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Warming Up a Previously Cooked Turkey


I hope someone can give me some suggestions. My son-in-law, who is a policeman, works odd hours so my daughter and her family were coming to Christmas dinner on Christmas eve since due to work commitments, Christmas day was out.

Now his roster has been changed and they are coming on Boxing Day. The problem is, I defrosted my turkey to cook for Christmas eve and rather than risk it spoiling by leaving it thawed and uncooked, I cooked it anyway on Christmas eve and have it in the refrigerator, thinking that it would be safer to cook it and to warm it up later.

The problem is, how am I going to warm up a whole turkey without it drying out? Microwaving portions would take forever since there are 9 of us sitting down for the meal. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

By cettina from Malta, Europe


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By bigpinkbirds 5 12/31/2012

I feel for you, sister! Think about this suggestion. I successfully steam my leftovers, especially meats, using anything from my small vegetable steamer to my huge crockpot with a rack over the water. I think if you halve or quarter the bird (depending on its size) and steam it in the oven over water it won't dry out. Be sure it's tented with foil, if it's too big for your largest roaster, because basically you want it inside a sauna. Just before serving, uncover it. Oil the skin, and broil it briefly. Happy holidays to you.

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