Training Cats to Stay Off Furniture

Although it may seem daunting, it is possible to train your cat to stay off of the furniture. This is a guide about training cats to stay off furniture.

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My 1 year old, male Siamese, strictly indoor cat keeps jumping on my coffee table and knocking cups with fluids in them over. No matter what I do he keeps doing it. I do not want to lock him in the cat room at night because then he will scratch on the carpet and ruin the carpet. When he knocks cups over he ruins any papers that are on the table or electronics. I do not want any harsh chemicals on my coffee table or anywhere in the house to deter him from any where because I have children in the house and another cat that is very well behaved and doesn't do this and I also have a dog. I was also wondering how to get the ammonia smell out of my carpets and clothes because before I got him fixed he would mark his spots on my clothes and carpets. Home remedies please.

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Nature's miracle carpet shampoo in a shampooer should get the smell out.

As for the coffee table, start using travel coffee cups with closable lids. You have an active, intelligent, personally breed of cat and expecting him to stay off the coffee table is unreasonable.

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OK. so i cant afford to use coffee mugs instead of our cups so pretty much what you telling me is that there is no way to stop this? but my other cat used to do and now she doesnt anymore and she also dont get on the coffee table anymore either and what can i do about my clothes that is on my laundry basket that he pees on and i cant afford to buy new clothes cuz i am on a fixed income and only have enough money for rent and to feed and keep their boxes clean. and i will for sure have to look around for the Nature's Miracle Carpet Cleaner. Can i purchase that at my local wal-mart?

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Siamese are high energy cats and can be demanding as far as attention is concerned. He may be knocking over cups because he's noticed it gets him attention. He may also just be restless and moving around. Your other cat is probably more docile and less energetic.

Siamese are great jumpers and love heights. Do you have a tall cat tree where he can look out a window? He may rather do that than bother you. Obviously, don't leave cups out at night and try to remember to straighten up papers at night. I use a file basket to contain papers and mail.

I dIdn't know he was still peeing on your clothes. You didn't mention that at first.

You have two cats. Do you have two litterboxes in separate rooms?

This peeing could be territorial behavior.

It could also be frustrated behavior due to boredom or lack of exercise. Siamese can often be taught to play fetch or walk on a leash. They require more exercise than typical cats.

Siamese should respond well to training. Have you tried training the command "down" like you would for a dog, using treats?

Nature's Miracle products are available at PetSmart.

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November 21, 2007 Flag

I have cats that keep getting my kitchen table and chairs. I have used a bottle of water to spray them and they have not learned yet. Any ideas for this? I can't afford to spend a lot! Thanks.

Rose Anne from Crystal, Michigan

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I'm glad to read all of these great ideas! I've had inside cats all my life and have been blessed to not have that problem "yet"... Thankfully our two elderly inside kitties have always been mannerly and not interested in my table or counter tops. (That is a strict "no-no" for me!) I will keep these ideas in mind and will pass them along to others, including my daughter who has a new kitten.

I would like to mention, my cats are scared to death of the sound of a plastic bag (you know the type we get from the grocery store, etc). Even at their age, I have noticed that they will scatter quickly if they hear me crinkle one of those, even if opening up one to use when scooping their litter.

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My dog also jumped up to the counter top & i put up mouse trap up around the edge it worked. You could try it with your cats.

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I have an indoor only long-haired female tortoisshell who is very well mannered & 2 indoor/outdoor cats, one is reasonably well mannered & the other is not--or rather, wasn't. The later 2 adopted us. Years ago, I learned that cats don't like the pssss sound--like when you use a can of room deodorizer--like Glade which is really noisy when it sprays. I had went to the kitchen to get the deodorizer to get rid of burnt popcorn smell in the house (the result of my granddaughter just REALLY over cooking a bag of microwave popcorn). When I started to spray the deodorizer each cat went in a different direction. It was hilarious to watch! They practically climbed the walls trying to get out of there. Since then, when I see one of the cats misbehaving, I'll get the can & just spray a little into the air & the cat scatters like the devil himself is after him! It also works to separate 2 fighting male cats. Since using this my not-so-well-mannered kitty has learned to stay off of the counters & tables.

