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Uses for Rubber Bands

Uses for Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are helpful for a variety of things around the home and garden. This guide contains uses for rubber bands.


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Tip: Use Rubber Bands On Cups To Avoid Spills

Rubberbands on CupsIf you put two or three rubber bands on a child's cup you can prevent them from spilling drinks. The bands make it easier for them to hold it when the outside of the cup gets wet.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

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Tip: Use Rubber Bands to Keep Tools from Slipping

To keep tools from slipping in your hands, wrap those free rubber bands that come on vegetables or newspapers around the handle. It really makes for a good grip and sure a lot cheaper than the liquid you can buy for the purpose.

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Tip: Uses for Veggie Rubber Bands

My fresh veggies at the grocery store often come with nice reusable rubber bands binding the produce. I save them and one helpful way I use them is: Slip them on your refillable drinking bottles/mugs. The metal sometimes gets slippery and this is the gripper and free at that.

Also, if more than one of you have the same bottle/mug (such as gifts, premiums) it is a way to know whose is whose! I also put the rubber band on my granddaughter's sippy cup to assist in the same way. She is less apt to drop it (church, etc) when her grip is firm, too! I just put the cup/mug into dishwasher and it stays on fine.

Source: Stood at the sink one day thinking.

By T and T Grandma from Benson, MN

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Tip: Use Produce Rubber Bands For Toothpaste End

I've found that the small heavy rubber bands that come on bunches of Broccoli work perfectly to 'hold' the end of your tooth paste tube when you start to roll it up.

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Tip: Rubber Bands for Gripping Jar Lids

Single people, elderly, and disabled need not fear jars and bottles again. Also great for gripping doorknobs.

Wrap one or more rubber bands around the cap. Wrap one or more rubber bands around the bulk of the product. This provides a gripping surface which provides the torque you need. I save rubber bands from produce and elsewhere so this is free or, even if dollar store, very low cost.

I save all rubber bands on the back of a convenient doorknob, like a kitchen cabinet.

By officergrammy from Upstate New York

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Tip: Use Rubber Bands to Close Bags

We keep all rubberbands that come into the house (on newspapers, vegetables, etc.) in a basket in the kitchen. We use these to hold bags closed - chips, rice, sugar, anything that can be kept in its original bag. Just curl the top of the bag until it reaches the treasure inside, then run the rubber band around the bag from top to bottom. Contents stay fresh and contained!

By B. D. from Hendersonville, NC

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Tip: Reuse Produce Rubber Bands

I use those big thick rubber bands from vegetables (such as broccoli) for use on shower pipes to stop shower caddies sliding off of the shower pipe that holds the shower head. Just wrap a rubber band on the pipe and put your shower caddy on top of the rubber band and it won't slip down. Works great!

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    By Darrel [2]

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    Tip: Save Produce Bands for Gardening

    Save the velcro wrap that comes on loose leaf lettuce, Swiss chard,and bok choy and other supermarket vegetables. Use them for tying up your vines or tomato plants. They won't harm the plant and they can be cut smaller and you should be able to get 3-4 ties out of one, best of all they're free!

    When our dog had foot surgery, we even used them to secure a plastic bag on his foot when he went outside.

    By Marlene from Billerica, MA

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    Archive: Save Produce Bands For Gardening

    Do you buy lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables in the supermarket? If so, you probably have noticed that some distributors wrap their vegetables with a green Velcro-like band. Well, save those bands! They make perfect ties for staking tall annuals, perennials and vegetable plants in your garden this summer. The best part is that you can adjust the size of the tie very easily as the plant grows, so you never have to worry that it's too tight. And as a bonus, they're green, so they blend right in to nature's color scheme.

    By Lydia from Woodbridge, CT