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Training a Dog Not to Chase Chickens

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Large dog sitting near chickens.

Most dogs are quite smart, so despite their innate desire to chase your chickens, they can be trained not to. This is a guide about training a dog not to chase chickens.



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Question: Teaching Puppy Not To Chase Hens

What's a good way of teaching my 6 month old puppy not to chase my G. hens when I let them out of the pen? I was going to put him on a leash and walk around in my chicken yard but couldn't even get him into it. He just cried and lay down. Thanks.

Sandy from Mountain View, AR


Most Recent Answer

By Judi [17]08/26/2008

To fab4mom: Where were you when my guys were little? I could have used your expertise training my three sons.

Solutions: Training a Dog Not to Chase Chickens

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