Uses for Bandanas

Uses for Bandanas

Bright and colorful bandanas are often inexpensive to buy and very versatile in their possible uses. This is a guide about uses for bandanas.


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Tip: Useful Bandanas When Camping

Pack a few with your camping gear, bandanas can be used for napkins. They also come in handy to wash dishes or to wrap a cut or a sprain (temporarily).

By Karen H. from Pawtucket, RI

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Question: Finding Soft Bandanas

Any suggestions for finding bandanas that are soft? My husband uses the old fashioned bandanas for hankies, and his are looking horrible and need to be replaced? I look wherever I go for 100% Cotton bandanas, ones with a close weave, and what I feel will wash up nicely and become soft. Most of the bandanas I have purchased lately have been stiff after repeated washings (some up to a couple of dozen times). I have tried fabric softener, I have soaked them in vinegar, etc. I am at my wit's end....(I prefer not to buy used hankies). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Shirley from West Michigan

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By Phyllis (Guest Post) 07/01/2007

I have found a very large selection of these bandanas at Hobby Lobby stores. Or check out www.hobbylobby.com

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