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Uses for Laundry Scoops

Uses for Laundry Scoops

With a new scoop in every bucket or box of detergent, you can end up with extras that can be helpful for many other things. This guide is about uses for laundry scoops.


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Tip: Reusing Tide Scoops With Handles

I have a large family and we use a lot of laundry detergent. I usually go to Costco and buy the large size box of Tide. I am not sure if the smaller boxes of Tide are coming with those nice little scoops with a handle in them or not, but they sure are handy! They aren't your normal cheapy plastic scoop as before. They are made of a strong durable plastic and resemble a small Pyrex cup.

I have "re-purposed" so many of these scoops and have even mailed some to my mom. I use them for measuring bleach, I keep one in my bag of potting soil for scooping out dirt, I keep one in the dog food bin to scoop dog food, etc.

Other ideas would be to clean them real well and use the to scoop flour or sugar from your canisters or to help in washing your dog or your children's hair. Great bath or kiddie pool toys too!


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Tip: Using Laundry Scoops

Scoops from laundry detergent: The ones I have are transparent green, and checking how much they hold (mine holds 1 cup of liquid) I use them as extra measuring cups when baking. So many times you need to use your 1 cup measuring cup several times. Now I don't have to clean it between ingredients.

By BrendaLea

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Question: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

Looking for ideas to use those plastic laundry scoops from powered detergent. Any ideas?

hben4me from Dalton, GA

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By Barbara Becker 2 10/11/2007

I use mine as dog food scoops. I can measure them easily and when they get cracked, I always have more. I also use them when measuring in the garden. Hope this helps.

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Archive: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

I use the scoop that comes out of dry laundry detergent for my pet food. Washed well, of course. It is great and just enough.

By Vicki from Lubbock, Texas

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RE: Soap Scoops?

Hi, Here is a link for some craft projects using Soap Scoops.

This is a link for reusing Soap Scoops for extra measuring cups when baking. Whenever you reuse scoops make sure you clean them well. (12/02/2003)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Soap Scoops?

Put Hershey kisses in scoop then use colored cellophane to wrap. Tie a bow around it. You now have a scoop of kisses. Great Mothers Day Gift from young Children. Make sure to wash them first. (04/30/2004)

By sharyl

A Use for Laundry Scoops

I am a single mother of two boys and love to find ways to recycle things. One of my favorite is to save the scoops out of laundry detergent and wash them good and use them to put jello or pudding in. Has a perfect handle for little ones and it is much cheaper to make jello and pudding than to buy individual serving ones

By Melisa (05/06/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

Wash and dry an old soap powder scoop, fill with Hershey's Hugs & Kiss, wrap in a colored celophane, tie with pretty ribbon. Perfect for kids gift for Mom

Raggedy_Jane (05/06/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Save Soap Scoops

Save the soap scoops from you laundry soap, wash and use for scooping out flour, sugar etc.

By Janie (05/17/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

After you wash it out (REALLY WELL) you can use it to scoop out your pet's dry food and thereby keeping your hands clean and odor free :) (07/23/2004)

By Ohmourningstar

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

I save the plastic scoops from powdered laundry soap to use as measuring cups for my plant foods. I measure the amount needed for the type of food I am using i.e.: rose food. Then I mark the scoop at the right level and leave it with the bag or box of food.

Then each time I am feeding my plants I don't have to pre measure or dirty a regular measuring cup. And when it gets grungy I always have another ready to go. Its also great when you are using a variety of plant foods. This way I have a personally measured one for each food. It saves a lot of time and guess work and it's recycling. Happy Gardening! By Kathy (08/12/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

1. I saw in a magazine once where they hot glued ribbon, lace, tiny silk flowers, etc. around edges of scoop and some down the handles and filled with treats to hand out at birthday parties as a treat, for kids to give to teachers on holidays, baby shower for mints, etc. Your family could decorate a bunch and take to a senior center or pediatric long term care hospital for kids in the hospital at holidays.

2. I put my beans, rice, flour, sugar, etc. in air tight containers and these scoops work great and I don't have to leave a measuring cup in there.

3. Use to leave in your potting soil bag, plant food, etc. I have recently replaced the old scoops with the newer ones that come in the large Tide boxes that looks like a Pyrex cup. (08/12/2004)

By Tawnda

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

Amy Dacyzn says to make a kid's game with them. Tie a piece of string to the far end of the cup, not the handle. Then make a ball out of leftover aluminum foil and tie it to the other end of the string. Play it by flipping the ball up and trying to catch it in the cup. It's fun! (12/28/2004)

By coreenhart

RE: Uses for Laundry Soap Scoops?

I use them to make Xmas ornaments. I do a small diarama in them with twigs, white craft paint or artificial snow. Add a small plastic deer. (07/31/2007)

By Kathy S.