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Tiny Black Biting Bugs


My husband and I have been finding tiny black bugs with yellow mini sized spots on their backs. At first they were only in our bedroom, now they are in our window frames, bathrooms, and many places in our upstairs living area. I am the only one with bites and rash on me. My leg all the way up to my thigh area looks like raw meat. Yesterday I was cleaning my hardwood floors on the downstairs, main living area. I found them even in my dining room and they have appeared in my kitchen and family room, also. The bites itch terribly. I don't have any idea what they are and don't understand why they only bite me and not my husband. I have a doctor's appointment on the 13th of May. That is the earliest date I could get. Do you have any idea what this could be and if it is dangerous? I would appreciate any info I could get. Thank you.

By Shirley from CA


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By Mindy 25 05/01/2013 Flag

That sounds awful. The bites almost sound like bedbug bites. Bedbugs usually originate in the bedroom, as well, and they are horrendously itchy. Plus only a percentage of the population reacts to the bite--others don't notice them at all. Look for tiny blood spots on your sheets, and look for black dots in the seams of your mattress. It would help to have a picture of the bug. Bedbugs look different depending on where they are in their life cycle. If I were you, I would collect a sample to keep in a jar or ziploc and bring it in to your doc. Even better, get an exterminator to id it for you and give an estimate. For any kind of infestation, you need to react quickly - bugs can breed and spread incredibly quickly. Good luck!

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