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I use canned air, like you use for cleaning the computer and keyboard, sounds like a mama cat hissing and down they go, After a few weeks all I had to do was pick up the can. This way you're not spraying odors into the room as well.

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I would like to know what can I use to train my kittens to keep off the furniture and speakers. They are very active and want to jump up and climb plus scratch on everything. What can I do? They are 3-4 months old.

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Cats are natural climbers. In the wild they climb trees to find birds and to escape predators. You'll see outdoor cats in trees, on cars, on fences and even on the roofs of houses.

One of the best ways to keep kittens occupied is to get tall "cat trees" and place them around the house. The best place is near a window. You can also place shelves the cats can jump to on different walls of the house where they can use them as "steps" to access the tops of dressers and cabinets.

Don't put anything valuable or fragile on shelves or furniture that cats can access. Anchor electronics by using strong double sided tape on the back or bottom so they can't be easily knocked over. Wrap electrical cords.

Your cats are still in the wild kitten stage and will likely settle down by the time they reach one year of age. Right now they can be very challenging.

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I have a kitten and mama cat that are really good pets. If they scratch the furniture or rugs, I can stop them by spraying water from a spray bottle. They've just started getting on the kitchen table and if I'm sitting in a recliner in the living room, the spray bottle doesn't shoot far enough to hit them. If I get up, they jump down and run, but I want to get their attention faster than that. Surely someone has a solution. Thanks!


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Try putting some pebbles, pennies, marbles or the like in an empty soda can, seal the opening, keep it nearby, then shake it at them when you see them on the table. I used that trick a long time ago on 2 cats I had, and soon enough, all I had to do was pick up the can, and they would run, before I even shook it! Cats hate the rattling sound.

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Soda can with few pennies. Throw it in the area, not hitting them but it makes such a clatter they will be startled. Throw it and act like you haven't a clue where that came from.

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What can I do to keep the cats from sitting in my rocking chairs? They leave their hair on the chair pads.

By Johnsons from Spartanburg, SC

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A squirt from a bottle of water every time you see the cat where he/she should not be. You have to be consistant with this.

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The water bottle idea works very well. It's how we trained three large cats to not even think of touching our furniture, however, I would like to add, if you make a psssst! noise while you spray them, eventually you only have to make the psssst noise and will not need to use the water.

Also, place some tin foil or double sided sticky tape in the chair. One time on either will be enough to make them think twice about wanting to get in that chair.

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First, reduce any dry cereal you are feeding and increase the protein, keeping a large bowl of water clean/full/ available at all times. Next, buy a VERY sturdy stand-alone tall scratching post or make your own by wrapping 1/2 in. hemp rope tightly around a 4"x4" post screwed to it's own wooden base.

Third, brush your cat twice a week, especially in the Spring, early Summer, and throughout if needed. Add a raw egg to whatever protein you feed. I have used tuna/egg for 21 years (hating canned cat food chemicals) and my cat is wonderfully well, along with a small helping of cat cereal.

She's never had shots, I do not allow her to go out, nor do I trust ANY of the vaccines any longer now that I learned the govt. places Aluminum in them after taking Mercury out with public complaints! She's never been sick except a rare hairball, when I forget to brush her.

Watch when you pet your cat. If it's shedding when you pet it, it needs brushing, then the leaving hair on a cushion is a non-issue, right? Surely you don't mind if the cat sleeps in a chair? Otherwise, use the water spray. It works but you have to stay with it and be willing to get up and down consistently until the cat learns, then what will you do when you are gone?

I also place my cat in a good sized news papered clean cage when I leave and at night, with a small amount of food/water to prevent surprises. It's not cruel, and works for both our good. God bless you and your cat. : )

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Easy! I have two very good suggestions. I have two 9 week old kittens that decided they loved my coffee table. No more. $1 spray bottle with water. Wonderful! Now all I have to do is aim and they run from it. Two is "sticky paws". It's two sided tape that doesn't damage your furniture. They don't like the stickiness. You get I think 24 strips for $14.99.

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