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Vinegar and Water for Dog's Ear Infection


I've read the raves about how good this works, but I have not found how much of each to use. Do you use do you mix the vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water together? I need some guidance please.

By Kathy P


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By Pixiedust7 7 839 03/13/2013

Hi Kathy, This tip from dlginlove was posted yesterday. I saved it in a file and am pasting it below for you. It uses hydrogen peroxide, then switches to rubbing alcohol.

Ear Infection Treatment For Dogs
My dog had a constant ear problem (2 years) that even a round of antibiotics didn't cure. I tried every reasonable treatment recipe I could find on the net. I switched veterinarians and this guy knew the fix. People would come from the other side of the state to have him treat their dogs ears. It must be followed consistently, every day:

Step One: Put approximately one tablespoon (enough to fill their ear canal) hydrogen peroxide in their ear for seven days in a row. I used a long eyedropper.
Step Two: Put one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in their ear for seven days in a row.

I cannot stress enough that this must be followed as written, do not combine both treatments at the same time. The hydrogen peroxide treats one type of infection and the alcohol treats another.

If your dog is yelping in pain take her to the vet and get antibiotics before starting this regimen. On the last day of treatment my dog actually wagged her tail. Pain free at last!
By dlginlove from MO 3-12-13

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By Pixiedust7 7 839 03/13/2013

I looked back through my saved Pet Tips and found one from Stacy in GA from last year, which uses vinegar and rubbing alcohol with water. It's pasted below:

Homemade Ear Cleaning Solution
I am a professional pet groomer, I hated spending so much money on ear cleaning solution. I researched a lot and came up with my own mix ,and it works great. Not only does it save me a lot of money, but I know all the ingredients it has in it.
I use an old ear cleaning solution bottle and mix 2 parts water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, and 1 part white vinegar. Try it and you'll never waste money on store bought solution again!
Source: Online research and trials.
By Stacey from GA 8-21-12

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By shenandoah 1 1 03/17/2013

I am a tech at a animal hospital and the best advice I could give you is seek a vet before it gets out of control. One other thing I would never ever mix the alcohol and vinegar. I understand the purpose of it is to bring the condition of the ear back to a normal PH level. I find that keeping the hair out of the ears (if they have any) by being plucked will keep infections done. Also I like alcohol best as it dries out the infected ear. But squeeze out the cotton ball first it's ok if some goes into the ear canal. But if ears were just plucked of hair wait at least 6 to 8 hours.

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