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Using Neosporin on Dogs

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Pet owners often wonder if an OTC first aid product is also safe to use on their pet. This is a guide about using Neosporin on dogs.



Here are questions related to Using Neosporin on Dogs.

Question: Can Neosporin be Used On a Dogs Eye Injury?

Can neosporin be used on my dog's eye injury?

Donna from LA


Most Recent Answer

By alice08/01/2010

"The warnings on the label apply to humans, not your dog. It is not manufactured to a standard for human eyes but is completely sterile and safe for your pets in small amounts, even in the eyes."

Why would you assume veterinary medications be manufactured to a lower standard than a human medication? Most veterinary medications are exactly the same as human medications and are often available from human pharmacies. What an ignorant statement!

Question: Neosporin Use on Dogs

My 7 year Dachshund has a fungal condition on his paws. I have tried shampoo and oral fungal medication. But it persists. He licks his paws all the time. I want to know if Neosporin is good for this condition instead of oral medications.

By Beatriz from Weston, FL


Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]03/17/2011

Athletes foot spray. Old fashioned vet gave me this advice says dogs pick up fungus same as people do. In public shower, in the grass. Simple, you can even use this on ringworm which is a fungus but do not spray into the eyes.

Solutions: Using Neosporin on Dogs

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