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Using Candles for Odor Removal

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Candles for Odor Removal

There are many products on the market that are sold to help remove unpleasant odors from our homes. This is a guide about using candles for odor removal.


Solutions: Using Candles for Odor Removal

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Tip: Light Candle to Remove Odors

I've discovered if I burn food by accident the quickest way to get rid of the odor is to light a few candles and within an hour the smell is gone. It's a lot faster than opening windows or using commercial sprays. If the smell lingers to other rooms, I put a candle in each room and it still works very fast.

I now use candles if I fry fish, liver or any other food that leaves a strong odor after I'm done cooking. I also use the candles after I'm done cleaning, because my husband doesn't like the smell of some of the cleaners I use.

I recently spilled some bleach in the kitchen, and the smell was so strong that I had to go outside for a few minutes. The candles cleared the smell up pretty quickly.

By CaroleeRose from Madison, AL

Tip: Cheap Candle Warmers

I love the way candle fragrance makes our home so inviting. I considered purchasing the new electric wax warmers I'd heard friends talking about, until I saw the price. I refused to spend $20 to melt wax!

Over the years either from thrift stores or yard sales, I've accumulated several electric coffee mug warmers for a dollar or less. I also had several almost empty candles. My solution, I simply plug in the mug warmer, and place the remains of the candle on it. When the candle no longer has any scent, I pour the wax out and add a new scented wax cube I've purchased. 6 pack of cubes are $2 or less, and each lasts a day or two. I love the way our home smells now and love how much less I spent to get it smelling this good.

    By Darlene Ward B. [2]

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