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Tiny Flying Insects in the House

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There are a variety of small insects that can be bothersome around the house and yard. Use these tips to help identify and mitigate common tiny insects. This is a guide about tiny flying insects in the house.



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Tip: Identifying Flying Insects In Your Home

First, let me say, 'I am not an entomologist' (insect specialist). I have read many well intended articles here on how rid one's home of drain flies, fungus gnats and fruit flies. Quite often, the tips don't work. I think I know why. Misidentification.

I am not offering tips on how to deal with these insects. What I hope to do is help you identify these three insects so you can then choose the appropriate method for dealing with each.

Drain Flies (also known as Sewer flies, Filter Flies, Moth Flies), are true flies. They are near black and somewhat resemble the house fly; however, they are much smaller. They will fly openly about the house, but congregate primarily in and around sink, shower and other drains.

Fungus Gnats are the smallest of the three. They will fly openly about the house, but congregate primarily in the soil of house plants. They sometimes can be seen flying up from sink drains when the faucet is turned on. They are attracted to mucin which collects in a person's eye. Their 'bite' can really hurt. I put bite in quotes because I've read that the Fungus Gnat does not actually bite. What one mistakes for biting is the female scraping the skin with sharp 'teeth' on her hind legs.

Fruit Flies are light brown, usually with red eyes. They will fly slowly and openly about the house, but prefer to congregate on fruit or other vegetative matter. These are the critters usually brought home from the market. Make sure your bananas, tomatoes, etc. aren't infected before bringing them into the home.

Several pictures I've seen of Gnat traps, (glass/vinegar/paper funnel), had actually trapped fruit flies, not gnats.

I hope this helps when you are trying to rid your home of these insects, especially that worst offender, the aggravating, 'biting' and very persistent gnat.


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Here are questions related to Tiny Flying Insects in the House.

Question: Tiny, Colorless Bugs That Bite

My house and car are filled with these tiny flying insects that bite. They are barely perceptible to the naked eye and only when standing next to a light and there is a dark background. They appear colorless. I have treated everything using essential oils and now am spraying with RAID every single day.

They are worse at night and late afternoon. Professionally cleaning carpets was no help. Washing all my bedding and clothing is a daily requirement just to be able to be in the same house with them. They do not appear to bother most people. Please help.

Nuit from Boynton Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Erica K.12/20/2012

Are you still having this issue? I also live in Boynton Beach. I am getting eaten alive and nothing is working! Under a microscope they look like some kind of gnat making a nest in my hair! I can see the insect, eggs and small fibers but no doctors have been able to identify it! need help!

Question: Miniscule Biting Black Insects

I have miniscule black flying insects that are biting me. I have no pets but do have house plants. I have tried the vinegar, alcohol and water mixture and haven't been able to rid myself of them. Now I have horrible sores on my face, neck, back of my neck and in my hair.

Does anyone know what these are and how to handle them? I am going to try "Deet".

Thank you for any and all help.

Maggie from Arizona

Most Recent Answer

By kwame.hayes02/04/2014

Hey Maggie, thanks for posting this because I know now I am not crazy. I went to the doctor and they said I just have dry scalp and told me to use head and shoulders. I used the whole bottle and thus I was still itching so I decided to pay a professional bug sprayer and realized that that was a waste of 400 dollars because he sprayed and said they may have been fleas or bed bugs.

So I got cat and dog flea killer and vacuumed my whole house and threw away mattresses and not surprisingly these little things kept coming back. My whole life changed it has been 3 years since this infestation it has effected my self esteem greatly because it is embarrassing and I feel crazy when no one believes me and then scratches their head... What is that about right lol? but youtube videos about bugs and you will be amazed that a ton of bugs exist.

This bug though is common in AZ because I got these buggers while at a friends house. I love AZ I been here for 5 years but wish these dang bugs where not apart of the great experience of Phoenix. I found it really funny though people be like "huh it must be lice if your head is itching". After I tell them this has been a huge problem that I have investigated for 3 years.

Well stay positive Maggie, and maybe one day we will find a solution or you can meet as bug buddies lol. Hope everything gets well your the both of us.

Question: Tiny Flying Non Biting Black Insects

I need help. I had a cat and although he's been missing for some time it appears we have some type of flea infestation. However from what I'm reading I'm not sure what these insects are. They have wings, can fly and are black in colour. They look like fleas, but don't bite either. I treated them, meaning the whole house last year, but they've returned. They're 2-3mm long 1-2 mm wide and black. The young look light greenish, they fly when interrupted, if nudged they fall down. Most are dead when inspected. Please help.

By Kal from Scotland

Most Recent Answer

By Anonymous06/30/2010

I second susanmajp's response.

Question: Tiny Flying Insects in the House

I have very tiny (maybe a mm big), round moth like bugs crawling on my walls and carpet. I just saw one fly the other day. They are black and white stripped with six legs and antennas. When squished they have a powdery dust on their wings. Any idea what they are? They don't bite; they're just a nuisance.

By Jess from Canton, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Jarron10/03/2011

Have you tried the bleach and then plugging or covering the drains so they can't come out?

