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Unity Wedding Ideas

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Unity Wedding Candles

The typical unity wedding ceremony uses symbols, such as a candle, to signify the joining of the two people getting married. This is a guide about unity wedding ideas.


Solutions: Unity Wedding Ideas

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Tip: Unity Candle Ceremony (Belleza Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV)

Unity Candle Ceremony (Belleza Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV)My husband and I were married February 14th 2010 in Las Vegas. It was simply the best day of my life. Just the two of us went with out telling anyone what we had planned. It was perfect for us. :0)

By mashonad07 from Fresno, CA

Tip: Use Wine As a Sign of Wedding Unity

Unity Ceremony With WineInstead of a unity candle, my son had a wine ceremony. Carafes of red wine and white wine were poured into an empty carafe, then the mixture was poured into a goblet from which they both drank. I heard a lot of people talking afterward about how unique and different that was.

By Trixie from Turbotville, PA

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Here are questions related to Unity Wedding Ideas.

Question: Alternative to Unity Candles

My nephew is having a 4th of July wedding. It will be outside and he wanted to know what to use instead of unity candles because the wind will blow them out. Any other ideas with the same concept?

By LisaKay from Stanford, KY


Most Recent Answer

By Nicola Ray [1]08/11/2009

What about Chinese lanterns. You could give one to each of your guests and then send them off when it gets dark. A nice alternative to fireworks and a lot cheaper!

I think you can pick them up on ebay.


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Archive: Alternative to Unity Candles

My daughter was married outside in our yard last weekend. Since the wedding was outside she realized that candles would not stay lit. Instead of lighting unity candles, symbolizing 2 lives joining together unto one, she bought bath salts and some food coloring and made her own "sand" colors. She added a few drops of blue food coloring to one bowl of white bath crystals and mixed it well, turning the white crystals to a baby blue color. To the other bowl of white bath salts she added green food coloring and made a light green color.

After signing the wedding papers the happy couple went to the pedestal holding the 2 glasses with colored salts and gently poured each into one cut glass bowl mixing the colors of salts, symbolizing the 2 lives joining into one. Side benefit, she now has food coloring in her new home. But I don't think that she will have a bath with the extra blue and green bath salts. She may come out that color too?


RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

I attended an outdoor wedding that did the same thing with colored sand. Some of the dollar stores or craft stores sell the sand already colored. I thought it was an excellent alternative to the unity candle. (08/20/2005)


RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

Unity Tree! We did that for our wedding. My mom is an avid gardener. She picked out a young Champaca tree for us. During the ceremony we got water from our mothers and watered the tree. We still have the tree and hope one day to plant it in our dream home. (08/30/2006)

By Tina

RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

I am considering using the sand in our upcoming ceremony, and, as a primary teacher, I have made sand every colour of the rainbow. It really helps to add a little rubbing alcohol with the food colouring, because it ensures that the colour spreads evenly through the sand, and it doesn't clump. It's great. (06/17/2007)

By Kelley D.

RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

We got married outside and I was afraid that our taper candles wouldn't stay lit long enough for us to light a unity candle together. Instead of using sand, I bought granulated candle wax in 2 colors that my husband and I poured in layers into a hurricane vase. We then stuck a pre-waxed wick in the center, lit it, and it was beautiful. No one had ever seen anything similar, and it was very special to us. Our hurricane vase was a couple of inches taller than our wax mixture, so the sides helped protect the flame from the wind. We love burning our candle in our home. All supplies were purchased at (06/06/2008)

By sigma28

RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

We are using colored beads. Our colors are red and black and so we are using those colors. We are also thinking about having our parents pour in small amounts of sand from where they live. (My parents are from Africa and my fiancee's parents are from Michigan. All this stuff goes into a hollow transparent globe with the map of the world on it. So I think we are going to do good. (10/01/2008)

By twaambo

RE: Alternative to Unity Candles

My son got married in April and they had a wine ceremony. Behind the minister there was a table and on it was a carafe of red wine, a carafe of white wine, an empty carafe and an empty goblet. He announced the unity part of the ceremony, and they went to the table and each poured from their carafes into the empty one. Then my son poured from the mixed carafe into the goblet, and gave it to his bride. She took a sip and handed it to him. It was very unique. (10/06/2008)

By trixie118