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Use Vanilla for Fresh "Baked" Clothes


It's as easy as pie. I "discovered" this by simple accident. I spilled the vanilla on one of my towels and had to wash it right away to get the stain out. Now I use it every year during the holiday time and have received many "unheard" compliments. You know the kind, the ones people say when they don't know you can still hear what they are saying to a friend/co-worker.

Here is the tip: 1/4 cup imitation vanilla to the "cold" water rinse in your washer. Hot water rinse reduces the scent left in the clothes. This does not harm the washer and gives that I've been baking my hands off scent. You must use "unscented" laundry detergent liquid only.

WARNING: Vanilla stains clothing so be certain to add some brand of color catching cloth/pads.

When wearing "Fresh Baked Clothes" do not use any other perfume or colognes as they will clash with each other. Also, men normally do not want it in their clothes so be certain to separate their clothes from yours.

For holiday guests, rinse the guest towels in the vanilla as well. It makes their bath as fresh as your clothes. I even got really brave and washed their sheets with the vanilla rinse and they loved it.

I use the imitation vanilla because I can by a gallon size at Sam's Club and it is much less expensive by the gallon. I save the real vanilla strictly for my baking.

BTW, if you have house-only cats, mix 1 tablespoon vanilla in 21 ounces of "distilled" water to spritz the cat pan when it is emptied completely (litter and all) to keep their pans fresh smelling. I buy the crystal litter and it works wonders for these pans.

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