Question: Tiny Red Flying Bugs

I just started noticing these flying little red bugs around my house. There are not a lot, I only see like 1-2 at a time and at night. They fly but are catch-able. They are oval/rounded shape, about 1-2 mm in size, and almost reddish brown to black in color. If anyone has a guess on what they might be, it would be terrific. Any suggestion to prevent them is greatly appreciate too!

By Mike

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Blegen05/31/2011

Do they sort of look like lady bugs but kind of sting if they get one you? If they are, they are Japanese beetles, but not sure how to get rid of them. I hit them with a flyswatter! They eventually go away on their own.

Question: Tiny Brown Flying Insects

How do I get rid of little brown flying insects? There are millions on the outside of my house and they get in through the screens. Today when I was sitting in my car trying to figure out how to get into the house, they were all over the front and rear door, they started landing all over the car. I made it through and they were all over me and my hair. I've never seen this before.

I had my son-in-law spray all around the house last night and it made it worse, he tried to do it this afternoon and they started to attack him, so he quit.

By Lori from Chaparral, New Mexico

Most Recent Answer

By mesha09/14/2011

Do the bugs all of you are describing look a lot like tiny 'junebugs' (adult grub worm)? I have a trail of dead beetles (could be what is leaving the trail & died due to pesticides, but there are some a bit larger as well as the current invaders), dried corn (from squirrel corn dropped by squirrels outside), dry dog food (we have an inside dog, food is kept in an air-tight bin, but she always leaves a few morsels on the floor but never in closets, under fridge, stove,washer, dryer, bookshelves, along the eves of the cabinets, and finally the back corner of a closet...).

I sweep/vacuum just about everyday, lately it has been everyday and sometimes twice! I have been finding bits of straw wrappers and other small pieces of paper/wrappers a lot! Yesterday evening I swept & mopped very thoroughly. At 3pm when I came home there is little bits of string and food crumbs/flakes, bits of paper and trash, that had not been in the inside trash can for 4 days! The wrapper bit from the last granola bar I ate 5 days ago & had been put in large outer trash can!

We don't leave food out, we have all tile floors and a few area rugs as well as leather couches that have holes and grit and food and trash etc. They are 4 yrs old and ruined. We take our shoes off on porch then strait to their place in bedroom. I buy the 2nd best of the 4 hepa filters (3mo) and I replace it every month. I always touch up the caulk when and where needed.

I have a strict **no outside toys come in & no inside toys go out**. Wet bathing suits are taken off on the back porch then straight to washer, or left hanging outside to wear later. My husband is a tug captain and works a 2wk-on/1wk-off schedule so i do this all alone! A long story long, I need advise, a cure, solution, suggestions, directions, definitions, how-to's, diagnosis, and most important, info, and more info pretty please!

You can't see but I am on my knees, hands folded, begging, and crying with the whole giant alligator tears and a just a tad bit of mascara streaming down my once happy, life-lovin', baseball playing, down 'n dirty, do it yourself, 31 year old face. I have, not a day in my life been bothered by bugs and dirt and poop and now I am so uncomfortable in my own home that I take pride and work hard for.

F.Y.I. - Not ants, roaches (have only even seen two cockroaches in 10 years, both dead in the attic: son was given an x-mas ornament "cookie" I thought it was fake. I packed away and found in x-mas box the following year. 1 year later the drain pipe from the a/c pan in attic broke & 7 a/c companies & 10 a/c men later, all telling me that it stopped up because I didn't pour bleach in it every month or I'm not changing the filter, or (my favorite due to the fact that there is no leak), that it needed 8 lbs of freon because it went low, meanwhile the wood under the a/c was swelling with water. I kept all my pans up there and set my alarm even at night to change out pan.

About 6 months after I found the problem and rigged until my next opportunity to give away $165-$210. I opened the attic door and a dead one fell to the floor (3 years ago). I have been spraying 1) farm grade pest& mite Gordon's permethrin-10 >farm grade pest& mite>. Ihad mite infestation before trail appeared due to an infested bail of hay, entire acre, coop, hutches, laying boxes, feed, my house & most food was infested-2-3weeks apart.

Also everything had to be sprayed multiple times then washed the entire house-top-to-bottom, as well as burning any grass, hay, wood etc, & finally soaking the entire acre, coop, hutches, etc & treating all animals. I even had ducklings hatched in the incubator with itchy rashy looking places missing fluff, & mites got into the eggs even and we lost 18 out of 20 full term ducklings. 2) Sulfer -to repel snakes & spiders & anything else 3) malathion & 4) diatomaceous earth (wow wonderful! Kills a fly in 2 hours & can be mixed into feed for livestock, chickens, rabbits, ducks, etc).
Please if you know anything I'm at your mercy.
Thanks in advance,
Lightina Match

Question: Tiny Flying Insects in the House

I recently moved into my apartment. The air conditioning system is not the greatest, so I have to keep my bedroom window opened a majority of the time. I recently discovered that tiny flying bugs get in through the screen and gather typically on the ceiling where my lamps are. Does anyone know of any ways to prevent this? Now that they are here, how can I get rid of them?

