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Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Poor Dodger
Poor Dodger
I have a chow mix with a bad ear infection. It has had antibiotics and they are not working. Does anyone know of a good home remedy I can try?

Amy from Evansville, IN


Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

I read your problem and the responses. Suggestions dance all around the problem. Check out a product "Earkleen" This web site contains lots of information on infected ears. The product is a patented mixture of most all the ingredients in these suggestions. Knowledge is power. (07/15/2008)

By Bobby C

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Few drops of half white vinegar and water dries it out. I was given that advice from a vet who had prescribed a medicine that my dog's ear didn't like. (08/04/2008)

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

I have had several animals through the years,the best all around treatment for ear mites and ear infections I have ever found is a product called Nu-stock. If you live in Evansville, you can find it at the horse feed place on Lynch road or at Rural King. I use it on horses, dogs, etc. I love it and it truly does work! (08/08/2008)

By Melissa

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Ruby and I want to comment on the ear treatment left by msburny. It works! Two months ago, in the spring, her leash broke and she was swept 50' down the river. I had to drag her back by her leash, most of the time she was underwater. This left her with 2 huge ear infections which have resisted the vet's efforts for 2 months. My girl doesn't have a history of ear problems.

I mixed up a very weak batch of the alcohol, vinegar, peroxide, and water ear cleaner as her ear tissue is very irritated and I didn't want to hurt her. 36 hours later her ears already look 1000% better. This will remain a staple in our grooming/first aid basket !

Thanks again!

Kate and my darling Miss Ruby ! (08/20/2008)

RE: Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

I have been told by a ton of people to use Zymox Otic with Hydrocortizone. They say it works miracles. I have 5 dogs and 3 have ear infections. I am ordering today. Good Luck (09/17/2008)

By Stef

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Try Hydrogen Peroxide USP 3%. I put in in my dog's ear twice a day for 3 days and its gone. If you can hear it bubbling you know its working. The hard part is holding your dog's head still for about 10 minutes. Trust me it works, as I put Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear to clean it out. Plus it only cost about $1.00. (09/30/2008)

By Shane

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

My Schnauzer has had problems with one ear getting infected, I have tried the natural recipe of 4 tbsp of olive oil and 4 tbsp milk. Warm the mixture and drop into dogs ears, massage then wipe excess away. Do this every hour. I have done this for two nights now and the infection has gone! It has worked miracles. (10/21/2008)

By Heather

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

For ear infection prevention try the Aquabandit. It's a Neoprene band that fits snugly over their ears to prevent water and debris from entering ear canal! (10/24/2008)

By DD.

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Zymox with hydrocortisone. Can be purchased @ for less than you can buy at the vet's office. $8.99 as opposed to a vet visit and treatment that is $150+. (11/16/2008)

By Jessica H.

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

I know it sounds weird but one of the BEST things for bad ears or ear infections is Listerine. Yes, I said mouth wash! I work in a kennel and have for years. When you have over 80 dogs in your care you learn a lot on how to treat little (and sometime major) things simply. Listerine works I swear by it! We have had dogs that would cry out if you touched their heads and now you can play with their ears.

Just soak a cotton ball or one of those round, flat cotton pads and put it down in their ear and rub a little if you can. We try to do it once a day. If they have been scratching a lot it may burn a little so they might whine. I know you hate to do stuff that makes them cry, but I assure you it is better than using antibiotics constantly. Eventually antibiotics stop working if you give them too often. And some poor pups just have bad ears.

Try the Listerine and good luck! I noticed you posted your question a long time ago, so hopefully you got it all fixed and maybe this will help someone else! (11/18/2008)

By Michelle (guest)

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

My dog's got ear infections and I poured some cod lover oil into the ears and not even 10 minutes later all shaking and scratching was gone. To date they haven't had an infection in their ears again, and they are now loving and playful dogs again. I swear it helps immediately with no after effects. (12/20/2008)

By true to help ear infection

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

My Springer got a moderate ear infection over Christmas holiday (vets not working), so I tried things that I know kill bacteria. I poured the ear full of hydrogen peroxide and let it break up the puss and gunk in the ear. Then I drained it and irrigated with water. Next, I soaked the ear with white vinegar for 5 minutes. Finally, I soaked the ear for 5 minutes in 90% Isopropyl alcohol and let the ear dry out. I did that once a day for 2 days. On the third day I couldn't find any evidence of infection. I hope this helps (12/23/2008)

By Davd

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

The person who says there is no evidence that herbal treatments work, well, as far as I'm concerned, the tons of people claiming success with them, myself included are proof enough. When you get better and longer-lasting results treating "your own' dog's ear infection at home with Zymox Otic (w/hydrocortizone) or Blue Power Solution, than two vets were able to achieve, that's proof enough.

Blue Power Solution is good. Google will turn it up for you. Zymox Otic with Hydrocortizone is good too. I've tried both with different dogs, and had more success with them, than with vet and vet treatments. Costs a lot less, too. Good luck to you.


By Boo

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Please do not attempt to treat your dog at home if you suspect it has an inner ear infection. We need to make sure that the ear drum is intact before we put in any medication into the ear canal. An inner ear infection would likely affect your dog's sense of balance. As a result, the pet may walk in circles. If medical treatment is delayed, it may lead to a loss of hearing.

Since you did not indicate your dog has any difficulty in his sense of balance; it may turn out to be an outer ear infection after all. The blood in the ear discharge may be due to any open wound, a sore from all the scratching and ears shaking.

Do bring your dog to the vet asap. Treating the infection early is easier and cause less pain and distress to your dog. Do tell us how it goes. Looking to hear from you again. Wishing your Dachshund a speedy recovery.


By Maly@Dog Ear Infection

RE: Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

For both Ear aand Skin Problems including Infections, Parasites and Allergies I personally highly recommend the following two products. They are both "Natural" (no steroids or antibiotics), and they work like a charm. First wash the ears out with some Hydrogen Peroxide, (I usually also use Q-Tip swabs), then fill the ear canal with NU-STOCK and massage the ears. I recommend doing this outdoors because it's going to get a bit messy when Fido starts shaking his/her head. Do this every day for a week and the infections are usually gone. Then if they are a recurring problem, treat Fido this way once a week or as needed to prevent recurrence. NU-STOCK is available at Feed Stores, Farm Stores, Tractor Supply and such.

Now, for skin problems including Fungus, Mange, Dry Skin, Hot Spots, etc. I highly recommend Shapley's M-T-G. Either this or NU-STOCK will usually fix 99% of Fido's skin problems. You will need to keep Fido in a cage or outdoors after working this stuff into the skin. I usually wear rubber gloves (cause this stuff really stinks!), and I work the M-T-G into every nook and cranny from head to tail. When it's all done, you have got a smelly greased dog, and Fido needs to keep this on for a day or two. Not in the house, unless in a cage! Both NU-STOCK and M-T-G contain sulfur and various oils, so they stink and are messy, but they work! And, they are not harmful to your pet. Good Luck ! (02/05/2009)

By Gipsy's Keeper

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

As long as the dog has an intact ear and no scratches or cuts in his ear you can use this remedy: 6 oz isopropyl alcohol, 1/2 tablespoon boric acid (shake till dissolved), then 2 ounces white vinegar, shake again. 1 teaspoon betadine antiseptic, apply daily till you notice improvement, then once a week. You should be able to eventually apply only once every two weeks. You will have to hold your dog still for a minute or so after you apply solution, or they will shake it all over the place. (03/03/2009)

By ejpfluger

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