must say, none were like Blue. He is that one dog that everyone loves, even the

people that don't like dogs. He is loving, funny, great with kids and much like a

kid himself. He loves to be held, and will stay there in your arms like a baby. My

biggest fear is losing him. Even with his tag, his infectious, loving personality

scares me, because if found, they won't want to return him! (08/03/2007)

By Lori

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have Giant Schnoodle named Javier. He is so cute and so big with an even bigger

personality. He's easy to train, but smart enough to know when your not paying

attention. Hes a lot of fun and remains very active, he'll be two in November 07. He

is one of the most vocal dogs I have ever met. He has many different barks and uses

all of them depending on situation, this had been a hard habit to break. He's good

with kids, but sometimes he can be a little pushy and because of his size I fear he

may scare or accidentally hurt someone in a rush of excitement. All in all, he's the

best dog I have ever had. I love him too much. (10/25/2007)

By Erin

Temperment of Schnoodles

We got Benjamin, our toy Schnoodle in April of 06' and he will be a year old at the

end of January. I have to say he is the best dog I've ever had. I have never had a

pet with such a special personality. He's smart, playful, cuddly and loving,

everything you'd want from a dog. I would recommend this breed to anyone looking for

a fantastic addition to their family. My only advice is when picking a puppy, watch

the whole litter interact. I definitely picked Benjamin based on personality first.


By Rachel

Temperment of Schnoodles

I love my Schnoddle. I rescued Dylan from a shelter. He is smart, and so very

lovable. He is great with all of my granddogs including my son's English Bulldog.

He goes everywhere with me. I travel in the car alot and he goes right along with

me. What a blessing he is. (02/08/2008)

By bbills1025

height="300" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

Temperment of Schnoodles

I love my Shnoodle, Emma, she is the best dog I've ever had. My husband hated small

dogs and now he is crazier about her that I am. She is very smart, potty trained in

about 2 weeks, really lazy though, and knows all of her toys and even where they go

when she is not using them. Doesn't leave my side, very lovable, every time my

husband comes from work she acts like he's been away for years! (03/23/2008)

By Kelly

height="404" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

Temperment of Schnoodles

We have had the pleasure of adopting two Schnoodles. Our first one was with us for

13 years and after she passed on, we adopted a second. They do not shed, have a very

happy disposition, and will adjust themselves quite easily to your lifestyle. They

are full of personality and soul. I would highly recommend this breed. (08/01/2008)

By Dan

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have had a Schnoodle for 4 years and he has a wonderful temperament. The only

negative about the breed that I have seen is that they do not share well with other

animals. If it is his toy, it is his! and so is the other dog's toy his. He is quite

possessive, however if I know another dog is coming over, I remove his toys. If one

gets a treat, they all do, just like children. He is extremely smart, loving and

very affectionate so his one bad "behavior" does not a bad dog make. (08/11/2008)

By Trudy

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have recently adopted a Schnoodle pup back in March of 2008. So far, she has been

an angel. But there are set-backs.

Medical wise, these dogs are high maintenance. Schnauzer's have ear hair issues

and in order to avoid perpetual infection, I have to a) get the ear hair plucked out

every month and b) clean her ears out with an ear cleaning solution every time she

comes in contact with water. So far, even with these measurements, she has had an

ear infection every month!

She also has serious anxiety and abandonment issues. If I leave the room with

multiple other people playing with her, she starts on a barking spree. She cries,

whines, and paws until I come back. Great side to this, I can walk her with no

leash, as she would never stray from my side.

At first I thought these were issues directly related to my own Schnoodle, but

I've talked to many others and these same problems are relevant. My vet has been

extremely helpful in coming up with routines to avoid the ear infections. I would

nip that in the bud as soon as possible.

As for attitude, I could not ask for a better dog. She is extremely loving, calm,

friendly, and well-mannered. She was housebroken in a matter of days! She's never

aggressive towards other dogs or kids (although I heard this is something she will

develop in the coming years). I'm very satisfied. (09/01/2008)

By Rosemary

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have had Bella for about 2 months now. She is the smartest dog I have ever had or

meet. Sometimes she even acts like person, its almost scary. Schnoodles have a lot

of energy and need lots of playtime. Leaving them in a cage while at work for hours

on end is not fair to this breed. Bella's coat is beautiful and does not shed, but

needs consistent brushing so she does not get mats. When it comes to people and

other dogs she loves both and I have not had any issues other then her being too

happy and scaring other dogs. (09/12/2008)

By Tman789

height="276" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

Temperment of Schnoodles

I have a 10 month old Schnoodle who is the best dog I've ever owned. She is smart,

playful, and easy going. Sometimes she tries to be a guard dog when she hears a loud

noise, but is easily calmed down. She is great with little kids and the elderly and

timid, but friendly with other dogs.

The only problem I have with her is that her anal glands need expressing about

once a month, but the vet taught me to do it myself and is easily done. She is not

shy and will let you do anything to her. Recently she was bitten by another dog and

I had to put peroxide on the wounds, when she saw the bottle she would come running,

sit at my feet and stick her head up in the air for me to put it on. I have never

had any kind of ear problems with her either. Getting a Schnoodle is the best idea

ever. (11/17/2008)

By Megan

height="533" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

Temperment of Schnoodles

"Buddy" came to live with us when he was 4 months old. That was over a year ago. He

is popular with the neighborhood kids as he's very gentle. He loves people,

especially women. He walks well on a leash and could walk for hours or a few

minutes. He's happy either way. I have to mention that he loves to "noodle" in the

snow. Very smart although head strong at times.
Easy to love and spoil as you can tell by his picture. (01/23/2009)

By Suzy

height="300" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

Temperment of Schnoodles

Four and a half years ago we purchased a Giant Schnoodle to train for a therapy dog.

Reggie is now 120 pounds and we are registered Delta Society Pet Partners. He is a

people magnet. Gentle, intuitive, loyal, funny, opinionated, and adorable. He was a

challenge to train, but worth every moment of it!

By profile=thr825738">jubrown

height="265" alt="RE: Temperment of Schnoodles">

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