By Anne

Most Recent Answer

By batmap07/07/2011

What I believe you encountered is a Thrips. A Thrips (yes, it is spelled plural) of the order Thysanoptera is small enough (less than 1/20 inch long) to crawl through the mesh of a window screen or some camping-tent mesh.

The bite of this insect feels similar to a mosquito, but since this little guy can bring hundreds of friends and reach places mosquitoes can not... you can know Thrips have arrived almost the instant the attack has begun. I first witnessed thrips as part of my insect collection for Biology in High School (captured from our family's garden roses).

But their invasion through the camping tent-mesh, stopped my camp-out on a warm sandy beach in Florida. I had no idea this little thing could be such a menace to living in or enjoying the outdoors. Summer heat after recent wet weather will bring them out en-force... thrips seek out warm, dark places to feed.

Hot sandy beaches and abandoned railroad cars are two places where I was practically eaten alive, though they are commonly found on garden flowers such as roses, fruit trees, ornamentals, vegetables, and citrus.
See Management here for how to control this pest or for more.

RE: Tiny Flying Insects in the House

Question: Tiny Red Flea-like Flying Insects

I keep finding these little red bugs in my home. They are very tiny, resemble a flea, and fly. So far no one has shown any signs of being bitten or anything, but I keep finding them throughout the house, especially on the walls in my bathroom (I also have them flying around in the living room). They are very hard to squash, just like a flea. I've googled images but cannot find anything that resembles them. Any idea what they are? A friend who lives in Bliss, NY said he is also finding them in their home.

By Stephanie D.

Question: Identifying Flying Bugs in my House

When we're burning wood during the winter, between December and about the end of March, there are little tiny bugs flying around my kitchen table and in my bedroom. When I'm eating food, they like to land on my plate and usually they die, but sometimes they crawl for a few seconds then die.

I've been seeing them for about 2 years now and have no idea what they are. I can tell you they aren't fruit flies! Any one have an idea what they are?

By Erick S.

Question: Flying Insects in Refrigerator After Power Outage

My refrigerator was off for several days and food spoiled. Now there are these tiny flying insects in the refrigerator that I cannot get rid of. Help!

By Betty

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B.09/09/2011

If you have insects inside, they must be reproducing in there. Hopefully, these are just fruit flies that have found some spilled juice or something like that. Clean the fridge thoroughly. You may have to remove panels or fan covers or things like that, if the spill have gone inside the fridge. I would swab it down with dilute bleach.

Question: Flying Bugs in My House

I have flying insects around the house. I don't know if they are gnats or mosquitoes. They are very annoying and they make my body itch. Does anybody have any home remedy to get rid of these annoying things? Thanks.

By Maribel from PA

Most Recent Answer

By Patty07/01/2010

About the gnats in bath & kitchen areas. If they are the gnats that look like baby flies with big round wings. Take a can of foam bug spray. Spray down Aall drains before you go to bed. (Those kind breed in the drains.) You may have to repeat this one more time. I've never seen this fail.

Question: Tiny Black Flying Insects

By the light of my cell phone, in the dark of my bedroom, I have become aware of tiny flying (flea looking) insects. What might they be ? They are attracted to the light and I've only seen one at a time. I don't notice any bites, but after seeing them I feel they must be living off my dead skin! Help me, please, I'm creeped out!


Most Recent Answer

By Richard Martin08/15/2012

They are called duloflectasty. And your right they do eat your dead skin and hair. They are harmless and are actually inhaled while you sleep. They attache themselves to your mucus membrane and crawl out through your nostrils, unless you breath through your nose at that point they find another exit. I have heard they will exit through the ear canal. Have no fear.

Question: Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Black Bugs

I have tiny black bugs flying around in my kitchen and living room. What are they and more importantly, how do I get rid of them?

By Jacque B.

Most Recent Answer

By linn07/01/2012

Sounds like fruit flies. Do you have fruit in a bowl on the counter? Bananas? Is the weather warm? Clean off surfaces with soapy water and remove over-ripened fruit. I take vinegar and water solution and wipe off my countertops, etc.

Question: Getting Rid of Black Flying Biting Insects in Drains

I have black flying insects that bite in my house and they are driving me crazy. We were told by personnel at the hardware store to pour bleach down all of the drains, starting at the top of the house. I first saw them in my shower, coming from the drain. They are in my laundry room, probably from the floor drain. I have seen them upstairs now in the main bathroom and the kitchen sink. The bleach has not done anything.

I have red welts and a rash all over my arms, hands, and shoulders. I don't know about my back, but it is always itchy. So is my head. I am going crazy and can't sleep. I hate to go into the bathroom at night, because I have to start picking up the bodies after spraying with Raid Max. Nothing works. They just keep coming back, they never go away. Help.

By Bev G.

Most Recent Answer

By Jarron10/03/2011

Have you tried the bleach and then plugging or covering the drains so they can't come out?

Question: Small Flying Pin Size Bugs

I have tiny pin size, all black, flying bugs that are everywhere including the litter boxes. What are they and how can I get rid of them?

By webee

Most Recent Answer

By Lee09/11/2011

Sounds like fruit flies, they will be every where, put all your food away, and clean your sink.