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Venting Your Dryer Inside

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clothes dryer

Additional heat and moisture will be added to your home if your dryer is not vented outside. This guide is about venting your dryer inside.


Solutions: Venting Your Dryer Inside

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Tip: Vent Dryer Inside in Winter

Save some money on heat this winter. Vent your electric clothes dryer inside in the winter! Not only will you recover all the heat normally pumped outside but you'll be adding humidity to the air.

Simply disconnect the venting pipe to the outside and install a separate 4 inch aluminum flexible vent pipe. Bring the pipe up behind the dryer and extend it over the top so you can reach it. Put a knee high stocking over the end to catch the lint. Be sure to insulate (like stuff an old towel) in the opening to the outside for the rest of the season.

Source: My Dad had showed me this years ago.

By Jim from Cleveland, OH

Tip: Venting an Electric Dryer Inside

I lived with an electric dryer vented inside for about 16 years. It worked for me. I have a tenant living with one. Works for him too. You have to keep the cup filled with water in the type that I am familiar with. It was not problem and worked very well.

I don't believe this is a solution for a gas dryer.

    By carolyn [8]

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    Here are questions related to Venting Your Dryer Inside.

    Question: Venting a Dryer Inside

    What are the dangers of venting an electric dryer indoors?

    Kathy from OH


    Most Recent Answer

    By carolyn [8]07/02/2013

    Snoozer's solution looks like a bigger version of what I paid money for. I lived with an electric dryer vented using a vent kit for years. Worked really well. It did add needed humidity to my basement and helped it stay warmer in winter. I'd do it again if I didn' have an outside vent. I don't think this is a solution for a gas dryer.

    Question: Venting a Gas Dyer Inside the Home

    I have a gas dyer and I need to vent it inside the house. I am aware of the heat and lint issue and extra humidity in the room. How do I vent it?

    By Jim


    Most Recent Answer

    By susan [5]07/24/2013

    Electric dryers can be vented indoors. It's not safe to vent a gas dryer indoors.